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Anti fatigue mats are used to make people who stand for a longer time with less fatigue as standing for a long time on a hard surface causes it. Fatigue mats can be made of a variety of materials including carpet, foam, plastic, or fabric.

Anti fatigue mats benefits

Anti-fatigue flooring is often used to reduce foot fatigue for workers who stand in a fixed position for long periods of time. Although feeling uncomfortable, tired, and injured after standing for long hours are the combined effects of several factors, according to available scientific information, standing for long periods of time in particular causes stress and fatigue.

Studies show that anti-fatigue flooring can be helpful in reducing back pain and, naturally, back pain. Prolonged standing is common in many service professions such as delivery men and cashiers, manufacturing professions such as assembly line workers. Inspection and quality control staff, as well as health care units such as nurses and surgeons, also complain of long term standing. The effect of back pain from prolonged standing on health, absenteeism, and productivity is significant. Accordingly, many countries have described long standing as a large-scale ergonomic problem.

Where you can use anti-fatigue mats 

Comparing the effect of three interventions; Anti-fatigue flooring, insole inside the shoe viscoelastic and the combined state of the flooring and insole inside the shoe, on the pattern of coagulation of the gluteus medius muscles on both sides and the mental report of low back pain, was done during long standing. Studies show people with no history of low back pain, no knowledge of the type of flooring and insoles while performing simulated style job tasks, in each of the four positions, respectively: standing on a hard floor; Standing on anti-fatigue flooring.

Fatigue mats kitchen

If you want to use fatigue reduction mats in your kitchen, the important thing is that you can easily clean the leak. This 20 x 36 inch mattress has a stain and abrasion-resistant surface that makes it much easier to clean than other mats we have tested. This ensures that your mattress stays as new as it is in a leak-proof area.

The floor layer matches the lines of your feet when standing and reduces discomfort in the legs, feet, and back. However, in our experiments, we found that although it is easier to clean and offers good price support, its soft surface prevents it from sticking.

Rubber Matting for the floor

Anti-fatigue flooring is one of the most common ergonomic solutions to reduce the effects of prolonged standing. These floors are mostly used in industry. Of course, in addition to industry, in the healthcare sector, in an effort to minimize the effects of prolonged standing in surgeons, a special type of flooring has been designed for the operating room, which is especially common in Australia.

Standing Mats for hairdressing

Different ergonomic interventions have been performed in the workplaces like hairdressing to minimize problems caused by prolonged standing. According to the definition of ergonomics, these interventions are to adapt the work environment to the person working in the environment, which can include: changing the floor where the person stands, using the shock absorber inside the shoe, The use of orthoses supporting the arch of the foot, he noted.

If you are a person that likes standing while working you may want to try our electric sit standing desks range to see which ones suit you better.

Other cases include the use of shoes with impact properties and the use of foot rails. Among the different floors, different characteristics are considered to determine the characteristics of a useful floor in reducing the problems caused by long standing. These properties, including stiffness, thickness, compaction, as well as the material of their materials and their relationship with discomfort and fatigue, have been investigated. 

Also, rubber mats can have different applications, you can check these chair mats that people use to avoid damaging their carpet or hard floor from chairs.

How to Choose the best anti fatigue flooring

The anti-fatigue mats are for the people that work a long time in the kitchen like chefs, or in warehouses, or in a factory. Anti-fatigue mats reduce foot fatigue by creating an extra layer between the hard floor and your feet. However, the use of mats is prudent because when installed incorrectly the mats will fall.

Another type of floor covering, the anti-slip mat, is useful in increasing the comfort and safety of the foot. However, workers may find that their feet burn and feel sore feet because the anti-slip property of the anti-slip mat causes their shoes to suddenly slip off the floor, causing their feet to slide forward into the shoe. The friction inside the shoes creates heat that causes sores. Flexible non-slip insoles can reduce this discomfort.

In short, using anti-fatigue mattresses or laying carpet on the floor does not relieve foot pain on its own, but if combined with good design and quality shoes, it should improve working conditions. One of the other ergonomic equipment that can help you have a productive workday is the footrests for desk.

The Best fatigue reduction mats in Melbourne

  • Excellent comfort and creating a sense of anti-fatigue in the face of long standing are the features of this flooring.
  • Due to its design, this flooring reduces pressure on the spine and joints, and its bubbly surfaces stimulate blood circulation.
  • It is easy to clean and can be used in various industries - restaurants - kitchens and behind the counter.

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