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Give your art or craft projects a life of their own with Office Corporate’s range of joggle and googly eyes. With our huge selection and amazing discounts, you can be sure that with us, you’re moving on up!

Get grooving with Office Corporate’s moving googly eyes

Joggle eyes turn crafts projects into hours of fun and laughter. Stick these wiggly googly eyes on any creation to bring character to your artwork and bring your craft eyes to life. Whether you are an educator looking to bring fun into the classroom, or a parent looking for enjoyable craft activities art eyes or joggle eyes are ideal.

Create creepy creatures, funny farm animals, or perfect people. Moving eyes are the perfect finishing touch for creative cards, posters, puppets, or drawings. Use them at home and at school to keep the giggles flowing and to keep little minds engaged in crafting fun.

Office Corporate stocks art craft eyes in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours to give your craft creation just the right effect. We bring you black and white colour options, rainbow eye options, and even rainbow pupil eyes to give your craft project exactly the type of personality you envision that they have. Conservative or bonkers, the choice is up to you.

What’s more, you can pair your craft eye purchase with a variety of craft materials for fantastic creations that allow young imaginations to flourish. Have a look through Office Corporate’s range of beads and jewellery, paper craft tools and accessories, sequins and glitter, straws, and textiles. Everything you need for endless arty fun is just a click away.  

We’ll bring your art googly eyes and craft materials to you anywhere in Australia quickly and efficiently so you can start a new project or re-stock your art and craft supplies fast.

It’s a silly season with endless art crafts googly eyes fun

Our art craft eyes are absolutely adored by children all over the country. There is nothing quite like embellishing your art piece with a moving eye.

Here is why our parents, teachers, and kids across Australia love our collection of joggle eyes:

  • Easy to apply: Allow your child to experience the feeling of accomplishment as they stick their craft eyes to their project themselves. With options that include an adhesive backing, these can be simply popped on in a flash.
  • Crazy colours or trusted black and white: Choose exactly how you want your puppet or craft creation to look with craft eyes in a range of colours. Whether you are looking for standard moving googly eyes in black or white, or eyes in a range of crazy colours, we’ve got just the option for you. Create manic monsters with pink irises, or colourful creatures with purple pupils. In your own fantasy land, anything is possible!
  • Creepy creature eyes: We don’t only stock moving eyes in creative colour palates, we also offer eyes especially designed for use when creating craft monsters, reptiles, or dinosaurs. Check out our Zart Creature Eyes. With pupils in slit shapes, reptile-like irises, and a range of craft eyes shapes, you can bring slimy and scaley creations to life.
  • Every size imaginable: We stock craft eyes that allow you to create all types of creatures, big or small. With sizes, all the way from 4mm to 25mm your puppet or craft person can have eyes of any size. Also, you can purchase packs of eyes in multiple sizes so that you have just the right eye on hand.
  • Eyes that shape up: We also offer eyes in a variety of shapes. Whether your art piece needs round or oval eyes, we stock exactly the right eye for your needs.

We’re all googly eyes for art & craft fun for amazing benefits

Not only is crafting with our googly eyes really fun and engaging, but it is also the perfect example of why art and craft projects are so important for little hands and little minds.

Tackling creative projects can bring pre-schoolers and younger children a host of benefits that they will carry with them well beyond the crafting session.

Here’s why crafting with our art and craft supplies such as joggle eyes is extremely beneficial for your kids:

  • Boost self-esteem: Allow your child to tackle a creative project with their own two hands and give them a feeling of accomplishment when they are able to show off their creation.
  • Stimulate concentration skills: Your child will benefit exponentially from sitting down to a craft session where they need to be engaged in the task. This will help them develop concertation skills while having fun.
  • Improve fine motor skills: Art sessions will allow children to develop the smaller muscles in their hands as they work with their hands to stick, cut, and colour. The development of fine motor skills in young children is crucial as it can benefit them immensely when they start writing.
  • Learning: Tackling creative projects can help kids learn more about the world around them. Craft eyes are a perfect example of this. Teach your children about different animals, body parts, and different colours as you create craft faces with craft googly eyes.

Raise your sights to superior moving craft Googly eyes with Office Corporate

Impressed at our fantastic selection of art eyes? We thought so. You’ll be even more impressed when you browse through the premium stationery and art and craft supplies we have on offer at Office Corporate.

Our stationery are sourced from brands that deliver better solutions than the competition. With Office Corporate, you can rest assured that your little ones have the best tools at school or the best craft supplies at home.

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