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Between five and ten percent of the world's population are left-handed. The publishers of these statistics have not yet reached a consensus, and it seems that whether the researcher himself is left-handed or not is a factor in the statistics! Scientific American reports that the number of leftists is up to 15%. Interestingly, the number of leftists among men is twice that of women.

The bitter experience of left-handed in the world of right-handed

Apparently, the most important factors in determining left-handedness and right-handedness are genetic factors. For example, if both parents are left-handed, the probability of their child being left-handed is 50%, and if both are right-handed, the probability of their child being left-handed is about 2% (an interesting infographic has been set up in this area, which is recommended to see). In an article entitled Left Hand Syndrome, Korn Stanley points out that the combination of left-handers and right-handers has not changed significantly in number in the last 30,000 years.

However, they may have become accustomed to constantly facing these challenges and have even forgotten that many of the problems they face today in using the most mundane means of living are simply due to living in the world of the right.

 1- left handed scissors batch holes are not the same size. They are designed for the left handed people .

2- Binders and many similar spring notebook mechanisms are designed for the right hand.

3- The shutter button in most cameras is located in a position that the right hand can press more easily. Left handed people experience hand tremors when taking pictures (if it is not possible to touch the screen).

4. The numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard is always an unusable space for left-handers. They also put the most used buttons in a place that they do not have much access to!

In the past, a skilled hairdresser could provide for themselves and their family with a pair of simple scissors. Despite making advanced devices for hairdressers, hairdressing scissors are still the most important tool in the profession. These days, different types of scissors are produced with various blades for shaving hair, which also differ in appearance. Most scissors on the market are designed for right-handed people, although left handed scissors are more or less available in the market.

Not all hairdressers are right-handed. Left handed hairdressers also work in this profession. In the case of hairdressing tools and equipment, there is no difference between left-handed or right-handed people, but in the case of scissors, this difference can be seen. A left-handed hairdresser must use special scissors designed for these people. Ordinary scissors can be a problem for left-handed hairdressers.

How do left-handed hairdressing scissors work?

Left handed people make up about 10 to 15 percent of the world's population. There are strange beliefs about left-hand people, none of which have been scientifically confirmed. A left-handed hairdresser is more adept at using his left hand because of the difference in the use of his cerebral hemispheres and his existential structure. Just as right-handed people can do delicate and sensitive things, so do lefties.

A left-handed person who has completed a hairdressing training course can start a good business like a right-hander. Having the left handed scissors in this profession is the key to a hairdresser's success. Left handed scissors are one of the most essential tools for left-handed hairdressers.
In fact, these
Left handed scissors are not strange at all. In terms of the shape of the blades and the curvature, this product is designed to be completely symmetrical with ordinary right handed scissors. If the scissors blades do not have the right settings, the movements of the hairdresser will change and the wrist and elbow will be damaged over time. There is no difference between Left handed scissors and other scissors in terms of haircut and correction, but in terms of ease of use, left-handed scissors are a blessing for hairdressers.

How to choose left-handed scissors

Left handed scissors are designed so that the hairdresser can use them for hours without feeling tired and sore on the wrist. The risk of developing RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome is much higher in left-handed people who use right-handed scissors. This problem is also very common among left-handed tailors.

The hairdresser can decide on its size and style by holding Left handed scissors. It is important that the distance between the scissor holes where the fingers are placed is proportional to the length of the handle. The longer the blade of the scissors, the faster the hair can be cut. The size of the scissors is measured from the tip of the blade to the end of the farthest finger hole.

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