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Create colorful castles, magic kingdoms, creative shapes, and fantastical creatures with Office Corporate’s range of premium sensory sand. With our non-toxic sand in a range of striking colour choices, the possibilities are endless.

Unleash your imagination with our superior Sensory & magic sand

Office Corporate brings you a range of quality sensory sand choices for hours of fun and giggles. Whether you are a parent looking for a creative way to beat the boredom of a rainy day, or a teacher looking for an educational and enjoyable craft activity, our magic sand options are a perfect choice.

Office Corporate’s premium kinetic sensory sand is offered in a range of sizes up to 2kg and is stocked in bright, striking colours including blue, pink, green, purple, natural, and orange. Our sturdy magic sand moulds create perfect stunning shapes such as castle turrets, pyramids, cars, planes, and more. This is while the durable, re-usable storage tubs allow for easy storage and neat craft cupboards.

Our sensory sand options differ from regular sand with their smooth, velvety texture. This sand can be moulded easily by little fingers and holds its shape to create stunning sand sculptures and magical fantasy lands. Unlike regular sand, our kinetic sensory sand is also a no-fuss solution allowing for easy clean-up and stain-free fingers.

In a world where creating thinking and imagination makes all the difference, allow your children and learners to unleash theirs. Not only can kinetic sensory sand be used to allow children to express themselves to the heart’s desire, but it also allows them to learn valuable skills and assists development. Allow your child to mould, squish, squeeze, cut, and shape exploring their sense of touch and sight and develop valuable skills for life-long success. Give your child the head start they deserve, while opening the door to a world of fun.

Office Corporate brings you sand dough sensory play solutions at incredible prices. We don’t sacrifice on quality, but we do compromise on price. We assure you that these quality solutions are not offered at these prices anywhere else with a price beat promise. We commit to beat any competitor’s cost by 2%. Our speedy, nation-wide delivery and efficient service are the cherries on top!

Sensory sand for magical moments spent with little ones

Office Corporate’s magic sand provides parents and educators with the opportunity to create cherished memories with children and learners. An afternoon of sensory play spent with your children is made all the more magical with our quality sand solutions.

Here are the reasons parents and teachers around Australia consider Office Corporate the go-to destination for premium kinetic sand:   

  • Fuss-free: Office Corporate’s premium sensory sand allows educators and parents to dial up the fun and tone down the fuss. As opposed to regular sand which is likely to leave a trail around the classroom or the house, this kinetic sensory sand isn’t created with as fine of a grain and is, therefore, less likely to disperse. Also, the texture of kinetic sand ensures that fine grains of sand won’t end up in little eyes. More fun, less fuss!
  • Time and time again: Sand dough sensory play solutions deliver hours of uninterrupted fun, time after time. Not only can shapes, mould, and models created with kinetic sensory sand be smoothed out into sand again, but this choice is also durable meaning this long-lasting sand can be stored and used again.
  • Storage simplified: Office Corporate’s choices are offered in visually appealing, robust storage containers providing parents and educators with a neat, space-efficient storage solution. With these options, the sand is also protected from damage and moisture and ensuring that the fun doesn’t stop.   
  • Non-toxic: Choose a product that affords you peace of mind. Office Corporate’s sand options are not developed with toxic chemicals are products to ensure that your children and learners are protected at all times. Office Corporate takes great care to provide you with solutions that are as safe as they are enjoyable.
  • Stain-free: Don’t worry about stained fingers or clothes with our kinetic sand choices. These options ensure that the colour stays on your bright sand creations and doesn’t spread to hands or clothes.

Magic sand for unbelievable childhood development

Sand dough sensory play activities are household and classroom favorites for children, teachers, and parents all around the country. Not only is this activity enjoyable and memorising for children, but it also boosts their development and gifs them with many important skills they’ll need for lifelong success.

Here are the incredible benefits Office Corporate’s sensory sand solutions deliver:

  • Fine motor skill perfection: Fine motor skills refer to mastering control of smaller muscle groups in the hands. Sensory play with sand encourages the development of these skills as children manipulate the sand with their fingers and in moulds. Playing with sand can boost your child’s schooling as fine motor skills are vital to pencil and pen control and writing.
  • Optimal hand-eye coordination is in sight: Not only does sand play contribute to the development of fine motor skills, but it also aids in the development of hand-eye coordination as children work with their hands to mould sand creations.
  • Amazing imaginations: Developing a sense of curiosity, fostering a drive to create, and stimulating the imagination are all incredible benefits of sensory sand play. Children who are comfortable unleashing their imagination to creative-thinking adults who are adept at thinking out of the box to solve real-world problems.
  • Sand play for social development: Not only does sensory play with sand allow children to develop intellectual and physical skills, but it also aids children in developing amazing social skills. Allow your children to interact with you and other children as they create to learn principles such as sharing and collaboration. Also, talk through the activity to assist in the development of language skills. The benefits of this magic sand are endless!

Office Corporate: The home of premium sensory sand

At Office Corporate, not only do we bring you sand dough sensory play solutions, but we also offer parents, teachers, and children access to a world of craft tools and accessories. Play, create and inspire with our craft solutions such as play dough, paper mâché supplies, cutting mats and tools, and finger, fabric, and face paint range.  

With a seamless checkout process, an array of quality craft supplies, amazing discounts and befits, and nation-wide delivery, your little ones will be sculpting, crafting, and creating in no time.

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