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It’s time to get creative with modeling air dry clay! Office Corporate brings you a wide range of quality sculpting essentials, including modeling clay, sculpting clay, plaster, sensory sand, and all the adhesives, tools, and accessories you’ll need to get your sculpting hobby off to the perfect start.

Start sculpting with quality modeling clay & air dry clay

Our inventory of modeling clay includes products suitable for kids, beginners and experienced sculptors alike. With speedy shipping throughout Australia and affordable prices all year round, we serve as the go-to destination for clay sculpture enthusiasts and early learning centres, as well as for professional craft studios and fine art institutes.

At Office Corporate, our endeavour is to understand and fulfill the unique requirements and preferences of our customers. Whether this means offering the best prices on bulk purchases of printing consumables, or sourcing kids-safe modeling clay for kindergartens, we strive to ensure that businesses or organisations who shop with us find exactly what they need. Over the past two decades, we have built a reputation not just for supplying the best office products at the best prices, but also for ensuring personalised customer service throughout the product selection and purchase process like this molding air dry clay.

Modelling clay sculpture ideas, We’re focused on your sculpting needs

Things are no different in our online store’s art and crafts department. We understand that different user groups have different creative needs and preferences. As such, we’ve optimised our inventory to cater to various types of businesses and individual users. Our dedicated sculpting section makes it easy for you to find premium clay sculpture tools and accessories for your professional studio, design business, or craft school. Choose from a range of trusted brands and find professional-grade modelling clay and other supplies at pocket-friendly prices.

Need kids-safe modeling clay for your early learning centre, kindergarten, or primary school? Finding high-quality modeling clay and dough in bulk quantities is also an effortless process here at Office Corporate. We’re here to serve your individual sculpting needs, and to this end, our product specialists are always available to answer your questions and help you make the best buying decision.

From modeling clay for sculpting to papier mache – best prices on all sculpting supplies!

Every product category on the Office Corporate online store is curated and maintained by experts in the field. Our modeling and sculpting clay section reflects the same commitment to quality and reliability. It features modelling clay and related craft supplies from brands that Australian businesses trust.

We have been fulfilling the regular sculpting supplies needs of numerous kindergartens, early learning centres and primary schools across the country. By providing attractive discounts on superior-quality sculpting, modeling, and air drying clay sculpture tools, we serve as the go-to destination for parents and educators who need reliable, kids-safe products.

Browse our online store to find top picks in sculpting and modeling clay from established kids craft supplies brands like EC and Crayola. From non-toxic, reusable clay blocks that can keep little sculptors occupied for hours, to air dry modeling clay that replicates the experience of working with terracotta, we have products fit for both early learning and intermediate-level fine arts training.

Our modeling clay section is similarly equipped with the high-quality dough in delightful colour options. Club these with cookie cutters, rolling pins, dough stamps, and other tools and accessories to make your clay sculpture easy and fun! See our range of clay and dough.

We have ensured that our product range gives you the best choices for your specific needs and budget. Save on bulk purchases of modeling clay, sculpting dough or sensory sand for your kindergarten or primary school. Or try a new set of air drying clay sculpture tools from Micador to take your sculpting hobby to the next level. With great prices and exciting discounts all year round, Office Corporate ensures that you’re always within reach of the best sculpting supplies.

Assured rewards on all your air dry clay sculpting 

Office Corporate is here to serve as your long-term solution for affordable modelling clay sculpture supplies. Not only do we offer the best prices on branded modeling clay and sculpture accessories, we also reward our regular customers with exclusive discounts. All you need to do is sign up with us to start earning reward points every time you shop at Office Corporate. These reward points can be exchanged for an extra 10 percent off of anything from our vast collection of office essentials and art and craft materials!

Ready to get started with clay sculpting? Or looking to level up your crafts game? No matter what your needs or experience level, find the perfect air drying claysculpture supplies right here at Office Corporate. Save on bulk purchases of sensory sand, modeling clay & dough for your kindergarten, school or creative arts centre.

Find reliable air dry clay sculpture tools and accessories to kick-start your sculpting hobby or give your little one something fun to do over the holidays. With products and prices that cater to individual sculptors as well as educational institutes and creative businesses, Office Corporate is the only place you’ll ever need to visit for sculpting supplies!

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