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Adhesive strips, plasters and tapes are among the first items to come to mind when one thinks of first aid supplies. This is only natural, seeing as how cuts are among the most common injuries that one encounters. Cuts vary in their severity, and so do the protocols in regards to first aid for cuts. Depending on the types of injuries that tend to occur in your workplace or institute, you can purchase a fine range of reliable adhesive strips, plasters and tapes from Office Corporate.

Effective first aid for cuts with our quality adhesive strips

When you shop at Office Corporate for adhesive strips or any other essential supplies, you can rest assured that you will have access to only the best products on the market. This is something we have never compromised on, ever since we started our business over twenty years ago. Our emergency care section offers an elaborate array of products to help you provide effective first aid for cuts, burns, fractures and more serious medical emergencies.

Because cuts and bruises tend to be fairly common in schools, sports centres, offices, factories and transport hubs, we have devoted an entire section on our website to adhesive strips, plasters and tapes of various kinds. This speeds up your search for the right supplies, and helps you view and compare different adhesive strips in one go.

Discounts and perks to accompany your adhesive strips and tapes

One glance at our adhesive strips section is enough for you to see that the high-quality, branded supplies we offer are listed at incredibly low prices. This is a direct result of our commitment to procuring office essentials from trusted and certified suppliers across Australia. What you can always expect from us is the familiarity and convenience of shopping locally. This includes being able to ask for specific first aid supplies, getting personalised recommendations, and having a delivery team working around your schedule to get you what you need within your preferred time frame.

At the same time, we also bring you the perks of shopping online – even when it comes to consumables like adhesive strips and tapes. Detailed product descriptions to help you distinguish between different kinds of bandages and plasters, brand overviews to familiarise you about the makers of the product, and all key specifications about size, application and type of injury, are readily viewable for each of our listings. Add to this the convenience of being able to sit back, relax, and have your first aid supplies delivered to your doorstep as soon as you need them!

The best way to leverage these advantages is to choose Office Corporate for recurring purchases of adhesive strips and other types of first aid for cuts. This allows you to go about your business with complete peace of mind while we take care of pricing and logistics and help you lower your operating costs. It also enables you to make the most of our rewards programme that is an exclusive offering for our members. The idea is simple – shop, collect point, and redeem them for an additional discount in the future. Our rewards programme is just another means for us to support you in your efforts to create sustainable and cost-effective systems for procuring office supplies and consumables.

Well-researched and handpicked adhesive strips and bandages

When providing first aid for cuts, the quality of the adhesive strips, plasters or tapes you use is paramount. Fortunately, you no longer have to put in weeks of research to figure out what works best. Our product specialists have already done that for you. We have dedicated teams with training and expertise in their respective fields enabling them to assess which brands are preferred by Australian businesses, and to ensure that our inventory includes these.

As a result, our collection sports some of the top-selling adhesive strips, plasters and tapes in Australia. Thoroughly vetted by healthcare experts, these first aid supplies act as reliable emergency measures, helping you keep the situation under control before medical assistance can be obtained.

Explore high-quality adhesive strips in a variety of sizes, and in specialised configurations for use on knuckles and other injury-prone areas. Also find top-notch surgical tapes with hypo-allergenic properties to secure wounds and prevent infections. We offer plasters and heavy-duty crepe bandages that can attend to sports or workplace injuries ranging from minor to severe. If you don’t have any specific preferences other than covering all your bases, you can also make use of our convenient workplace first aid kit refills. These include all standard supplies involved in providing first aid for cuts.

Secure your workplace or school against a wide range of injuries with our extensive and reliable range of adhesive strips, dressings, plasters and tapes. With brands such as St John and prices that other ecommerce platforms can’t match, we help you provide thorough and cost-effective first aid for cuts, bruises, burns, and several other emergencies.

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