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Bounce, rock, and wobble your way to ideal posture and better health as you tackle the demands of a busy workday on an active chair from Office Corporate. Our active seating options keep you fit as a fiddle during long hours on the job. We guarantee that you won’t look back after choosing this life-changing seating option.

Transform the way you work with superior active sitting stools 

The health benefits of an active chair are exponential, and with Office Corporate, so are the possibilities. We provide you with the potential to completely transform your office space, and the way you work with active seating options. Active sitting during the workday allows you to frequently shift your sitting position, engage your core, strengthen the muscles that matter and so much more.

Our active sitting stools are the ideal addition to your workspace and the fantastic alternative to a conventional desk chair. As opposed to standard seating choices, our active desk chairs encourage healthy movement throughout the workday, stimulate better posture, and improve health.

Our options are brought to you by the front-runners in the field of active seating design. These brands look at the world differently and constantly innovate to reimagine the humble desk chair.

Are you a business owner looking to provide your employees with access to active seating options that promote movement and boost morale and concentration? Are you an employee simply looking to better protect yourself against the harmful effects of sitting for long hours? Office Corporate brings you a range of active seating options for your at-home workspace or corporate office alike. Browse our drafting chairs too if you are looking for something else.

We’ve done the leg work, so you don’t have to! We’ve sourced a selection of sitting stools that do not only provide great benefits but also offer superior performance. These choices are reliable, durable, and truly stand out from the crowd when it comes to performance.

What’s more, Office Corporate brings you these premium solutions at incredible prices. Don’t trust that we offer these options at a more affordable price than anywhere else? If you find your active desk chair choice elsewhere for cheaper, we won’t just match the price, we’ll beat it. That’s a promise.

You’re in good shape with these active sitting stools

Office Corporate’s active chairs stand tall amongst the best. These options deliver greater health benefits, increased comfort and longer, better movement, and longer reliable performance.

Here is why our customers consider our active seating products a cut above the rest:

  • Award-winning solutions: Office Corporate stocks revolutionary active seating options. We bring you the award-winning Swopper Active Seat. This option has been recognised for its incredible quality and unique approach to office seating. If it’s good enough for international recognition from ergonomists and architects, it’s certainly the ideal choice for you. Partner with Office Corporate for access to game-changing, top-class seats.
  • Ingenious design: Our active seating products are expertly designed with a pinch of creative genius and a keen eye for durability. The design styles of our active seats reimagine what a chair looks like and deliver a sleek, attractive, and modern result. These options are also designed and constructed to perfectly balance the need for movement while providing stability with a sturdy, durable, long-lasting base.
  • Height-adjustable: We stock height-adjustable options to ensure that no matter, your height, these options size up. Benefit from increased comfort and ease-of-use as you easily adjust your office chair to your preferred height.
  • Easily assembled: Our selection of active seat options is seamlessly assembled by anyone. With our efficient delivery and the simple assembly on our chairs, you’ll be rocking around the clock in no time.
  • A range of quality fabrics: We offer active sitting stools in a wide range of fabrics to allow you to select your ideal preference and to perfectly complement your corporate or at-home office design aesthetic.  
  • Easy, breezy, comfortable movement: While it’s easy to think that the use of an office chair with movement may be distracting, quite the oppositive is true of our options. Our active chairs allow you to eliminate distraction and zero in on the task at hand as you sit comfortably. Go to our office chairs page and see our full range of chairs with all options you are looking for.

Propel yourself to better health with an active desk chair 

Jump ship to the sitting solution that encourages healthy posture and active movement throughout the workday with an active desk chair from Office Corporate. The benefits are exponential.

Here’s why you need to invest in an active option from Office Corporate:

  • Decrease your risk of obesity and diabetes: People who sit for more than eight hours a day have an increased risk of dying early as a result of obesity complications and diabetes. On average, Australians sit for over 10 hours a day. An active sitting stool that lets your effortless transition between standing at your desk and sitting assists in limiting the harmful effects of sitting for hours on end.
  • Lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and even depression: With an active choice that allows you to rock and bounce through the workday, you will be able to easily combat the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Over 70% of Australians are considered to have sedentary lifestyles. Pick a choice that encourages movement trough rocking and bouncing.
  • Engage the muscles that matter: Sitting down for long periods during the workday means that you won’t be engaging any muscles. Pick an active option to engage your abdominal muscles without you even noticing, while protecting key pressure points effectively.

Your go-to destination for office furniture and stationery with a difference

At Office Corporate, we take pride in our range of active desk chair options and our incredible variety of office furniture. Whether you are looking for office furniture to assist you in pursuing optimal health, or specialised choices tailored to your needs we have the solution.

While you browse through our active chairs, have a look at our wide range of desks and workstations including standing desks, chairs for every room, storage solutions, and premium office stationery. You won’t go wrong with us.

No matter what you purchase from us, we’ll get your order to you anywhere in Australia fast. With professional, dedicated service, we cater to your needs with care. Move on up to quality solutions, great service, and fantastic savings with Office Corporate.

With Mavman & Werk Sit and Stand solutions, you will get relief from stress and strain when you have to stand all day - that’s a real gift!

Almost every other member of the working population has to stand up to work for long periods of time. But standing up for prolonged periods subjects the human body to significant stress, and is responsible for a number of complaints relating to the heart and the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. Check out to see if these sit standing desks can help you stay more active.

There are some classic scenarios for standing work - when people have to change location often or have to move around a lot or have to communicate eye-to-eye with other people. A good standing rest needs to support a person doing these jobs, without getting in the way of the work itself. A standing rest must be space-saving, easy to transport from one place to another and provide plenty of room for moving around and reaching things. At the same time, it just – the same as any seating solution - adapts to different body sizes, and supports a person´s posture, without forcing them into a particular position.

The Mavman & Werk solutions for standing work give you the perfect support for any activity that cannot be undertaken while sitting down. Our standing rests range from simple supports for short-term stress-relief up to flexible standing rests that allow you to stand for prolonged periods without any signs of fatigue.

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