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Whether you work in an office or you work from home, you can’t escape the joyless task of labelling. Why suffer through the slow, tedious process of writing your labels by hand, when you can let our Brother label makers do the work for you? Maybe you’re an arts and crafts aficionado, or a techie with a passion for organization; whatever your creed, at Office Corporate we have the right label maker for you. From home to the office, our label makers come in all shapes and sizes, offering a wide selection of printing options to make your job both fast and fun.


In today’s fast paced world, we’re all short on time, but with our Brother label makers you’ll find you have just a little bit more of it. Let our label makers take on those pesky chores and create labels quickly and efficiently. With our label makers you’ll get:

  • A sleek design. Whether you’re looking for something impressive and chic or something basic without preamble, our Brother label makers will provide you with the look you want and the substance you need.  

  • A compact size. Now, whether you work in a high-rise office or you spend your time working from home, the compact design of our label makers will fit any space. That means you never have to worry about re-organizing your space to make our label makers fit.

  • A highly efficient machine. Our Brother label makers can create as many as 100 labels per minute. Now that’s a lot of labels!

  • High resolution images/designs. Our label makers will give you crystal clear images in a variety of designs, so you know that you’re getting the highest quality results each, and every, time.


Communication is key to efficiently run smooth operations, and our best label makers will help you get that communication you need. Our label makers will be a pivotal game-changer for your office or warehouse, because they will:

  • Make communication easier and help to clarify. Whether you’re looking to label items in your office, mark out space for product in a warehouse, keep your wires organized, or whatever else you may need, our best label makers and Avery labels will help you to clarify what/where things are, how to use them, and anything else you need. Forget about office memos and overlong emails, with our best Brother label makers you’ll be able to give direction at the touch of a button. What could be easier?

  • Improve organization. Our best label makers will make sure your business stays neat and organized. Our label makers can be used to improve organization in virtually any space, from home to the office, a warehouse or a kitchen, and just about anywhere in between. Make sure your items never find themselves in the wrong spot again with our best label makers.

  • Create mess free designs. Our label makers give you all the quality without any of the mess. They utilize a toner-free design, which means no matter where you are you can print your labels and rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about drying time, smudging or ink transfer to your hands or clothes.


Traditional label machines involve waiting at a computer to print your labels, then running around putting them in place. But there’s a better way to label, and it all starts with the Brother Ptouch label maker. Never wait for your labels again! With the Ptouch label maker you can produce laminated labels instantly, for an easier way to put labels where you need them, when you need them. And the portable size of the Ptouch makes your life even easier. Now you can carry it with you and print labels fast, on the spot. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s guaranteed to help streamline your work and your life.

What’s even better? With the Brother Ptouch label maker, you don’t have to set up shop on your computer with a list of labels to create. The Ptouch works in conjunction with an app on your smartphone, so you can access great designs whenever and wherever you need to. On the app you’ll have access to a wide array of symbols, so you can clearly communicate what you need to, every time. What could be better than the label maker that gives you a better way to label?


Are you tired of the boring labels that don’t catch the eye and end up largely ignored? Well, with the Ptouch Cube you’re sure to create label designs that everyone will notice. This easy and versatile to use label maker can be used with your PC or Mac to create stunning labels of any variety. Create brand new, never-before seen designs, then print them at the touch of a button! It’s so easy, you’ll whip through your work before you’ve even started.

The Ptouch Cube comes in a sleek package, one designed to fit just about anywhere. If you’re tight on space, or your full up on other machines, the Ptouch Cube is the perfect label maker for you. Don’t fret or worry about finding space, because with the Cube you won’t need to.

The best part? Our Ptouch Cube can be used with your smartphone to help make labels on the go. Just connect to the cube via Bluetooth on your Android or Iphone and begin designing the labels you need on the spot. It’ll send the information straight to the cube and begin printing your design. Nothing could be simpler.

At Office Corporate we believe in supplying you with everything you need for success. That’s why we carry a wide array of label makers. Forget about boring labels and creating tags by hand. With our labeling and accessories, you’ll be creating high resolution, high quality labels right from your phone. Labelling has never been easier, thanks to the best-in-class Brother label makers.

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