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In a world where imagination and creative thinking make all the difference, Office Corporate brings you a range of quality, non-toxic play dough or doh sets & toys to let your little one’s imagination run wild. Enjoy hours of fun with your little ones as you create crazy creatures and colourful creations with our selection of superior doh. 

Do it together with quality play dough or doh sets

Office Corporate hands you the keys to a world of creative self-expression with premium kids play dough or doh. Spend rainy days indoors bonding with your tots and allowing them to unleash their creative spirit or craft lessons filled with endless laughter and enjoyment with Office Corporate’s dough, cookie cutters, stamps, rolling pins, and modeling tools.

With play doh, it’s your ability to think out of the box that matters, not your skill. This makes sensory play with dough the ultimate craft session for tiny tots, pre-schoolers, junior school kids, and even parents alike.

Office Corporate hands you all of the tools that you need to make art activities and crafting sessions enjoyable and engaging for kids. Whether you are a parent looking for a creative way to bond with your kids, or an educator looking for an activity that appeals to all children, this activity tops the list. Poke, roll, twist, squish, cut, shape, and sculpt your way to endless fun.

Offered in a wide range of colours, in handy packs of multiple colours and bulk packs with air-tight containers for easy storage, our play dough caters to every need. We also bring you a range of tools to ensure that your child can sculpt and play to their heart's content.

Office Corporate brings you all this, online, at unbelievable prices. Our price beat promise ensures that you won’t find these quality options anywhere else at these prices, and if you do, we’ll beat our competitor’s price. We also offer educators the ability to stock up on dough or doh sets in bulk with delivery around Australia and significant discounts on bulk purchases. Investing in premium craft solutions has never been easier or more affordable.

Play Dough sets perfection with Office Corporate

Office Corporate’s play dough or doh set options are a cut above the rest. The unwavering quality and durability of our craft supplies can’t be matched.

Here is why educators and parents around the country prefer our play dough solutions to those offered elsewhere:

  • Perfect for little fingers: The brands we partner with developing their products with an innovative formula that ensures this play-doh is perfectly pliable. This play dough for toddlers can be manipulated into a range of imaginative shapes easily by little fingers. Allow your child the feeling of accomplishment as they easily mould fanciful creations that hold their shape all by themselves.
  • Re-use ready: Our options are the perfect addition to any craft cupboard or school supply stock as they can be re-used time and time again. Many of our options are offered in durable, stackable plastic tubs for space-efficient storage. The containers of our dough choices are also air-tight ensuring that the play dough stays soft and supple for years to come. Simply pull out the play doh when inspiration strikes and get creating. You can also use modeling or sculpting tools.
  • Non-toxic: We only offer non-toxic play dough to our customers to ensure that your learners or families are protected. As fingers mould shapes and little fingers make their way into mouths, you can rest assured that this play doh does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Washable winners: Dial up the fun and tone down the mess with Office Corporate’s washable play dough options. This won’t stain small hands, clothing, or furniture. With our washable options, any residue can be easily washed off ensuring that this fun activity is stress-free for parents and teachers.  
  • Accessories for non-stop fun: One of the most enjoyable and relaxing features of playing with playdough is its ability to be manipulated in a variety of ways. We provide a range of colourful durable accessories to help your children shape and mould creative shapes and creations. Have a look at our fruit, jungle, and vegetable cookie cutters, our rolling pins, or our texture stamps and other toolsets for endless fun.

Allow your children to sculpt their way to the optimal development with play dough

Not only does play dough provide hours of enjoyment for children, and hours of rest for parents, but it also is an amazing form of sensory play and can boost your child’s development in ways you hadn’t imagined. Teachers and parents all around Australia love this quality range as it is not only fun but also educational.

Here’s how kids play doh can take your child’s development to new heights:

  • Fine motor skills for life-long success: As your children use their hands to sculpt crazy creations, they will begin to develop and strengthen the muscles in their fingers and hands. This contributes to your child’s ability to succeed when learning to write. Office Corporate’s selection of play dough or doh and also modeling clay range accessories will also boost the development of fine motor skills exponentially as they learn to control a rolling pin or cookie cutter using the same movements they will need to use when mastering the control of a pencil or pen other clay products.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Getting your hands to complete the desired effect your eyes are looking for is a valuable skill that needs to be practiced and developed. By crafting with sculpting play dough, your child will also develop valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination.
  • Creative relaxation: Playing with dough does not only contribute to physical development, it also leads to optimal emotional development. With playdough, children have the opportunity to practice skills such as concentration, and perseverance as they tackle the task of creating their desired creature, shape, or object.  

Play dough recipe


  • 2 cups of Flour
  • 2 tea spoon of oil 
  • 1/2 cup of Salt
  • 2 tea spoon Cream of Tartar
  • 1/2 cup hot Water
  • Colour


  • Sculpture competition – Choose a theme, and have kids create a playdough sculpture or diorama based on this theme. This can be done solo or in teams, and judges can pick a winner. Some fun themes could include: Under the Sea, Outer Space, The Future, At the Circus or Superheroes. If you have older kids, you could even try a more abstract theme like Happiness, Belonging or Journeys.
  • Playdough Pictionary – Exactly like regular Pictionary, but kids use playdough! In teams, one student tries to make a word (you can use Pictionary cards or make your own) using playdough and the other students try to guess the word in a limited time. Teams earn points for words guessed.

Crafty creations with school play dough for every little artist

Office Corporate stocks quality play dough for toddlers or doh, but we also offer you a huge variety of craft tools and materials to keep craft cupboards stock and little imaginations fuelled. Love our range of dough and accessories? Check out our paints and accessories, and our craft materials such as beads, coloured sand, glitter, straws, and sequins. We also stock all you need for colouring, sketching, and drawing. With Office Corporate, the fun just doesn’t stop.

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