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Creative expression is something people of all ages can benefit from, and it can take many different forms. From pre-school through to primary and secondary schooling, we are encouraged to make sense of the world through artistic endeavours such as drawing, painting, crafts.

If you’re looking for kids craft kits for use in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and other organisations, you can trust Office Corporate to have everything you need in one location.

Your One-Stop Shop for a kids activity pack or box in Australia

Office Corporate is the number one destination for kids craft kit. We stock everything from coloured pencils and paints through to washable markers, coloured squares, cellophane paper and much more. Whether you teach paper craft for kids and require a restock of crafting supplies, or you’re a therapist who uses craft to try and make a connection with young patients, you’ll find everything you need right here. Browse our complete range of art and craft supplies.

Giving you access to good quality kids craft kit that includes canvas & board delivered to your home to keep your kids entertained at this difficult time. We are Australia’s best shop for kids craft kits. Crayons that break the first time they are used,

We aim to stock only good quality, fun kids activity pack for kids. There are many products in our range, and all have been carefully selected. But if there is something that you or your child can’t find on our site, contact us and we will see if we can stock it.

Kids activity pack inspires imagination, helps develop fine motor skills, and promotes independence. We have also found that expression through craft has a calming effect on every child and I hope that the quality products sold by Office Corporate can help your child in the same way.

Find the perfect bulk kids activity pack for your little one in Autralia!

Wondering what to do these school holidays? Concerned your child isn’t tapping into their creative side enough? Then check out our wide range of quality kids activity pack with exciting coloured crayons & pastels. From kids safe paint and art by numbers, books, chalk, face painting and glitter paint & glue, your kids. Office Corporate stocks only the best kids kits. You can pick up kindy brush packs for the little ones, chalkboard paint for your child’s play area.

School closures and dull holidays will no longer be a problem when you’re equipped with the perfect kids craft kit for your tiny tots! Office Corporate’s fun-filled art kits for kids introduce children to a wide range of hobbies and creative pursuits. Featuring engaging activity packs that entertain, inspire and educate young minds,.

This kids craft kit collection is perfect for kindergartens, early learning centres, day cares, primary schools, children’s hospitals and clinics across Australia. Thanks to our attractive prices and lightning-quick delivery anywhere in Australia, these kits are also great for parents looking to keep their little ones constructively occupied at home!

The best activity books & art kits for kids from brands you can trust

Office Corporate is a leading supplier of quality office equipment, stationery and consumables throughout Australia. Over the past two decades, we have made it our mission to source and deliver top-notch office supplies that cater to the needs of a wide range of businesses, institutions and individual users. With dedicated product specialists overseeing each product category in our store, we ensure that our customers have access to up-to-date offerings from trusted brands.

Kindergartens, schools and hands-on learning centres constitute a significant percentage of our clientele. For years, we have been supplying them with superior quality kids activity pack and kids craft kit that are fun to use as well as safe and durable. Our mission is to support educators and parents in their efforts to make learning enjoyable for children of all age groups.

To this end, our product specialists have curated a kids craft kit collection that encourages all-round development and generates interest in a wide range of hobbies and pursuits. Featuring high-quality, kid-safe craft kit from trusted brands, this collection is a favourite amongst little ones as well as their parents and teachers!

Encourage skill development with fun kids craft activity packs & kits

Research has already shown that activity-based learning at an early age leads to better-developed cognitive, motor and social skills. Children who find hobbies and creative interests in their formative years have shown an increased ability to make decisions and social connections as adults. For these reasons, schools and learning centres in Australia and worldwide have been incorporating hands-on learning aids and art kits for kids in their classrooms.

An interactive kids craft kit also makes an excellent addition to your little one’s nursery or play area at home, and ensures that they always have something fun to do during weekends and holidays spent at home. Here at Office Corporate, we have kept up with recent research in the field as well as buying trends amongst parents and educators. Our kids activity pack come from trusted sources and fuel interest in a wide variety of activities and hobbies for all age groups.

Shop at Office Corporate to find the perfect kids craft kit for your little one. Be it a cooking kids activity pack for the budding Betty Crocker in your home for origami enthusiasts, you’ll find home learning tools of every variety. We also focus on developing language, numeracy and drawing skills amongst little ones with a range of learning from home activity packs that help them have fun while they learn something new.

Whether you’re looking for a single activity pack or kids craft kit to tide you over during school closures, or need to buy art materials in bulk before your kindergarten, day care or primary school is back in session, Office Corporate is where you will always find the best products at the best prices! Not just that, our team will be happy to recommend kids craft kits or activity packs that best fit your needs, thus making sure that you can offer the perfect learning experience to the little ones in your care.

Rewards that make our kids' craft kit & pack even more fun!

Office Corporate is committed to ensuring that you find the right craft activity packs and stationery for your establishment at prices that suit your budget. Every kids craft kit and learning from home pack in our collection is available at discounted prices. Save even more by buying in bulk, and make recurring kids craft kit purchases cheaper for your kindergarten or preschool.

But the offers don’t end here! By signing up with Office Corporate, you immediately start earning reward points on your shopping. These rewards can get you a further 10 perfect off on anything you wish to buy from our store.

Make learning fun in a few quick steps by shopping for kids activity pack right here at Office Corporate. Find a kids craft kit or activity pack to suit your little one’s interests. From safe and simple cooking kits to drawing and painting supplies, and from language and math learning packs to fun journals for the holidays, we have everything your child may need to perform better at school and have fun at home during the holidays!

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