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Purchase a quality ergonomic footrest from Office Corporate and experience comfort while on the clock like never before. Our premium office furniture and accessories are designed to help you focus, execute your tasks with unmatched efficiency, and realise your full potential.

Office footrest solutions to help you put your best foot forward

Office Corporate’s range of quality office footrests provides for the ultimate comfort while working, at home, or in the office. Whether you’re a business owner looking for the best solutions for your staff, or a dedicated employee looking to maximise your comfort and workplace performance, make a simple change to your desk setup for massive results!

Not only will our ergonomic footrest solutions ensure you can work in absolute comfort, but they’ll also result in dramatically increased performance. It’s no secret that uncomfortable employees are distracted employees. An uncomfortable office environment will leave you unable to focus or perform to your fullest potential. Invest in a foot rest to chase your professional goals from your home office or your workplace and take your company to new heights.

Our choices are sturdy, stable, dependable, and durable. Made from premium materials and constructed with expert attention to detail, each product you purchase from us will stand the test of time.

We bring you footrests from the industry titans including Kensington, Fellowes, Cumberland, and more. These brands use cutting-edge advancements in the field to create office furniture solutions that have stood the test of time. Not only are their products practical, but they are also designed with simple, sophisticated elegance. They’ll make you feel good while looking great.

Footrests under desks: Fantastic features

Our incredible selection of office footrests meets every need imaginable. Here are just a few examples of the amazing features our products offer to ensure that your unique requirements are covered:

  • The ultimate in adjustability: No matter your height, or sitting style, we bring you footrests that are easily adjusted to suit your preference. With height and angle adjustability, find exactly the perfect position for you.
  • Washable options: Office Corporate offers you choices with carpets that can be effortlessly removed and washed to keep your office space clean and fresh.
  • Massage bumps: Not only do we bring you options with smooth, washable, or ridged surfaces, we also stock options with massage bumps for a relaxing, soothing experience while you work.
  • Rocking: We stock footrests that secure firmly into place or allow you to move your feet freely back and forth in a rocking motion, stimulating blood flow and circulation and even boosting concentration.
  • Climate control: If all of the features aren’t enough our climate control options are the cherry on top. Turn up the heat on productivity with low or high-heat settings, or cool down with a built-in cooling fan.

Check out our chair mat for the hard floor here.

The Best Footrest Types on our website

Using a footrest can help you work smarter not harder and feel less tiredness in your body after 8 hours of seating on a chair.

Standard Stool

Using a stool to rest your foot alternative might be a good idea sometimes when you prefer less angle or want to have your legs horizontal. It depends on you if you want to sit like that at your office, but probably you are comfortable doing it at home.

Material & Cushion

Using foam and cushion or fabric rather than metal and plastic might help your feet to flow the blood easier in your body, some even suggest wood, but wooden ones might be heave and moving them around is harder for staff at the office or at home.

Place Under Desk

Experts strongly recommend the use of an ergonomic footrest under a desk that allows you to place your feet on the flat surface while working to improve posture, reduce the risk of back pain and increase blood flow. This is easily achieved with Office Corporate’s versatile, expertly-constructed range. 

Adjustable Footrest Angle & Height

From 0 to 90 degrees, these can be adjusted in angle and height. But some ergonomy experts say that the standard angle is something between 15 to 30 degrees.

Office Footrests: The importance of ergonomics

Don’t overlook the ergonomic benefits of footrests under desks! We are working longer hours than ever before. Shouldn’t you have the office furniture and office chair accessories to guarantee your comfort? Shouldn’t your office furniture ensure that you won’t suffer long-term health implications as a result of long days behind a sit stand desk?

In the same way that a construction site worker wears a hard hat and a dentist wears gloves, office workers need protection. The cumulative effects of inappropriate office seating and furniture can be crippling to employees, as well as the business bottom line alike which is not good.

Sitting for long hours on end causes poor circulation and can lead to unnecessary pressure on the muscles and ligaments in the legs and even the development of blood clots. One of the primary indicators of poor circulation is fatigue, resulting in drained employees who are unable to give their best behind the desk.

Furthermore, inappropriate seating has been directly linked to back pain, the leading cause of employee absenteeism only after the common cold. Especially for shorter people, dangling feet can result in damage that simply can’t be undone.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Footrest

“Ergonomic” has been a prominent buzzword in the office and workplace sectors in the last few years. Ensuring that office workstations are designed for comfort and efficiency is vital in our modern age, as people spend more and more time in their office chairs. Ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks are popular ways to create an ergonomic set-up, but did you know that supporting your feet and legs is important too? Without proper support, you can seriously damage your circulation and cause long-term health problems.

What’s the solution? Experts recommend including an ergonomic footrest in your work or home office setup. There are many types and materials to choose from (including foam, plastic and wood).

Here’s a list of some of the benefits:

  1. They’re great if you’re short! Having your feet dangling 30cm off the floor while you’re trying to do work is uncomfortable and awkward. An ergonomic chair is also pretty useless if you don’t have your feet flat on the floor. With an adjustable footrest, you can distribute your weight evenly and sit comfortably.
  2. They’re great even if you’re not short! Ergonomic footrests help relieve pressure on your feet and legs, reducing the risk of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. They even help with varicose veins and swelling. Your feet will thank you!
  3. Footrests go nicely with an adjustable desk/sit-stand desk. There are specific footrests that you can use while standing at your desk. They can adjust with you while you sit and stand, making you more comfortable and productive.
  4. Footrests are also great for encouraging “active sitting”. It’s no secret that sitting still all day isn’t great for your overall health. Even small amounts of movement can help keep your blood flowing and your circulation healthy. Some specially designed footrests incorporate a “rocking motion” that helps keep you moving, even when you’re sitting down.
  5. They’re comfy! Don’t wait until the weekend to put your feet up, treat yourself during the workday too! Keeping your feet slightly elevated improves your overall comfort, which in turn boosts your mood, energy and productivity.
  6. Footrests encourage and support good posture, which helps prevent future pain or injury. Many office workplace injuries occur as a result of long-term bad posture, and improperly positioned feet can put a lot of pressure on the spine. Ergonomic footrests are a great way to mitigate these risks.
  7. They come in many designs that can jazz up your workstation. Many come with a fancy wood finish, creating an iconic piece of décor to add to your office.
  8. Finally, having a full ergonomic setup (chair, desk and footrest) can improve your fatigue levels! Putting too much pressure on certain points in the body (spine, neck and shoulders) can make your body tired and achy. Supporting your body at all these points helps you feel refreshed and energetic.

Footrests under desks & stool: Get a leg up on the competition 

Quality footrests under desks allow you to put your feet up while getting things done. These are just one example of Office Corporate’s wide range of task office chairs that allows you or your business to get a leg up on the competition.

Whether you are a business owner looking to purchase quality ergonomic furniture and accessories for your office, or an employee looking to boost your performance, Office Corporate stocks office stationery and furniture that has been carefully chosen for you. Our office furniture has been expertly sourced specifically with quality, comfort, and ergonomics in mind. We bring you the solutions that you need to spend hours on the clock in absolute comfort.

Pair your footrest purchase from us with a quality office chair. We stock office chairs with exceptional back and neck support, comfortable boardroom chairs for productive collaboration, sleek reception chairs that leave a lasting positive impression, and so much more.

A business owner or office manager? With fantastic discounts on bulk purchases on our office furniture and incredible business rewards no matter what you purchase from us, you will reap the benefits of choosing Office Corporate as the furniture partner for your company.

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