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Now more than ever a home education is a critical component of nearly every child’s life.  According to an article by the University of Melbourne** a staggering 80 percent or, more than 1.3 billion students are learning from home.

The previously unchartered territory of learning from home

In the absence of their structured days at school it is important that parents and guardians are able to introduce some sort of sense of routine with learning from home. Whilst this is not without considerable support from the school and it’s teachers, it also needs to be acknowledged that implementation and adherence to such routines, could not be possible without an attentive parent or guardian. Remember though, this does not have to look like a recreation of their actual school day, factor in family time and fun!

It’s okay to find learning from home a challenge

At Office Corporate we are a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of work life balance, and moreover how little balance there often is with a full household. If you’re struggling with working out how to achieve this balance, keep in mind this territory is new even for long established home schoolers. Children are not normally at home this much and whilst a structured routine will assist with their continued education, it is equally important not to put too much pressure on yourself as their guardian to be the perfect teacher.

Big emotions are to be expected!  Anxiety levels could spike in both parents and children. Outside of imposing a routine, what can you do to make learning from home as stress free as possible? Change your perspective. Remember you are not the teacher, you are simply doing your best to help your children learn at home during a crisis.  Don’t take it personally! Remember, your child’s behaviour during homeschooling and learning from home is indicative of how they are feeling about the situation, not how they are feeling about YOU.

School psychologist Rebecca Branstetter said it well in an article published by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley*** It is okay if your schedule does not go to plan every day. Every day is an opportunity to fine-tune what is working and eliminate what is not working.  Kids learn by watching us, so taking care of yourself is teaching your child how to cope.

Redefining a home education and learning from home

Who says learning from home has to be all text books and reading? We challenge you to redefine what home learning means by getting hands on! Experiment with measurements in the kitchen or craft projects that let your creativity run wild!  Why not add to cart our Betty Crocker cooking pack complete with utensils, mixing bowl and even a complimentary recipe book.

Resources and school supplies are a large part of what we do. We supply the learning from home products you need to keep your business and household running. Whether it’s the arts and crafts products your children are using for projects, or the merit stickers and stamps you use to reward their work – we’ve got you covered.

Add some cover paper, Micador Safety Markers and some Glitter Glue to your cart and get inspired and crafty with these clever homemade card ideas:

Cheer someone up with a drawing of some cheese! “Don’t worry Brie Happy!” or “Have a Gouda Day!”

Draw a cucumber! “You’re kind of a Big Dill”

How about some expressing gratitude for someone’s friendship?

“We make a good pear” (Fruit pun)

Or perhaps most appropriate during times like these, an “I miss you” card, your children can make for their friends and loved ones:

“I Miss you Bear-y Much”  (We suggest the G rated version of an image of a teddy bear offering a big hug, not to be mistaken with bare)

Self-care is essential with learning from home supplies

Now that we have your attention and have hopefully managed to coax a smile, let us assure you that even without purchasing the products we sell, we value your time. The time it’s taken you to sit, research, read and peruse our website or give us a Google review.

 We know you’re busy, organising, budgeting, and caring for your household. Rest assured that even without a sale, our customer support team is here for you. What proudly sets us apart, is our care factor.

If you want to continue your research, gain clarity about products we supply or even have us point you in the right direction for further educational resources. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, so remember to fill yours. Downtime is important, allow yourself alone time. Go for a walk without the kids occasionally, make a phone call to a friend, and don’t feel the need to be everything to everyone.  Let the best thing you learn from home is that it’s ok to have an off day.