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All that glitter paint is gold with Office Corporate. Our range of glitter glue and glitter paint adds the ultimate glitz and glamour to creative art projects at home, or school. Expect brilliant, sparkly results every time with our high-quality glitter products.

Glitter paint & glue: An explosion of creativity

Office Corporate brings you glitter glue and spray paints to brighten up any day. Add a touch of sparkle or pile on the glimmer for craft projects and artwork that shine. Glitter glue pens or glitter paint bottles are the perfect addition to any craft cupboard from famous brands such as Zart Art.

Are you a parent looking to allow your kids to express themselves with a bit of pizazz? Are you a school teacher looking to add an injection of fun into craft lessons? We’re here to assure you that glitter paint spray & glue is the perfect way to go.

Create stunning scrapbooks, colourful cards, and eye-catching posters. Embellish felt, wood, or cardboard craft projects. Decorate backdrops and props for school plays. Our shiny glitter solutions are incredibly versatile and produce stunning results no matter the application.

Our products are the no-mess alternative to using loose glitter paints. These allow children and adults to create stunning pieces without the chaos and clean-up that loose glitter can bring. We want to keep your craft sessions how they should be; expressive, imaginative, and relaxing. Our choices turn up the freedom of expression and turn down the fuss.

Office Corporate will dispatch your art glitter glue quickly and efficiently either for wall or fabric. In no time, you’ll receive your purchase delivered straight to your door. Our online service ensures all your craft materials & supplies are a click away and that you can stock up without stepping foot out of your front door. Purchase your glitter paint spray from Office Corporate and experience the superior Office Corporate service.

Glitter paint for every occasion 

Glitter paint is a fantastic alternative to plain craft acrylic paint for those tasks that need a little bit extra glitz. This paint is a firm favourite with kids all over Australia.

Tackle festive projects with glistening gold, shiny silver, glowing green, and ruby red shades. Alternatively, allow your kids to pack on the sparkle all year round with bursts of pink, purple, yellow, blue, and more. We even offer options that include multi-coloured glitter paints & glue for unlimited creativity.

Our paint is made with expertly crafted, specialised paint glitter that doesn’t settle at the bottom of the bottle. Instead, the unique formula means that glitter is dispersed evenly throughout the paint ensuring that every paint stroke contains the same amount of shine.

Our range of glitter paint takes the cake for these reasons:

  • Bold, dazzling colour: The striking colour our paint provides is because the paint and the glitter are the same colour. This creates a smooth seamless explosion of rich, striking shades.
  • Non-toxic: Like all of our expertly-sourced craft supplies, our paint is non-toxic meaning that your family or learners can get painting without the worry of skin irritation or harmful chemical side effects. 
  • Washable: We offer washable, watercolour options that are easily removed from fabric and little hands by simply washing with warm water. 
  • The ultimate versatility: Our glitter paint does the job on a variety of surfaces including wool, fabric, wall, wood, card, and paper. It is also simply applied with a range of applicators. Brush, spray, roll or splash it on! 
  • Sizes for everyone: With choices in 250ml, 500ml, and even 2l recyclable PET bottles, we’ve got just the right amount for your unique requirements. 

The perfect glitter paint & glue for wall & wood in Australia

An alternative to using glitter paint for your craft project is using art glitter glue. This option has a different formula and consistency to the paint alternative but delivers equally show-stopping results.

Art glitter glue is crafted from specialised glitter mixed with quality PVA craft glue packaged in pens or bottles. Simply squeeze the tube to apply the glitter to a range of surfaces like wood or wall. Whereas paint sits flush against a surface, the consistency of the glue option produces a slightly raised effect allowing the sparkle to pop off the page and your glitter creations to come to life.

Here’s why Office Corporate’s range of art glitter glue sticks out amongst the crowd:

  • Quick-dry: Apply our quality glitter glue and watch it dry quickly. This ensures that your artwork won’t be ruined by smudges spreading the sparkle all over.
  • Acid-free: Not only do we bring you non-toxic glitter glue, but we also offer acid-free options. These choices provide the mutilate peace of mind to teachers and parents who can be sure these options are safe for little hands.
  • Class packs: Pack on the fun with Office Corporate’s class packs. Purchase a box of 20 glitter glue bottles in four different colours to ensure that everyone can glam up their art at the same time using our Sequins & Glitter for craft.
  • Sticks on a variety of surfaces: Like our paint options, our art glitter glue choices put the power in your hands and allow you to pair them with a variety of craft materials. Paper? Cardboard? Fabric? Our glue sticks.

Stick with Office Corporate for glitter paint for endless fun

Whether your jam is scrapbooking, painting, or card making, Office Corporate has just the craft supplies you need at home or school. We stock a wide range of art and craft materials for painting, colouring, best modelling, sculpting, and more! Explore the art & craft category on our website to keep craft cupboards overflowing with amazing supplies.

What’s more, at Office Corporate, we deliver fast all over Australia. Sit back and relax while we worry about bringing your purchase straight to your door. With low prices, regular specials, and amazing discounts on bulk purchases, you’ll be glad you chose us.  

Purchase your first glitter solution from us today and get ready for endless creative fun.

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