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Seamlessly transform bulky physical documents into crystal-clear digital copies with Office Corporate’s premium document scanners. Scan, share, store, and protect with quality solutions from Office Corporate.

Premium Document scanners automatic feed scanners for pristine copies

We bring you a selection of quality document scanners, duplex automatic feed scanners for high-performance in a corporate office, or the ultimate convenience at home. Office Corporate’s document management solutions enable your business to improve security, office organisation, and company information protection.

Are you looking to increase your security and securely store paperwork and files digitally? Do you need to digitise your physical documentation with a quality solution to save hours spent on manual data entry? Are you simply looking to enable your employees to quickly scan and share documents? To do this effectively, you need the right tools that’s why we sourced premium A4 scanners that make your life easier.

Our reliable and robust solutions from industry leaders such as Brother and Canon utilise the latest advancements in technology to deliver better quality scans, faster. With impressive scan speeds, colour processing, and 2-sided scan ability, these automatic feed scanners are the office machine you’ve been searching for.

Quality document scanners: Better performance, better results 

While Office Corporate is saving you time as you scan your documentation instantly, and saving you space as you transform physical papers into light-weight digital copies, we’ll also save you money. Customers all over Australia choose Office Corporate to fulfill their office stationery and tech needs for all your computer accessories because of our price beat promise. We ensure that you won’t find this quality at these prices at any of our competitors, and if you do, we’ll rectify that by beating their price by 2%.

Our nation-wide shipping and delivery are just as efficient as the results offered by our A4 scanners and we’ll get your purchase to you quickly, safely, and securely.

Office Corporate’s selection of document scanners ensures that you never have to waste time on inferior, unreliable office appliances and tech. These fantastic solutions produce unmatched results every time.

Not only do customers choose us to fulfill their A4 scanner needs because they know that we’ve sourced quality solutions, but also because the features of our products simply make life easier.

The reasons businesses in Australia choose Office Corporate’s document scanners:

  • Scan speed: Maximising productivity and efficiency is key in modern, fast-past working environments. To be an efficient business, you need tools that can keep up with you. Office Corporate stocks scanners that scan up to 50 pages per minute and 100 images per minute. Don’t waste your time with anything else.
  • High-tech software: Don’t settle for fuzzy, faded documents. With the latest innovations in the field, our suppliers offer advanced image processing and reliable software to produce crystal-clear, pristine digital copies.
  • Wireless connectivity: If you are looking for a wireless option, Office Corporate is just the place. Avoid pesky cords and all-round hassle with a wireless option. This also enables your employees to connect and scan easily. Do you prefer wired? No problem, we have that too with scanners that have both wired and wireless functionality.
  • Premium display screens: Our options offer either a top-range touch LED screen for picture-perfect display or a quality LCD screen for ultimate convenience. As an added, many of our options also enable the administrator to lock the LED touch screen should security be of concern.
  • Automatic feed: Our enterprise scanners take every measure to save you time and effort. Employees can easily stack a large number of physical pages into the quality input bin of our options. Pages are automatically fed and transformed into laser-sharp digital copies.
  • Two-sided (duplex) scans: Our duplex document scanners allow you to seamlessly scan double-sided documents. As easy as the click of a button!
  • Colour copies: See the world in colour with scanners that enable colour scans. The innovative technology used in our scanners effortlessly identifies light sensitivity on a physical document as it scans the page. This ensures colour is never left behind you’re your digital copies are bright and punchy.

Automatic feed scanner & A4 scanner for unmatched office efficiency

A4 scanners boost productivity and save your employees time to spend on the tasks that matter. This purchase will also aid exponentially in keeping your office space in ship-shape condition. The benefits of investing in a scanner with us are plenty.

Here is why an automatic feed scanner from Office Corporate is crucial for your business or home office:

  • Maximise your office space: While the storage of physical documentation is sometimes a necessity, paperwork can be more easily stored digitally. Clear out valuable real estate in your corporate or at-home office by transforming physical documents into digital copies. Your office space will look professional, organised, decluttered, and spacious.
  • Increase protection: Unfortunately, physical documents containing sensitive information are difficult to protect from prying eyes and can easily be misplaced. Digital documents behind impenetrable firewalls or carefully encrypted are more difficult to access. Invest is a premium scanner to effortlessly protect company information or files containing sensitive personal information. Also, with digital documents, you can easily monitor access by members of your staff to ensure that your paperwork is being viewed by the right eyes.
  • Share the knowledge: Scanning documentation makes information sharing simple. Boost collaboration in the workplace seamlessly as employees scan and share important files.
  • Organisation is everything: Categorising, indexing, and organising physical documentation is incredibly time-consuming and labour intensive. Organising digital documentation is easy and digital files can be labelled and indexed at the click of a button.
  • Locating the right document is simple: While rifling through physical documentation and liable of physical files can make locating the right document when you need it frustrating, modern search functions ensure that the right file is a search away. Benefit from information at your fingertips by converting your paperwork into digital files with Office Corporate.

Office Corporate: Your portal to superior document scanners, A4 scanners, and tech solutions

There’s no time to waste in business which is why you should purchase your dependable document scanner from Office Corporate today. Our product specialists are on hand with expert guidance should you have any queries, and are always happy to be at your service.

Chat with our product specialists or have a look at the Business Rewards page on our website for more information about how we reward our customers. You’ll earn points for spending with us to redeem on a variety of high-end appliances and tech. We can’t wait for you to experience the Office Corporate difference.

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