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Add, subtract, multiply, and divide on the go in any situation with Office Corporate. Our line of high-tech yet affordable desktop calculators makes keeping your workspace accounting accurate simple and easy with the push of a button!

Desktop Calculators: Efficient, Affordable, Durable

At Office Corporate you’ll find great prices and even better quality. Our broad office offerings ensure that you have access to the supplies that you love and trust at the best prices. We ship across Australia quickly and carefully, ensuring your office, classroom, or workspace is fully stocked with everything you need to succeed at all times.

Here are a few of many reasons why our customers trust our high-quality brand, including our best-selling range of desktop calculators:

  • We know that having everything you need at your fingertips is the first step in ensuring you’re performing at your best every step of the way. Our desktop calculators are durable, dependable, and high performing, ensuring easy access and quick calculations in the blink of an eye.
  • Whether you’re working in a skyscraper office or an elementary classroom, you’ll still want to double check the math you’re doing. Running some of your own figures is a great way to be confident in the work you’re doing, which is why stocking up on a desk calculator is so essential!
  • It never hurts to double (or triple check). Whether you’re doing your own accounting or you outsource your figures, running the numbers yourself can catch small mistakes that might otherwise totally derail your project! Check everything twice with a desktop calculator to ensure perfection, every time.
  • We’re committed to providing high quality desk calculators that our customers can rely on. Each of our models will stand the test of time in any environment!

Our desk calculators make great classroom tools for any age!

Are you a maths or general education teacher? Perhaps you work in a day care facility or as a supplemental tutor. Maybe you’re even a homeschool parent! No matter where you’re working with students, you know how important it is to provide all the tools they’ll need to succeed.

Here’s how our desktop calculators will help you support your students:

  • Keep every student engaged in learning with their own personal desk calculator. Our affordable prices make individual and bulk purchases easy!
  • Use desk calculators to play games, double check complex maths, and even practice basic mental maths as well. No matter the calculation, these calculators can handle it!
  • With our affordable desk calculator pricing, you can buy in bulk and stock up your classroom or school for the whole year. Each unit is designed to last a lifetime, so your investment will pay off in more ways than one! Find our full range of calculators here.

Our OfficeCorporate team has been working together for over two decades. We understand that the true value of our business is in our dedicated and exceptional team who work tirelessly to bring you top-notch products while appreciating every opportunity to keep prices low and maintain high product quality. That’s why we recognize organization, versatility, and efficiency as essential tools in a collaborative and productive workplace, and we want to help you introduce those same concepts into your home, business, or office space.

Here’s how you can use our desk calculators and accessories as tools to facilitate organized, efficient, and versatile collaboration:     

  • Supply individual workers with desk calculators to cut down on daily errors and avoid long-term mistakes that may cost your office a fortune to repair!
  • Keep your classroom or home finances in tip-top shape by running or double checking your daily figures with ease on our quality desk calculators so you know exactly what you’re working with at every moment of the day.
  • Never second guess a figure again with our quality desk calculators that ensure accurate and perfect calculations every time!
  • Stock our superior quality desktop calculators in every size, shape, and colour, and trust that their durability and reliability will make them great tools that last you years!

​Reap the rewards by buying our top-of-the-line desktop calculators.

Our desk calculators are just another example of the great products we have on offer. We know that producing quality work requires quality tools, which is why we take the time to research, stock and promote only the best of the best. Browse our website to view our extensive and thoroughly reviewed selection of office furniture, craft supplies, stationery, cleaning supplies, and much more. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office, improve your classroom performance, or equip your business with all the tools you’ll need to succeed, we guarantee we have the solution for you.

Should you have any questions about our products, our dedicated and knowledgeable product specialists are always on hand to help. Our customer service team is committed to providing you with the tools you need at the best possible price, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you meet your goals.

Buy the best & comprehensive range of desk calculators

Heard about our price beat promise? Should you find one of our stock items for cheaper elsewhere, we won’t just match the price, we’ll beat it. We’ll offer you 2% less than competitors.  

What’s more, with regular specials and rewards for returning customers, we guarantee your desk calculator purchase from us won’t be your last. Sign up with us to start earning reward points on every purchase. Get one point for each $10 you spend, and trade in your reward points for 10% off anything on our online store. Sounds like a bargain to us!

First-time customer? Check out our Instant Rewards page to view a range of promotional codes as our gift to you on your initial purchase. Also, head to our Business Rewards page to view the amazing rewards you could reap by choosing Office Corporate as the go-to supplier for your business.

No matter what figures you’re running or classroom you’re working with, we’re confident that our high quality desk calculators will meet all your needs, guaranteed.

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