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At Office Corporate, you can find the very best in office suspension files & folders in one place and at prices that won’t break the bank. We are Australia’s number one supplier of household and workplace equipment and accessories. If you are in need of brand new supplies or a new piece of office furniture we are your one-stop-shop.

Are You Looking For Suspension Files & Folder?

Maybe you are starting a new job, or you have finally found the time to give to reorganising your office and records. A brand-new set of suspension files is a great way to start afresh and put your best foot forward. Refiling your important work documents with a new set of files allows you to parse through and prioritise old work and past business contacts. Keeping good records is one of the best ways to stay efficient.

It is so much easier to work in a tidy work area that is well organised as you can easily put your hands on exactly what you are looking for rather than having to waste precious time sifting through folder after folder and suspension file & folder after file until you finally happen upon what you need.

Our Suspension Files & Folder: Keep Important Documents Safe & At Hand

Suspension files are perfect for storing purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and account documents. It can’t be stated enough how essential it is to keep track of your expenses and income. Many believe that a digital record is sufficient to stay on top of everything however in the event of a power cut or a catastrophic equipment failure it can be crushing to learn that your past few years of sensitive documentation have been compromised.

That is why many smart office workers choose to keep an accurate paper trail in their suspension folders. Furthermore, in the event of a company audit, it is necessary to reproduce the past five years of your accounts’ records. The easiest way of achieving this is by keeping track of accurate paper records on A4 suspension files and keeping them at hand for when you need them. See archive boxes from different brands here.

Buy Your Esselte Pendaflex Suspension Files & FoldersFrom Us

If you are interested in Esselte suspension files, then there is only one place you need to look to get the best deal available online. Office Corporate has the largest selection of quality office and suspension files for prices that simply cannot be ignored. We stock the biggest and best-known brands and also have an extensive range of household, technology and kitchen equipment available.

Our dedicated account managers have years of experience in customer service and will see to your every need including expanding files & folders and making sure that your orders are dispatched promptly. You can earn reward points by purchasing from us and make great savings on future orders of suspension folders & files.

What you need to do to buy A4 suspension files

If this is your first time shopping with us, then you are in for a treat. You can avail of great value welcome gifts such as smartphones and smart speakers when you spend a certain amount on your first order. Browse our catalogue today and equip your office space the right way.

Office Corporate sells A4 suspension files all over Australia. We sell a variety of stationery items including Crystal File prodcuts suspension files. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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