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Office Corporate stocks a wide selection of durable, reliable system index cards for an extensive range of applications in the office, at home, or in the classroom. The superior cards may be small, but they perform to the max. With Office Corporate, nothing but premium stationery solutions are on the cards.

Quality system & index cards: The jack of all trades

Office Corporate’s index cards are crafted from premium card stock for reliable performance. The quality of these humble system cards is exceptional, and it’s no wonder these choices are the go-to option for businesses, educators, students, and office employees across the country.

Are you looking for a superior solution for storing speech notes that will perform when it is time for you to perform? Are you looking to create durable flashcards for engaging classroom revision? Do you need to create neat and organised ledgers? Office Corporate has just the system cards for you.

The humble index card & system cards may have been used for categorisation and indexing for over a century, but it fulfils an incredible array of needs. Use these versatile cards for organisation, note-taking, list, logs, games, and more.

These little index cards are the perfect example of the fact that even in the digital age, paper is still king. There’s no need to unlock, restart, and fumble with technology with these options, simply grab a index card and list, log, label, or doodle. There is not a more convenient or handy solution.

Office Corporate brings you coloured index cards at unbelievable prices. We don’t skimp on quality, but we do cut prices to bring you incredible value for money. You won’t find a pack of 100 system cards at these prices anywhere else, and with amazing saving on bulk purchases, the savings are endless.

What’s more, we ship all over Australia ensuring you don’t need to step outside of your house to enjoy the benefits of premium office stationery.

Superior index cards: Pure performance is on the system cards

Customers all over Australia enjoy our premium system cards as an everyday accessory for a variety of reasons. With these options, you’re only limited by your imagination. The uses and possibilities are endless.

Here is why our customers trust these handy index cards at crunch time:

  • Options that size up, or down: We stock a wide variety of system cards in multiple sizes including 76 x 127mm and 102 x 152mm so the perfect fit is never far away.
  • Superior card stock: Our systems cards are constructed with 200gsm board ensuring that they won’t bend, tear, twist, or crumble under pressure. These sturdy, strong, and reliable options are up to the task and are the ideal choice where durability is a concern. Rely on these options.
  • Colour options for every need: Our system cards are ideal for colour-coding and indexing with options offered in brilliant white and perfect pastels including green, blue, pink, and yellow. Choose our coloured index cards to add a pop of colour to your day.
  • Ruled to perfection: Our index cards include crisp ruled lines on both sides of the card so you can maximise the ample space that these cards offer. The lines are also ruled clearly but faintly truly allowing the contents to pop.

The everyday system & index cards for a wide array of tasks

Further to being the cataloguing accessory utilised for over a century, coloured index cards are ideal for an extensive range of uses.

Utilise your system cards in these creative ways to get the most bang for your buck:

  • To-do lists to keep you on the right track: Use our fantastic system cards to create to-do lists or quick reminders to keep you focused on what matters. Start each day fresh with a list of your most important tasks for the day on these quality cards for everyday organisation. Never worry about carrying clunky notebooks when your to-do lists needs to come with you, simply reach for your index card and you’re good to go.  
  • Keep your favourite recipes within reach: Our cards along with an index card holder make the perfect pair for use at home. Keep your much-loved recipes drafted on these cards and store them in a card folder for easy access in the kitchen. What’s for dinner? With our options, the perfect meal idea is always on hand.
  • Flashcards for interactive revision: While our system cards are ideal in a variety of academic applications, creating flashcards is one of the ways they are best put to use. Help your kids or learners achieve peak academic performance flash cards. These are perfect for revision of vocabulary, science, history, word of the day activities, and much more. Use and re-use our durable options to help children grasp subject matter with ease.
  • Note-taking is seamless with these choices: There is still no better way to improve retention and boost concentration than writing down notes on paper. Jotting down meeting notes with our quality index cards will ensure that key action points are engrained in your mind.
  • Shopping lists for when you’re on-the-go: While storing your shopping list on your mobile device may be easy, it will also leave you fumbling for your phone in the supermarket. There is nothing that comes close to the convenience that using a system card to record your shopping list. Our durable index cards can be placed in the kitchen and used by the family throughout the week to draft their wish lists. A handy solution for when you need to pick up and go.

The index cards are stacked in your favour with Office Corporate’s options

Office Corporate’s coloured index cards are the versatile solution you need for a range of everyday problems. While you are stocking up on these pocket rockets, have a look at Office Corporate’s collection office stationery such as bags, document wallets, clips and fasteners, calculators, notes and flags, and many more. With fast shipping and dedicated service, you have nothing but the best in-store with Office Corporate.

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