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Whether you’re a busy, hardworking professional who needs to look the part, or a student looking to impress for success, the A4 display books available at Office Corporate are just the thing to help you stand out. They’ll help you organize your work and stay focused, all while giving you the expert look that will make a lasting impression. They’re the perfect fit for a busy lifestyle, and guarantee you quality results at a quality price.


Looking good matters, and with our A4 display books, you’ll get simple, stylish results without the hassle. Our display books give you the professional edge without the fuss, so your reports can dazzle your clients, your bosses, and your colleagues and will put your heads and shoulders above the crowd. People love our books because they:

  • Have flexible covers so they can take up less room. Whether you use a book bag, a portfolio case, or just a regular computer carrier, our A4 display books are designed with flexibility in mind. Their highly flexible material means they won’t take up additional space in your already cramped bag, so you can take them with you anywhere you go, and you’ll never have to worry about your reports or documents being damaged with our range of documnet wallets.
  • Come in a variety of colours that will complement your personality. Whether the basic black is your style, or you prefer a little more colour so your work pops, our A4 display books come in a variety of colours so you can showcase your work and your personality at the same time.
  • Have re-fillable 20-page booklets. With our A4 display books you won’t have to worry about purchasing dozens of new books; our refillable booklets mean you can use the same handful of covers repeatedly, so whether you’re presenting your work or keeping a permanent file, you’ll use fewer resources and produce less waste that with traditional hardcover reports.
  • Go up to 40 pages with 5 dividers. We know that your work can be complex, and you need materials that support the work that you do. That’s why our A3 and A4 display books offer a high page count capability and 5 divider option. Now you can split up your work as necessary and never worry about sacrificing quality for quantity or looks for volume.


Our A3 display books are perfect for school or the office, and offer a way to provide that professional flair without the blazer and tie. Our A4 display books provide an easy way to establish your credibility while providing the content that will show your expertise. Our A3 display books are popular because they: 

  • Have a clear-front display design that gives you an expert look. Completely customizable, our clear-front displays allow you to showcase the finer details of your work while providing an eye catching cover to draw in your readers.
  • Are great for presentations and reports. Whether you’re presenting to the board, your class, or your professor, our A3 display books are the perfect way to showcase your work. They give an elegant look while providing the substance and functionality you need. You’re sure to impress with these highly versatile display books.
  • Are great for the office, school, and teachers. Whether you work from home or you work with kids, our A4 display books are the perfect weapon in your working arsenal. They’ll let you create reports, assignments, syllabi and more, all while maintaining that professional edge.
  • Make sure everyone is equipped with our assorted variety pack. With five covers in five unique colours, our variety packs will make short work of assignments and reports. They’re sure to give you the look you want at a price you love. What could be better than that?


Our refillable display books A4 is versatile, colourful, and attractive without being cumbersome. They’re the perfect page turner, and are so accessible you’ll carry them with you wherever you go. Our display folders are perfect for artists and are great to display literary and artistic works. They come available in portrait or landscape book configurations, which means you can carry a sample portfolio with you whenever you need it. To top it all off, our books are an economical option for those that are just starting out, so whether you’re an established art maker or a starving artist, you’ll have access to the materials you need to do the job you love.

Also highly beneficial is the fact that all of our refillable display books & folders ensure you can keep an updated portfolio. You can take out and add in pieces as you require, which means your single display book can be ever-changing and evolving to fit your style. One book, hundreds of looks. Sounds like a bargain to us.


While we offer an already economical price point for our A4 refillable display folders, we know that you can never have enough savings. At Office Corporate, we’ve made it our mission to provide the lowest prices possible, and we back that up with our Price Beat Promise: if we aren’t the lowest retailer you can find, we’ll not only match the lowest price on the same item, we’ll give you an additional 2% off.

Now when you sign up with Office Corporate you earn more ways to save; for every $10 you spend you’ll earn points that can be used to earn an extra 10% discount off anything from our online store. And, whether you’re a new or returning customer, you can head over to our Instant Rewards page and find deals applicable to your purchase, even if it’s your very first one. With significant savings and high-quality refillable display folders, you’re a winner every time you buy.

If you want to look your best and impress, the refillable display books from Office Corporate can provide. You’ll look every bit as professional as you are while keeping your personal flair. They’re the perfect fit for the busy lifestyle and guarantee you quality results at a quality price. But don’t take our word for it. Go ahead, buy one and see for yourself. We promise you won’t be sorry you did.

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