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Take your art to the next level, or introduce little artists to the magic of paint on canvas & board, with Office Corporate’s collection of art brushes. This extensive selection has been handpicked by our art and craft experts and features painting brush options for professional artists, fine art students, beginners, and kids taking their first shot at painting. Our unbeatable prices make it easy for you to source premium, branded brushes without breaking the bank.

Australia’s best store for quality art brushes & kids paint brush

Looking to buy watercolor & painting brush sets in bulk for your primary school art class? Trying to find a specific painting brush for minute detailing? Office Corporate caters to the full spectrum of painting needs and ships art brush throughout Australia in record time!

At our online painting brush & brush store, you will find everything from colourful watercolour painting brush sets for kindergartens and preschools, to fine round and flat brushes for artists from trusted brands like Micador. When you shop at Office Corporate, you can rest assured that you’re getting genuine, high-quality supplies at prices that are hard to beat. Not only that, but we also make it convenient for you to fulfill your recurring painting brush needs by offering bulk discounts and rewards for our regular customers.

Making branded paint brushes & kids watercolour brushes accessible

Creative pursuits like painting require high-quality tools and painting supplies & accessories. At Office Corporate, we believe in pulling out all the stops to supply businesses and institutes with workplace essentials that help them do what they do best. This is why we have curated our art and craft supplies section with equal focus on the needs of hobbyists, students and professional artists. Our product experts have conducted thorough market research to identify painting and brush brands that Australian artists and art students trust. They have also ensured that our collection caters to the complete range of painting needs.

Office Corporate’s painting brush selection is not just geared to the needs of beginners, young students and art enthusiasts. We also supply superior-quality art brushes to professional artists, art studios, and creative businesses across the country. Shop from an extensive range of Micador brushes for artists. Available as affordable painting brush sets as well as individual brushes in various sizes and shapes, this collection covers everything your art studio may need.

The perfect watercolor paint brush for drawing needs of every kind

Finding the right kids' paint brushes for your drawing needs can be a challenge for beginners and experienced artists alike. For beginners, understanding the different brush sizes, bristle types, shapes, materials and other specifications of art brushes is daunting, to say the least. The plethora of brands and price ranges adds to the complexity. A niche painting brush store may be featuring brushes from select brands at high prices, whereas generic ecommerce sites may be offering a wider range cheaper products from brands you’ve never heard of.

This is where Office Corporate makes your job easier. Simply put, we’ve handpicked the best brush from the best brands and made them affordable for you. If you’re new to painting and looking for a quality watercolor brush set, you’ll find the perfect pick in seconds at Office Corporate. On our online painting brush store, listings are clearly labelled with all the important specifications you need to know. Find the perfect round or pointed tip watercolour brush for your first creative production.

Pick up a high-quality flat painting brush for large format acrylic or oil painting. Or complete your beginner’s and kids paint brushes set with detail round brushes for fine strokes. We’ve even curated attractive and easy-to-use watercolour painting brush sets for toddlers and budding artists. These high-quality, kids-safe art brushes are top picks among kindergartens, daycare centres, and primary schools in Australia.

Your watercolor brush & painting brush sets come with exciting rewards!

Office Corporate isn’t just an online watercolour brush and paint brush store that offers great prices and lightning-quick delivery. We are here to ensure that your art school, studio, or art corner at home is equipped with the perfect drawing tools and accessories all year round. Our effort is to offer you an online shopping experience that eliminates the need to look elsewhere for your art painting brush or other supplies. This is why our member businesses earn exclusive rewards on all their purchases. Register now to start earning reward points on your shopping. Redeem these rewards at a later date for a wide range of watercolor brush sets and other art supplies!

Ready to discover the artist in you, give your little one a fun new hobby over the holidays, or stock up on annual art supplies for your school or studio? Look no further than Office Corporate for the best and most affordable painting brush and kids paint brush options you can find online. We are here to provide you with the perfect paint brush for drawing, watercolour, oil or acrylic paints. Enjoy a hassle-free watercolor brush shopping experience, and feel free to contact us if you need help at any step of the way.

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