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Office Corporate is known across Australia as a top-notch, high quality provider of all kinds of essential office supplies encompassing anything you might need. We bring you products that not only help create a productive and engaging workspace but are effective and practical for all your office production needs. At Office Corporate, we know that you need to be supported by reliable and high-quality products you can count on. We bring you a wide selection of any kind of battery you could need.

Our wide array of elastics and rubber bands are must-haves for any office or workspace. We pick the best of the best brands to offer at OfficeCorporate, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need.

Elastic rubber bands are essential to have on hand at any office or creative space. In all different industries, workspaces, classrooms, and environments, elastic rubber bands are perfect for keeping any materials you need organized and exactly where you need them.

We offer Bounce Rubber Bands and Esselte Superior Rubber Bands, the best of the best of elastic rubber bands brands.

Elastic Rubber bands that are strong, flexible, and versatile

With our selection of rubber bands, you know that you will be getting rubber bands that will not disappoint.

Bounce Rubber Bands, one of our premium brands at Office Corporate, is everything you could need or want out of a rubber band.

  • With 267 product lines to currently choose from, you can get any size you need, any strength you need, and any colour you need. These are the perfect craft supply and double as rainbow loom bands or any other artistic craft tool!
  • Bounce Rubber Bands offers rubber bands in bulk so you can get all the elastic rubber bands at a price you can’t beat. Office Corporate and Bounce Rubber Band guarantee to beat any price in the market, so you know you’re getting a good deal.
  • You can get any of our current colours – tan, purple, white, blue, green, red, and yellow. If you want something else a little more specific, you can custom order any Pantone colour!
  • Made from all-natural latex rubber, Bounce Rubber Bands are biodegradable, so you can enjoy high-quality rubber bands while also knowing you are making ethical environmental choices!
  • Bounce Rubber Bands come in recyclable containers with built in dispensers to make for a convenient system that can be recycled when you are done.
  • With thoughtful values and a driven mission statement, you can know that you are supporting a company that is committed to putting good into the world. You can find out more here.

Or, try our Esselte Superior Rubber Bands!

  • Esselte Superior Rubber Bands are designed thoughtfully and made in one piece to ensure strength and durability that is above and beyond.
  • Seamless and uniform in thickness, Esselte Superior Rubber Bands are perfect for anything you could need them for.
  • Available in extensive colours, sizes, and packages, you will be able to find something at Esselte for anything you might need.

With strength that you can count on, our elastic rubber bands not only last for a long time but have the durability and capacity to do the work they need to. With tested and consistent strength, our rubber bands are up to any task, and are an effective, budget-friendly, and easy solution to your organizational needs! Stretch them, tense them, pull them; they are up for any task.

Elastic for any situation: Rubber Bands that will not let you down

Whether you need a couple smaller elastic rubber bands to seal a bag or larger, heavy-duty elastic bands to do the heavy lifting, you can choose from our extensive selection. Browse through the sizes and varieties to find what is right for you. Or, talk to us to help find exactly what you need.

Pick elastics that are plain and neutral for a sleek, professional look, or choose coloured elastics for a fun pop of colour! You can also use our wide variety of colour options to colour code your materials and make your space an organized space that brings life and structure to any workspace.

Thinner rubber bands make great storage tools for organizing mail or other office materials, bundling a bouquet of flowers together, making quick and easy grips for tools, and so much more! Elastics are multi-faceted in every way and all of our elastics at Office Corporate will come in handy over and over again.

Choose Office Corporate for your Rubber Band Needs

At Office Corporate, you can know you’re getting the best rubber bands. No need to take a gamble on a brand you haven’t researched – we’ve done the work for you and know what the best of the best rubber bands are.

With our price beat promise, if you find any of our elastics or rubber bands for a better price somewhere else, we go beyond matching the price – we beat it by 2% less than the competitor's price! And, with our reward system, you can earn points through purchasing to unlock exciting rewards. Just a $10 purchase will start you earning rewards. We value you and want to be with you throughout your whole office-building journey. And if it’s your first time purchasing from us, check out our welcome offers on our Instant Rewards page to get you started on crafting an ideal office space.

Whether you’re just getting starting in creating a stellar office environment, or you just need some updates to your space, look no further than our extensive collection of materials to make your office the absolute best it can be. We believe in nothing less than excellence at Office Corporate, and we are excited to bring you everything you need at the price you want.

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