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Padded Bag & Bubble Mailer

In today's world, and especially in recent months, with the spread of the coronavirus, online shopping and using padded mailers have flourished. This increase in orders has led to a boom in sending packages and products by mail. One of the most important things in sending packages using a postal envelope is the packaging. Depending on the type of shipment, different packages are used for packing. The postal envelope must be chosen correctly to prevent damage to the postal items.

Types of Postal Padded Envelopes

There are different types of postal envelopes that are used in the post office to send items. Bubble, plain and laminated envelopes with black walls, confidential and plastic and envelopes with silver metalized walls are the most common postal envelopes used in the post. In addition, in terms of colour, postal envelopes fall into the categories of yellow envelopes, pea envelopes, and kraft envelopes.

Envelopes are usually made of 100 g white paper. The most widely used type of envelope for sending goods in the postal industry is the bubble mailer. In the following, we will explain some of the most used types of postal envelopes and their characteristics.

Bubble Mailer; Features and its application

Due to the layer of bubble wrap on the inner wall of this envelope, it can be used to send goods to online stores or any other sensitive product. Bubble mailers have a high impact resistance. For this reason, postal envelopes are used to send fragile goods such as mobile phones, CDs, glasses, watches, jewelry and computer parts.

Bubble Mail Bags

The dimensions of the bags and the weight of the paper used in its construction are bubbled according to the percentage of influential factors in determining the price of the mailing envelope. But usually, these types of bags are more expensive than other mailing bags. Bubble mailing bags are produced and supplied in six sizes. These types of bags are usually sold in 25 or 50 size packages for A3 sizes or smaller.

Padded mailing bag with black wall

This is also known among technicians as black laminate postal envelopes. As the name implies, the inner wall of these envelopes is painted black using a nylon cover. As a result, they can be used to send devices that should not be exposed to light or heat.

Bags with black walls are weaker than other types and can be easily torn. For this reason, they are used to package items that are small in thickness. In this way, it can be ensured that no pressure is applied to the clean post from within and there is no possibility of it tearing. This type is used to pack goods such as clothes, leather goods, soap, shampoo, plastic items, wires, and chargers. Some foods are also packaged for shipment in this type of postal envelope.

Padded Bags with the metallic silver cover inside

The inner wall of the silver metalized envelope is covered with a layer of metallic silver. This has increased the strength of these and as a result, they are difficult to tear or scratch. For this reason, this grandson can be used to pack all kinds of items with different thicknesses.

The great thing about envelopes with a metallic silver inner wall is that they can not be used to pack and send fragile items. Because the inner wall of this type does not have a suitable cover for impact resistance. Metalized padded envelope is used in packaging of clothes, shoes, plastic items, food, all kinds of shoes and chargers.

Confidential Plastic Padded Mailer

Plastic Confidential Envelopes, usually with a black inner lining, are used to pack and send confidential documents. In fact, these types of padded envelopes are not used to send regular shipments or online orders. Instead, items such as checks, official documents, office documents and documents are moved.

Plastic confidential bags or envelopes are among the strongest padded envelopes. To make this type, three layers are glued together. For this reason, these types of envelopes are resistant to water and tearing. In addition, the blackness inside them makes this type of postal envelope resistant to light. This black layer, in addition to illuminating the nylon confidential envelope, can also prevent its contents from being seen.

Normal Postal Satchel

Ordinary postal envelopes are made and offered in two types. An example of this is simple and it is made of paper, writing, linen or glossy cardboard. Another example of this type of bag is called single-layer envelopes with windows. On standard bags with a window layer, there is a transparent area that can be used to view the contents of the envelope. This window is tightly covered with cellophane.

These are commonly used to send bank cards, certificates, national smart cards. Ordinary postal envelopes, as their name suggests, show no resistance to impact, water or light. For this reason, they are not used to send important or bulky items.

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