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Buy our complete range of school supplies, student books, and educational resources. Massive range of primary teacher supplies. Curriculum-aligned materials for all year levels. Place your order today! Operating for 20+ Years.

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School Supplies and Back to School list Online in Australia

Get the jump on back to school supplies this year and start ticking coff all those educational supplies from your list. We’ve got everything you need, with loads of school items. You might even say we’ve got back to school list in the bag! Office Corporate is your one-stop destination for essential Early learning tools. Full Range of quality supplies and materials Classroom Resources & Class Sets. 

We are all fully aware of the stress it takes to go about our back to school list and educational supplies, therefore to help you from this tiresome burden, we have allowed you to consult with our school supply checklist which handles every stage of the educational journey of your child/ward, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. With this comprehensive shopping list, you can search and purchase even from the best stationery stores online your school supplies, or you can print it out and take it to the shop for purchase.

From pens for writing and coloured pencils for school notebooks and notepads to highlighters, markers, erasers, and staplers, Office Corporate has all the cool supplies you could imagine. For back to school, pack their pencil case with the coolest kid’s pens and pencils. From gel pens to colour pencils and scented rainbow pencils to novelty and pen and pencil packs.

Buy Back to School Supplies list online and School items Australian Business

With every type of school supplies you could possibly need for school time, we make preparing for school a breeze. Office Corporate is your one-stop-shop when it comes to back to school with the greatest range of kid’s school gear! Browse our stellar range of school supplies list now.

We’ve got fun all zipped up during back to school! The kids will fall in love with our amazing range of fun pencil cases! Make their school day more playful and way more fun. We’ve got every type of pencil case you could need for school, from hardtop and pop-out to novelty and classic style pencil cases. There are tonnes of amazing designs to brighten up their school day, from skateboarding, space and sports designs to owls, horses and ice cream cones.

The top educational supplies & resources at the best educational store in Melbourne

Have you gotten to that time of the year that your child/ward needs, or are it you that requires educational supplies to resume your school studies? Then you need not worry because you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter the stage you are right now in school or the stage for your child/ward, our checklist of educational items will meet your needs be it preschool supplies, primary school, high school supplies, college supplies, classroom supplies, or any form of supplies. The list carters for both retail supplies and wholesale supplies for you or your child to get back to school. With this list as a guide and a quick reference for you, you can be certain that you will save a lot of time and money on your back to school.

Shop bulk school supplies and back to aesthetic school list online with Us!

One of our longstanding policies at the Office Corporate is to provide educational supplies that are environmentally friendly and safe for use. We are heavily invested in protecting the earth and reducing carbon footprints; this is why we have collaborated with our school art supplies for children that are as efficient as they are substantial. We have worked with EDX products to provide durable school supplies for children that can be used for a length of time. We understand that the safety of children is important to facilitate a good learning environment, and as such, we aim to offer top-notch gross motor best school equipment Australia that has been tested and certified. EDX has 30 years of experience in the education industry and school supplies and has been privy to the growth, advancement, and changes in the educational and learning sector.

At the corporate office, we ensure that our customers are always satisfied by connecting them with extremely high-quality school art supplies and educational supplies. We also offer rewards to our customers, by giving discounts on bulk buys and providing reward points on all purchases when you open an office corporate business account. Browse our wide range of school supplies.

Shop for the cute school supplies online and educational equipment at affordable prices

Breeze through your back to school list with Office Corporate’s extensive range of school supplies. Our branded yet affordable educational supplies cover everything your child may need during the school year. We provide notebooks, textbooks, drawing materials, art supplies and other essentials in bulk to schools, kindergartens and early learning centres across Australia. We also serve as a one-stop-shop for parents looking for quality teaching aids and study essentials to facilitate learning at home. Shop with us to save on school supplies any time of the year, and get express deliveries to your doorstep anywhere in Australia or Melbourne.

Our range of educational supplies & equipment online,Elizabeth Richards range

Office Corporate was set up to simplify the day-to-day operations of Australian businesses. We have invested the past twenty years in understanding the unique needs of different types of establishments, and catering to them in the best possible way. Our product selection is designed to help you complete your business tasks with maximum efficiency. If you work in the field of education, you will find us to be the most reliable source of school supplies Australia. From exercise books to high-quality teaching aids from trusted brands like Elizabeth Richards, we have all your recurring needs covered.

We work round the clock to source original, high-quality products from trusted educational supplies brands that are preferred by educators and parents in Australia. In our inventory, you will find notebooks, school & library supplies and essentials and early learning tools from popular brands like Cumberland, Celco, Artline and Faber Castell. You will also find these listed at affordable prices to help you keep your overheads low. In case you are unable to find the school supplies you’re looking for, our product team is always just a call or message away!

Find the perfect school supplies for your classroom

When you are in the business of imparting a high standard of education, you don’t want to be limited by subpar educational supplies. This is why so many schools and learning centres in Australia prefer Office Corporate over generic ecommerce websites. On our online store, it is easy to find just the right study essentials for your classroom. We provide everything including high quality exam paper, writing and drawing books of all kinds, pencils, erasers, rulers and sharpeners, as well as drawing and colouring material and accessories for kids of all age groups.

Stock up on blank or ruled exercise books, graph paper, and all kinds of accessories to facilitate teaching and learning in all subjects. Pick up kids-safe colouring tools and interactive learning aids for your early learning centre. Choose the best scanners and self-adhesive book coverings for your library. We make it easy for you to equip study spaces ranging from kindergartens to secondary schools and colleges. Our unmatched school supplies in Australia range is easy to filter through and allows you to check things off your back to school list in a jiffy!

Because education is not limited to classrooms alone, Office Corporate’s range of educational supplies also caters to home-based learning. Not only can you count on us to take care of your little one’s back to school list every year, but you can also shop with us to find the best learning aids, activity packs, writing and drawing tools, and everything else that you may need to create a fun-filled learning environment at home. Be it during long holidays or unforeseen school closures, your child or ward can always continue learning and fine-tuning their skills with our top-notch educational supplies.

From blank and ruled notebooks in all sizes, to scrapbooks and visual art diaries for creative projects, to high-quality pens, pencils and refills for writing and calligraphy, to interactive teaching aids designed for toddlers, Office Corporate delivers all kinds of educational supplies to help children learn from home. With our unbeatable and cheap prices and member discounts, you can always ensure that your home study setup meets your quality standards.

Enjoy our school supplies shopping educational experience that revolves around you

Whether you run an educational institute or simply require study essentials for home use, Office Corporate provides a personalised shopping experience. If there is something in your back to school list that you can’t find in our store, you are welcome to give us a call. We also help you keep your school supplies expenses low by offering the lowest and cheap prices on branded products, in addition to bulk discounts that help you save more. Once you sign up with us, you can also start earning reward points on your educational supplies purchases. These reward points can get you a further 10 percent off on your future purchases!

Have a back to school list and educational resources that are playing on your mind? Let us take care of it! Choose Office Corporate to find all kinds of school supplies in one convenient location. With branded educational supplies, great discounts, and express shipping throughout Australia, we will provide your kindergarten, school, or home-based learning set up with just what it needs.

Kindergarten Supplies and Back to School list

Are you getting set for kindergarten for back to school list? We are also very much ready for you. Our back to school list and educational supplies allow both parents and the pupil to prepare for the expectations of kindergarten. Although various schools have different back to school list for their pupils and their parents, our list is very well encompassing to accommodate the various kindergarten school supplies for any kindergarten school. So, therefore, bring your list and do a check with ours. Listed below are school items and educational supplies for your kindergarten children or wards with the school essentials and learning from home.

  • Pencil box
  • CrayonsColored pencils
  • Washable permanent markers
  • No. 2 pencils, Pencil sharpener
  • ErasersGlue sticks, Blunt-tipped scissors
  • Plastic folders, Assorted construction paper
  • Wide-ruled notebook or pad, Tissues
  • Backpack, Lunchbox or bag
 Elementary back to school list: Grades 1-3 School Supplies

Elementary schools are present globally as the rudimentary initial institution in the formal educational system. The elementary school prepares children in major skills and knowledge specialties, which makes this the early stages of formal or organized, education for children, before secondary school education. The top back to school elementary school supplies and back to school list include;

Educational supplies and back to school list

  • Blunt-tipped scissors, Plastic folders, Assorted construction paper,Wide-ruled notebook or pad

Elementary supplies: Grades 4-5

This is also obtainable as the immediate foregone stage, but this being that it is the senior level of the elementary school with more reasonable enlightenment and knowledge for the child as he prepares for the secondary school level. Educational supplies list we see at this stage include;

  • Pencil pouch, Blue or black ballpoint pens, No. 2 pencils, Pencil sharpener, Erasers, Index cards, Plastic folders, glues & adhesives itemsRuler

 Middle School & High School back to school list

A middle school also referred to as the junior high school or lower secondary school, is a learning stage between primary school art supplies and secondary school. The idea, regulation, and grouping of middle schools, the ages it covered, most at times vary between countries. High school, on the other hand, can also be referred to as secondary school or secondary college, and it is an institution that provides all or part of secondary education. The back to school list includes;

  • Pencil pouch, Blue or black ballpoint pens, No. 2 pencils,Pencil sharpener, Highlighters,Glue
 College Educational Supplies

College can be referred to as a place of higher learning immediately after high school that offers education and awards degrees and certificates. Some of the back to school list for colleges include

Academic Supplies

  • Three-ring binder, Three-hole-punch, Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks, Graph paper, Subject dividers, Erasers,Pencil pouch

Dorm Supplies

  • Towels, Shower caddy, Flip-flops or shower shoes, Toiletries, Hangers,Duct tape ,Adhesive hooks
The general recommendation for All Grades educational supplies in Australia

Some educational supplies are necessary to have on an annual basis irrespective of the grade may be at any point in time. Just before you resume any new academic session, you can get these school items to keep started on an easy note. There is no need to spend a lot of money on stocking fully as these educational supplies can be gotten on a gradual process because these supplies are general and are yearly.

  • Backpack
  • 3-ring binder
  • Pocket folders
  • Notebook Dividers
  • Colored pencils such as Derwent pencils
  • No. 2 pencils

In addition to this, there might become a need for further educational supplies, but this can differ from one school to another and also from one class to another. To have more of this information, there is a need to check and confirm with your teachers for the specifics.

Additional back to school and educational Supplies and resources in Australia

If your budget can permit, there are additional school supplies and school things for back to school list that can aid the academic performance of your children at higher levels;

Laptop or Notebook Computerit is strongly of a possibility that in your school things, you do have access to a computer lab or an e-library, but having your laptop or notebook computer with a click-on keyboard will assist you better with your works.

Smartphonethis will give you access to educational apps and websites which will aid your academic performances. Although you should remember, your teachers might not permit phones in classrooms.

 Printer/Scanner: Although it is possible to print and scan in school, having one at home is very much convenient. You can check your work easily and also create study guides from your books.

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