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Even though the definite the best toner & printer cartridges installation process for each brand of printer is somewhat dissimilar across machines, the basic technicalities are all the same. Toner & printer cartridges replacement differs subject to the type of documents you are printing.  Almost all the best toner has a page yield that oversees the average life of printer cartridges based on 5% page coverage. You will be able to determine the time for you to replace your printer cartridges through your printer’s displays. For you to be able to replace your toner, follow these easy steps:

Installing your printer cartridge & toner

  1. Remove the protective covering that surrounds the printer cartridge before installing a new toner.
  2. Carefully jiggle the cartridge back and forth for some number of times to reorganize the toner powder.  A small quantity of toner may be released from the printer cartridge, so make sure you do this over a litter to avoid a mess.
  3. Every toner fits into a unit of a drum. The drum unit kind of resembles a tray, and you most likely will have to remove it from the printer to install the drum. Major brands like Canon and HP and Pelikan toners sell their cartridges with the drum unit constructed into the toner, but others trade them as two distinct consumables. The printer toner cartridge is supposed to get into the drum unit without any form of difficulty. Endeavor is locked in firmly, or else it will not fit into your machine.
  4. The corona wire located on top of the drum unit should always be Clean.
  5. The drum and the toner should be put back into the printer and then close the front cover of the printer.

Replacing Your toner & printer cartridge

Your toner printer cartridge in conjunction with your drum unit works to transfer images onto a page. The drum does not require that you replace them as often as toners, typically after going through 3 or 4 toners.  If the display of your printer shows "Replace Parts Drum," your drum unit is getting towards the end of its life. You can most at times lengthen the replacement of your drum by cleaning the corona wire or by taking out the printer cartridge and mildly returning it back and forth for some time to redistribute the toner powder.  If these suggestions don’t improve the situation, do well to follow the following steps for the correct replacement process:

  1. When you open the front cover of your machine, bring out the assembly of the drum unit and printer cartridge.
  2. To remove the toner printer cartridge from the drum, simply tug the blue lock lever.
  3. Next, bring out the new drum(HP drum) unit which is in its packaging
  4. Into the new drum, click the printer cartridge, it ought to lock into place very firmly.
  5. Glide the whole unit back into the printer
  6. Try not to close the front cover at the moment. First and foremost, you will have to inform your printer that you are installing a new drum. This will reset the counter on your drum unit and will help to keep track of its expected lifespan. The instructions on this are not going to be the same for various printers, therefore there will be a need for you to consult your specific manual for the appropriate steps.  

When having issues with print quality change the printer cartridge

You can get a spotty or streaky print when this happens, remove the printer cartridge from your printer, and carefully put it back and forth over a garbage can to redistribute the toner powder.  You can make an effort to clean the corona wire on the drum.  If you have completed most of these troubleshooting steps and you are not getting the prints you want or desire, then it might just be time for you to change either the toner or the drum. The page yield of the toner printer cartridge should give you an idea of the number of prints for you to expect from each printer cartridge, and you should replace the drum after every three or four toners.  

Your printer normally brings to your attention the time for you to make a change. If you are thinking the stripy prints are being brought about by your drum, then try to clean it. For you to be able to do this, you will have to carefully bring it out from the printer ink cartridge refills. Then you place it on a surface that is flat with a paper towel underneath to prevent the toner from spilling onto your desk or onto the carpet. Thereafter, carefully with a dry, lint-free cloth wipe the drum roller. Try to ensure that you do not touch the drum, this is as a result of the fact that it is incredibly sensitive!

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