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Buy Pencil grips, HB pencil

From the best mechanical pencil & HB pencil and pencil grips and lead through to pencil cases, Office Corporate is a leading destination for a wide variety of pencil products for the office. Our range includes pencils in numerous sizes and graphite HB pencil, including 2B.

  • Pencil cases, including pencil cases, name pencil cases and mesh pouch pencil cases.
  • Best mechanical pencils, including options from Staedtler, Papermate, Marbig, Pentel and Uni.
  • Colour or HB pencils, including sets ranging from 12 pencils through to 144
  • Triangular HB pencils that are easier for children to grip
  • Pencil lead refills for mechanical pencils
  • Artist pencils, including artist sets from Derwent in a range of sizes

Buy The Best HB Pencil from Office Corporate

  • Pencil grips, HB pencil and graphite pencil in a range of colours
  • Pencil sharpeners, including single or double hole standard, barrel, electric and rotary options
  • Copperplate pencils,pencil grips, HB pencil in a range of varieties
  • And much more!

Whether you need a mechanical office pencil sharpener, an HB pencil, pencil lead refills, pencil grips or graphite pencil, or a set of colouring pencils, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for within our impressive pencil range. Browse our available products online today or visit your local Office Corporate store to discover the range in person. You can also get in touch with our staff.

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