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At Office Corporate every business we supply and support is important. We cherish each relationship and work with you to achieve your business goals. However, we do understand that some businesses need some extra loving care. This is no truer than our dealings with child care centres, daycare centres and aged care centres. At Office Corporate, we are here to support these crucial businesses care for loved ones with our extensive product list of business supplies.

Child care, daycare or aged care supplies: we care for your centre

At Office Corporate we have over 20 years’ experience in providing child care centres, day care centres and age care centres supplies. We want to make sure you get the right child care, daycare and aged care supplies in your centre, so that it is not only running efficiently and effective but also to ensure your customers are looked after.

We do this by allocating your centre an Account Manager who has a solid understanding of the operations of your business. This Account Manager will work in partnership with your business to understand its specific and unique requires. Whether your centre is seeking supplies to keep its customers engaged and mentally stimulated, or cleaning and safety products or even business supplies, we can help. What’s more, as an Australian owned and operated business, we are able to get your child care centre, day care centre or aged care supplies straight to your door as soon as you require them.

Child care, daycare or aged care supplies… we provide value for money

We can provide your child care, day care or aged care centre supplies for the cheapest possible price. As a local business and stationery supplier, Office Corporate is a member of Australia’s largest stationery buying group, Office Choice. This enables us to carry over 30,000 products in our warehouse from a wide range of trusted suppliers. It also means we always offer value for money, however, should there be an instance where you find child care, daycare or aged care supplies cheaper elsewhere? Don’t despair, at Office Corporate we have a ‘Price Beat Promise’. What does this mean? If you find a lower price on an identical stocked item, we will beat it by 2% with our price promise.

We take pride in the stock we carry and continually review our product range and our suppliers to ensure you receive the best quality product, for the best possible price; available when you need it the most! Our team always test any new products, so we always know what we are offering our customers.

Child care, daycare or aged care supplies:we have the cleaning items you need

When you send your love to child care, day care or aged care centres you hope that they spend their days engaged, happily learning, exploring and making memories. The last thing you have on your mind is them coming home with an illness! We understand that most centres are vigilant about hygiene, but the fact of the matter is these centres are known to be breeding grounds for germs and illness.

Today, more than ever, parents and guardians want to make sure the centre they are sending their loved ones to is not just vigilant about hygiene, rather that they are SUPER vigilant about hygiene to try to mitigate any possible illness or sickness. At Office Corporate, we can help your child care, day care or aged care with supplies to ensure your centre is not only meeting expectations but also exceeding them.

We have a range of:

Chemicals cleaning items and solutions including

  • Air fresheners
  • Antibacterial cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Dishwashing
  • Disinfectant
  • Handwash
  • Laundry
  • Toilet

Cleaning Accessories

  • Brooms, mops and buckets
  • Sponges
  • Signage
  • Trolleys and Carts

Wash and restroom

  • Soap
  • Paper towel
  • Tissues
  • Toilet Paper

We also have a range of PPE and hygiene products, this range includes:

  • Sanitizer
  • Face masks
  • Thermometer
  • Acrylic Screens
  • Gloves

Child care, day care supplies, we have your needs covered

Cleaning products aside, we can also support your child care and day care centre with business supplies, office supplies, stationery, even nappies, wipes and change sheets.

We also stock a wide range of arts and crafts supplies.  We understand art is one of the most important tools available at our disposal to help child learn and develop essentials skills.

Giving little ones a creative outlet has many benefits, including giving them:

  • an opportunity to express their feelings and often release frustration
  • fundamental skills in cognitive learning
  • new ways of problem solving
  • an opportunity to engage in free play
  • the ability to learn about colours, textures and develop their imagination

Other childcare supplies to educate and entertain children

When one thinks of art, we often think it is as painting, drawing or colouring, but it is much more than this! Our art and crafts supplies help develop creative thinking with:

  • Painting – with brushes, fingers, natural objects
  • Drawing – with pens, pencils, crayons, markers, charcoal
  • Colouring
  • Sculpting
  • Threading
  • Jewellery making
  • Cutting and pasting
  • Making collages
  • Using recycled products to make robots, skyscrapers or cars

Art helps to children create, imagine and explore the world in which we live! And you can help your students achieve this with our child care and day care supplies.

We also stock a range of products to help with sensory play. Sensory play relates to activities that stimulate a child’s 5 senses including sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Sensory play has many benefits, which includes:

  • The development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Enhances memory
  • Teaches children about senses

Sensory play doesn’t have to be complex. It can be as simple as playing with

  • Modelling and sculpting – such as dough, clay or paper maiche
  • Texture play – such as slime or sensory sand
  • Painting – such as finger painting

We also stock a range of educational activity packs. These products have been specifically selected to help with the development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as teach numeracy and literacy.

At Office Corporate can supply your child care, day care or aged care centre with almost anything – from business supplies, stationery supplies, to arts and crafts supplies, furniture and even cleaning supplies. Contact us today and one of our friendly team members will be able to help you with your needs!

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