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It’s amazing how you can customise a simple whiteboard to display time frames, workflows and project deadlines by using magnetic strips. Many offices prefer to keep visual records like these that can be viewed by an entire team with a glance at a wall instead of having to consult a computer screen or smartphone. A big advantage of using magnetic whiteboard strips is that you do not have to rely on hand-drawn lines made with dry-wipe whiteboard markers, which can be easily rubbed of and distorted. Due to the specific nature of their use, magnetic strips are sometimes considered a specialist item and come with an inflated price tag. At Office Corporate, we believe this shouldn’t be the norm. That is why we stock a range of quality strips for prices that won’t hurt your budget.

Are You Looking For Great Value Magnetic Whiteboard Strips? 

Regardless of the size of your operation or the amount that you spend, we will assign a dedicated account manager to you to look after everything you need. We believe that a single point of contact adds a much needed personal touch in that an account manager can get to understand your organisation’s particular requirements and purchasing habits. Our managers keep their clients informed of upcoming deals that they know will be of interest to their line of work. They also take an active role in all shipment and delivery activities to ensure that their clients get what they need when they need it.

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All new customers can receive amazing welcome gifts based on the amount they spend on their first order. If you are looking to fit out a new office, then you could benefit from a free smart speaker, fitness watch or smartphone by ordering all of your equipment, supplies and accessories through Office Corporate. There has never been a better time to sign up with us and start making savings you never thought were possible. We have helped hundreds of businesses to free up much-needed funds in their operational budgets.

Great Savings On Magnetic Whiteboard Strips In Australia

If you are looking for magnetic whiteboard strips in Australia then whatever you do, do not purchase them in-store where you will be charged outrageous prices for the convenience of having them right there and then. Ordering online is the smart way to go, but if you order from Office Corporate, you will be making further savings that our competition simply cannot match. Moreover, we will ship to you wherever you are located and have your products delivered directly to you in no time at all. We are committed to being the number one online retailer of office equipment and supplies in the country and we continue to reach that goal by offering excellent products at near wholesale value. If you look after your organisation’s office consumables, then get in touch with our customer service team today and learn how we can help you make great savings.

Magnetic whiteboards allow you to combine the functionality of a dry-erase board and a bulletin board all in one. Our collection of magnetic whiteboards features trusted brands like VisionchartQuartet and Nobo, and designs that range from simple framed boards in a variety of sizes to smart space-saving solutions that can be expanded or retracted as per your requirements. Each framed board comes fitted with a tray for your whiteboard accessories, which you can also find in our collection.

Office Corporate sells office stationery & supplies on our online store, and we deliver all over Australia. We sell a variety of stationery items, including personal organiser refills & self-adhesive binder label holders. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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