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Office Corporate offers a range of stand-out, A3 presentation paper that leaves a long-lasting impression. Your work deserves a premium platform. Partner with Office Corporate for the perfect white paper that allows your content to shine.

Impress with premium presentation paper from Us

Office Corporate stocks a wide selection of versatile presentation paper A3 ideal for use in inkjet and laser printers and craft applications alike. First impressions matter. Make yours with high-quality, durable white paper. These white paper choices out-perform the competition, and when paired with a high-quality printer, deliver picture-perfect results.  

Our 125gsm and 135gsm choices are thick and sturdy, while still allowing the flexibility for perfect results during printing or crafts. Produce stunning certificates, eye-catching posters, striking sketches, creative papercrafts, or professional displays. This is while our ticker 200gsm and 250gsm choices truly stand up to the test. Whether you are using this paper at work, home, or at school, expect fantastic results.

Not only are Office Corporate’s paper choices reliable and durable, but they also employ the latest advancements in technology to deliver a stark white background on which pen or pencil lines and shading or printed text and images truly pop.

Office Corporate brings you these paper choices at incredibly affordable prices. Our packs of 50, 200, and 500 sheets ensure that your needs are covered, and for businesses looking to stock up on quality stock paper, we offer bulk discounts ensuring that the more you buy, the more you’ll save. Our business rewards mean that you won’t only benefit from a quality paper solution and quick nation-wide delivery, but you’ll also earn points to spend on high-value gifts on our website.

Presentation paper A3: A ream of paper with a difference

The quality and reliability of our presentation paper A3 options are unmatched. At Office Corporate, we believe that any task worth doing is worth doing with high-grade stationery and materials. This is why we source paper choices from leading brands such as Cumberland, Mondi, and Rainbow. These brands craft paper that has become a staple in offices, homes, and schools across Australia, and for good reason.

Choose our presentation paper for supreme quality and performance. Here is why our choices are a cut above the rest:

  • A sturdy solution: Presentation options are the naturally thicker choice when compared to other types of paper and make the ideal base for professional, long-lasting certificates, posters, craft projects, and more. Office Corporate stocks options that are constructed with 135gsm and 125gms paper, meaning that they will provide a robust solution, stronger and sturdier than regular 80gsm paper options.
  • Durable board for even greater strength: For when strength is non-negotiable, we also stock presentation board crafted from 200 and 250gsm. These options are ideal for hard-wearing signage, posters, menus, displays, report covers, and make the ideal base for school project presentations. Choose these options for twice the strength with the same striking results.
  • A truer white: Not all white shades are created equal. With Office Corporate’s paper choices, you will benefit from a true white or bright white background on which your text and imagines will pop. Many of our paper options are crafted with specialised colours meaning that no attention to detail has been spared in creating their perfect white pigment. With inferior paper quality choices, printing colour that replicates what the eye sees is a challenge. These supreme choices allow for true colour reproduction that delivers bright, life-like images.

Dazzle with eye-catching presentations on superior paper

While Office Corporate’s presentation paper is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, a great way to use our presentation board is in creating eye-catching visual displays for school projects or business proposals.

Here are our expert tips to create captivating presentations and displays with presentation paper A3:

  • Define your message: A key step in creating an eye-catching display is defining your message. When planning your presentation, write a clear, concise elevator pitch. This is a short sentence that summarises the key ideas of your project or presentation. When designing your content and presentation board layout, remember to keep your elevator pitch in mind and ensure that every element you include in your presentation serves to further explain your key idea.  
  • Imagery is powerful: Visual displays are made all the more attractive with the use of valuable graphics that help to illustrate key concepts. Think about including simple diagrams or graphs in your display, but be sure to exclude any unnecessary images that will only serve to clutter your board and distract from your overall message.
  • Consider the flow: Designing your layout effectively will result in a presentation that makes sense to the viewer and delivers your message simply and effectively. Consider how the viewer’s eye will move over your presentation. For example, the viewer will likely start at the top left of your project board. Structure your information and images carefully to ensure that your viewer receives the information in the order you would most prefer.

Premium paper for any need: Office Corporate has your back

Office Corporate offers you high-performance presentation paper A3, but we also bring you an incredible range of other paper choices printing, crafting, creating, and writing. Our wide selection includes everything from copy paper and cover paper to speciality craft paper with a range of eye-catching finishes. Whether you are looking for paper for educational, project, business, or craft needs, our diverse product offering has your covered.

What’s more, we also offer our customers access to these quality solutions online, ensuring that you can fulfil your stationery needs from the comfort of your home at the click of a button. Quick and efficient delivery around Australia means that purchasing superior paper online has never been easier or more convenient. Office Corporate and you make the perfect pair, every single time!

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