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With the variety of task chairs in the market as of today, you are sure to see that it meets your taste and preference. In this article, we would look at the 10 major types of task & operator chairs and their uses. Let’s get right into it.

What is an ergonomic desk task chair?

Firstly let us get to know what a task chair is. This is simply a type of chair that is designed for usage in an office setting. It is usually a chair with a padded seat, lumbar support, and a set of casters to allow it to swivel and roll. They also come with adjustable height and are also called a sit stand desk or computer chair.

Just as the name suggests, a task chair is used in an office setting or work setting. This does not mean that only corporations or companies use office chairs. With the advent and advancement in technology, nearly everyone that owns a PC in their home has a computer chair. It is quite difficult to work on your PC at home sitting on a straight-back kitchen chair or a recliner; you know how uncomfortable this can be for you. No wonder the chair is more suitable for using your PC, and there is a variety of them to pick from. The 10 major types we will consider in this article are:

The main use of a task chair

Ergonomic task chair

Ergonomic task chairs that are comfortable on your back. This one is perfect for people with back or spine problems because it provides contoured back support. Also, if you are engaged in prolonged sitting, then an ergonomic chair would be the best for you. This type has features like adjustable heights, armrest, and headrest for proper posture maintenance.

These are usually the most expensive of all the comfortable chairs. They are usually used alongside the executive desk or the managerial desk. They come with casters and wheels, which make it possible to roll around easily in the office. Most executive ones are made from leather, polyurethane foam, and soft materials, and these also add to the cost.

These are the most popular among all the chairs. They usually come with a basic design and include casters and wheels for easy rotation. Also, some are lined with foam to provide support and comfort for users. Amongst all them, the task chair is the most affordable.

Just as the employees are different and carry out different functions in the office, so also are the furniture needed in the workplace. The different types of furniture have different functions. They offer different levels of comfort and position for different activities in the office.

To protect your floor and carpet from the legs of the chair you need to buy sturdy chair mats.

Big and Tall Task Chair:

Simply put, this chair is built to support users up to 6'6'' tall. They are distinguished by their physical appearance, which is usually very large. This is more of a seating subclass because any task chair made today can be gotten in a big and tall variant.

Conference chairs, as the name implies, are simply designed for conferences and conference rooms. These are built for long meetings and conferences, which usually span for 3 to 4 hours at a stretch. Due to this singular fact, they are built with inferior lumbar support compared to other models. They are not suitable for the day to day long term use in the office. This makes them one of the cheapest among the chairs. If you think you won’t be spending long hours sitting in the office, then this could e a great option for you. Check these footrests at the best price.

Petite chairs: Ergonomic Office Task Chair:

Just as we have the big and tall task chair, so also have another subclass of seating, the petite chair. These are built and optimized for physically smaller people. The chairs are smaller, lighter, and made with thinner materials. Just as it is in the case of the big and tall chair, any of them can be ordered in a petite variant.

Simply put, Ergonomic chairs are built with much better lumbar support to help foster the overall posture of users to be comfortable chairs. This became necessary when the average working time increased for a lot of people. People spent more time sitting, and that birthed the need for task chairs with more support.

If you are the kind of person that spends several hours a day sitting in front of your PC, then you should most likely consider getting the ergonomic chair or at least some chairs that considered to be comfortable chairs. Although it is very expensive, the advantages outweigh the cost or extra money you will spend seeing your doctor.

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