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If you need a cork board for your office, school, or university and like to keep things simple, we stock a variety of stylish products with smart contemporary aesthetics and durable materials.

Give your cork board a new look with creative Ideas

Both framed and frameless boards from Visionchart and Quartet will serve as excellent additions to your office or classroom space. We offer these in a wide range of colours to add an extra touch of vibrancy to your classroom or workplace. This low-maintenance cork board is excellent value for money, withstanding heavy usage without compromising its surface finish.

Cork board by Quartet also ranks among our most popular office products. These are available in both standard and lockable designs with hanging, boast a wide range of sophisticated colours, and come fitted in both plastic and aluminum frames. Our collection includes fabric, foam, and cork pin board, again offering you a variety of styles to pick from.

Cork Board Different Materials & Design Ideas with Whiteboard Section

The bulletin board is one of the tools that have been widely used today and is used to transfer information and increase public relations in different places. In addition to providing a simple and comprehensive definition of it, we will check the types and features of each one to choose from the appropriate item to buy.

Simple cork boards with aluminum frame:

This type of board is the most common and most cost-effective type that is composed of:

1. They are highly resistant and are not worn out of time and inappropriate environmental conditions.

2 - Pressed polyester (compressed iolite) with a high ability to hold pins.

3- The third layer of the bulletin boards, the MDF is a thickness of three millimeters, which is highly resistant due to the lightness and resistance of moisture and adverse conditions and replaces the chip and its frame is made of aluminum and specifically produced by the company, which is made up of ingots and formed and electroplates in different stages. 

 The board is in fact a superficial that we use to show messages that are public, which can make these messages in relation to the purchase and sale of products, advertising, scientific and academic news, announcements, and so on. Depending on your needs and the use you will choose, pick one of them that are usually compressed aluminum, cork, metal, plexiglass, multi-styles, wooden, and so on. You can go to our glass board. Some types have a very simple user interface, and cleaning up and adding messages in them is very basic. Of course, it should be noted that this board is not only available as a physical version, and even those that are available to the public in cyberspace and collective networks to be loaded to the public.

Standard size, small or large cork board wall mounted with hanging

The extra-large boards are used more in academic settings, corridors, offices and kiosks, and service centers. Their size is from 40 * 60 cm to 100 * 200 cm and is divided into fixed and portable types. Along with beauty, it has high durability. It also has a similar use with a simple one and can be used in universities, schools, offices, etc. It is made of cork and the body is also the same aluminum. Their size is also from 40 * 60 cm to 100 * 200 cm. The board is a superficial cork that is used to display public messages. Announcement boards in special environments such as universities and service centers are common.

  • Resistant 

  • Has an aluminum extrusion frame

  • Beautiful design (anti-scratched)

  • The comfort of needle penetration

  • Easy to install

Some boards have made the walls of many administrative spaces over the years; The bulletin boards with a natural colour allow anyone to easily install and announce their own messages and notes. Announcement cork boards, other than universities, schools, and educational centers, in many other cases, such as apartments, offices, government, hospitals, gyms, restaurants, and cafes. Check out our whole range of whiteboards here.

Specifications of bulletin board

  • Natural cork surface with high density, excellent for frequent use
  • Plated aluminum wounds in silver matte
  • Two-piece plastic corners with hiding the installation screw
  • Easy installation with capability horizontally and vertically
  • Available in various sizes

These are produced in a variety of sizes. Regarding the strength of the cork bulletin board, it should be used that in all sizes behind the panel, a metal sheet is used, in addition to the strength of the sheets.

It used to be the cork that was used to turn the fire, which provided it from the trunk of the oak tree as well as its skin. Later, cork was used in various forms, including the bottle door. Today, cork products are carried out by many countries as well as Australia. It is still close to 60% of the production of this product in a cylindrical form and to close the door of a variety of bottles and 40% of the remaining laminate with a thickness of 1 mm to 10 mm for burning and making useful products, consumption as strong sound insulation on walls or under the floor, for replication, decorative costs are produced and used in a variety of rockets. The cork board is produced from standard cork material in dimensions of 90 × 90, which uses each other in different dimensions of the board roll.

Sheets and other accessories features

From the corkboards of cotton sheets bulletins in different dimensions for informing and pasting a variety of photos as a notice board of the building or the apartment and administrative bulletin in different places, including the corridor of buildings, hotels, universities, hospitals, and offices.

  • Easy installation tabs by the needle on the surface of the cork board roll and pull the needle with the lowest pressure. 
  • Natural cork foam, high density, excellent quality, and frequent use in the long run.
  • Available in a variety of dimensions by attaching several cork sheets to each other.
  • Has a frame of MDF with two hooks with screws and rolls for installation on the wall.
  • The thickness of the frame is 2 or more cm and the diameter of the cork is from 1 to 10 miles.

Cork boards have long been a staple in offices, classrooms, and homes as practical and versatile display solutions. Their unique texture and functionality make them an excellent choice for organizing, decorating, and displaying important information. In this article, we explore the many benefits and creative uses of cork boards, demonstrating why they are a must-have addition to any space.

The Benefits of Cork Boards

Natural and Sustainable Material: Cork boards are made from the bark of cork oak trees, making them an eco-friendly choice. The harvesting process does not harm the trees, as only the bark is extracted, allowing the trees to regenerate and continue to thrive. By choosing cork boards, you contribute to sustainable practices and the preservation of our environment.

Durable and Self-Healing Surface:

Cork boards are known for their durability and self-healing properties. The natural elasticity of cork allows it to retain its shape and bounce back, even after repeated pin insertions. This ensures that your cork board remains in excellent condition for years, providing a reliable and long-lasting display solution.

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation:

Cork is renowned for its excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. When used as a wall covering or bulletin board, cork boards can help reduce noise levels by absorbing sound vibrations. Additionally, cork's insulating qualities can contribute to energy efficiency by helping to maintain temperature and minimize heat loss.

Practical Uses of Cork Boards:

Organization and Task Management: Cork boards are ideal for keeping your life organized. Whether in your home office, kitchen, or entryway, they provide a central hub for important notes, to-do lists, and reminders. Use push pins or clips to securely attach documents, calendars, and schedules, keeping everything easily visible and accessible.

Displaying Inspiration and Creativity:

Cork boards serve as a canvas for showcasing your creativity and inspiration. Pin up motivational quotes, artwork, photographs, and postcards to create a visually stimulating and personalized display. Let your cork board be a source of inspiration and a reflection of your unique style.

Collaborative Spaces and Communication

 In office environments and collaborative spaces, cork boards facilitate effective communication. Use them for posting announcements, memos, and team goals. Encourage interaction by providing sticky notes or markers for colleagues to contribute ideas or feedback. Cork boards become a hub for collaboration and shared information.

Styling and Customization

Frame Options and Finishes: Cork boards come in a variety of frame options and finishes to suit different aesthetics and preferences. Choose from classic wooden frames for a traditional look, sleek metal frames for a modern touch, or even frameless cork rolls for a minimalist appearance. Selecting the right frame enhances the overall style and complements your existing décor.

Wall Installation and Arrangement:

Cork boards offer flexibility in terms of installation and arrangement. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on your space and preference. For larger areas, multiple cork boards can be arranged in a grid pattern to create a cohesive display wall. Experiment with different layouts to achieve a visually pleasing and functional arrangement.

Customization and Personalization:

Make your cork board truly unique by adding personal touches. Paint the frame in your favorite color, add decorative elements like ribbons or washi tape along the edges, or even create custom-shaped cork boards to fit specific spaces. Let your creativity shine as you transform your cork board into a statement piece that complements your style and personality.

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