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Store in style with our variety of office storage cabinets. Whether you need smaller items for files and documents or larger units to house binders or technology, we have the storage solution that’s right for you.

Office storage & lockable filing cabinets to stow like a pro

Good office storage cabinets are a must have for your business. Even as the world moves towards electronic means, there is still a need for storage cabinets & lockable filing cabinets to keep physical documents, tools, and equipment on hand. Keep things organized and accessible with our full line of storage cabinets products. Learn more about what might work best for your office below:

  • Filing office storage cabinets – This is the go-to solution for most businesses. They come in a variety of heights and widths and offer a functional and practical way to sort and organize paperwork so you can conquer clutter easily. Don’t forget to add our hanging file accessories and lockable filing cabinets to keep you at the top of your game. 

  • Bookcases and shelves – Open or closed designs allow these storage cabinets pieces to offer a mix of storage and showcase. Use for books, reference manuals, and binders, while displaying awards or other decorative pieces. Many bookcases & lockable filing cabinets offer adjustable shelves that make it easy to change the height whenever you need to.   

  • Hutches range- Hutches offer a great way to take advantage of vertical space and keep floor space free and clear. They are usually positioned over a desk for additional storage with lockable filing cabinets. We offer a variety of open, closed and mixed designs as well as corner options.

  • Credenzas and cupboards – These types of office storage cabinets are perfect for private offices and meeting rooms. Their deep, wide designs can store excess supplies and other office necessities with a flat surface on top that can provide additional storage or a clean finish. Maximize your vertical space by choosing taller designs or for even more space saving, choose from some of our sliding door options. 

  • Fixed Drawers – These small and compact storage solutions are perfect for office storage. They attach securely to your existing desk to provide extra storage and help keep important documents nearby with fixed drawers that come in single or multiple drawer styles. Perfect for regularly needed paperwork or every day needed locking file cabinet

​One of the other storage cabinet alternatives is file storage which is really easy to move and organise. I have plenty of them at my house and in each room in the closet.

Function and Style. Our office storage cabinets & lockable filing cabinets

Never wonder where you put that important file again with purposeful office storage cabinets from Office Corporate. Our robust selection of storage solutions means you’ll have furniture that will fit your needs and look great!  Our variety of colors, materials, looks, and sizes are sure to work in your office or workspace giving you the freedom and space to focus on your business. See below our stationery storagelockable filing cabinets style guide.

  • Wood like finishes – With a variety of stains, colors, and designs, wood, and wooden cabinets are a common choice for the office. They have a traditional and smart appearance with the flexibility to be elegant or modern or both. 

  • Metals filing cabinets & storage cabinets made of metal are not new to the office scene. In fact, they are a go-to steel office storage cabinets option because of their easily adjustable shelves and budget friendly prices. With muted tones such as black, beige, and silver, they are sure to fit in seamlessly with your other office décor. Steel storage cabinets are a really good choice when you want to have something robust that goes with everything in your office.

  • Melamine and other materials - Melamine has quickly gained popularity in both business and home cabinetry. It’s sleek lines and slightly reflective quality is sure to give your workspace an ultra-modern, fresh look.

Mixing the above styles is also a stationery storage options for your workspace. By sticking to an attractive colour palette, you can easily mix woods and metals or other materials for a unique looking design that will increase productivity and create a space you and your employees will want to work in. 

Security with office storage for stationery & lockable filing cabinets

Whether you require the peace of mind of locking away sensitive information or you just want to display your company’s achievements or beautiful decor, we have the office storage cabinets that are right for you.

  • Your documents at arm’s reach- For documents, files, and guides that you will need regularly, consider keeping them close with cabinets, shelves, or 2 drawer filing cabinets that allow you to get to your items quickly. Open concept office storage furniture offers a practical and pretty way to access the things you need, making you more comfortable and efficient. Break up bulky binders with pictures or other decorative elements. Simply click on the link to browse our school furniture & desks.

  • Securely Locked Away- Holding on to sensitive information like bills or client information requires storage that can be locked and protected. For these types of items, consider our lockable filing cabinets among our other office storage cabinets, credenzas, and storage shelves that can be placed out of view and lock easily giving you the confidence of knowing your sensitive information is safe and secure. What’s more, many of our storage units come with warranties of up to 10 years which gives you the added benefit of knowing that when you buy your stationery storagelocking file cabinet from us, you are making a wise choice. 

Office Storage Cabinets & locking file cabinet at prices you can trust. We promise.

At Office Corporate we understand your need for business and office storage cabinets solutions that won’t break the bank. That’s why we work hard to provide quality and stylish storage and school lockers solutions at affordable prices. Find a better price somewhere else and we will not only match it, we’ll beat it by 2%.

Take advantage of our rewards program to start earning rewards on everything you purchase of lockable filing cabinets. You’ll get a point for every $10 you spend, earning your way toward 10% off anything in our online store. Be sure to also check out our instant rewards page for exclusive first-time customer deals.

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