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Office Corporate is known across Australia as a top-notch, high quality provider of all kinds of essential supplies encompassing duracell coppertop batteries or anything you might need. We bring you products that not only help create a productive and engaging work space, but are effective and practical for all your office production needs. At Office Corporate, we know that you need to be powered by reliable and high-quality products you can count on. We bring you a wide selection of any kind of batteries for the office you could need.

Batteries for office are essential, not only to create a functional and efficiently operating office space, but also to have on hand in any situation. We know that in a workspace, you need to be prepared for any situation or need that might arise, whether it’s in a classroom, office, or home setting. Batteries are crucial to have on hand and we strive to provide you with Coppertop Batteries, Duracell Batteries, and Circle Batteries that make your electric devices operate and perform as you need them to.

3A Batteries for office: Powerful, Effective, and Easy to Use

Batteries are not something that you want to leave up to question. Batteries for the office are important for endless reasons. But it’s also important that office batters are accessible, recognizable, and reliable. We offer multiple brands that we know we can count on and know that you can too.

  • Duracell batteries have been proven year after year to be everything that you want out of a battery.
  • We offer specialty Duracell batteries, like 2025 Lithium Coin batteries for use for medical devices or other electronic devices. We know the importance of power, and we also know that these batteries are trustworthy for whatever you need them for. With long lasting power, clear identifiers for sizing, and power preservation technology, these batteries are everything that you need. For devices that need circular rather than cylinder batteries, Lithium Coin batteries are the way to go.
  • Duracell Coppertop batteries are the gold standard for reliability and longevity. Never worry about lacking power when you have these efficient and trusty batteries available.
  • Philips Alkaline batteries are perfect for business electronics like wireless keyboards and mouse. They can stand up to even the most high-Aenergy demands for products and have incredible long life. Free from harmful materials such as Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead, Phillips Alkaline batteries are not only powerful, but also safe to use!
  • We have batteries for any use imaginable – whether you need heavy duty batteries to power more high-maintenance devices or just a few smaller batteries to have on hand, our selection covers everything in the range.

Powerful charging things to make sure that your AAA batteries have extended lifetimes

Duracell’s Hi Speed Value Battery Charger is fully equipped to quickly and completely charge AA and AAA batteries. With a five year Duracell coppertop guarantee, this battery charger is a must have to keep your batteries operating on full charge. Your batteries can be fully charged and ready to go after just four hours. With easy to follow indicator lights to alert you to when your batteries are done charging, you’ll never be confused with this charger. With ideal safety features like an auto shut off to prevent overheating issues during use, this battery charger comes with no worries attached.

As if that weren’t enough of a bonus, this rechargeable battery charger is a valuable investment that will save you money by recharging batteries instead of constantly replacing them. It’s also environmentally friendly, so you’re doing Mother Nature a favour as well!

Bulk batteries for office options for power that’s also a bargain!

Offices, homes, business – every workspace we can think of needs power. For whatever devices you need batteries for office, you can buy batteries in bulk packs from Office Corporate, an easy way to stock up on your supply of batteries for whenever the need arises. With long lasting power technology, you don’t have to worry about losing out on battery lifespan. Duracell coppertop batteries are equipped to last up to 10 years in storage, before you even need to use them!

Power is something we need to be able to count on. At OfficeCorporate, we understand how important it is to have power in your facilities. We know the importance of reliability and trust, and we research all of our battery products in depth to make sure that we are offering you batteries that will be there whenever you need them to be.  

Office Corporate’s battery products will not let you down when you need them.

With our price beat promise, if you find any of our batteries or battery products for a better price somewhere else, we go beyond matching the price – we beat it by 2% less than any competitor price you can find! With our reward system, you can earn points through purchasing, unlocking our exciting rewards. Just a $10 purchase will start you earning rewards. We value you and want to be with you throughout your whole office-building journey, whatever it looks like for you. And if it’s your first time purchasing from us, check out our welcome offers on our Instant Rewards page to get you started on a collection of batteries that will be there when you need them.

Whether you’re just getting started in supplying your home or business with all the essential materials you need, or you just need some supplements to your materials, look no further than our extensive collection of supplies to make your office or workspace the absolute best it can be. We believe in nothing less than excellence at OfficeCorporate, and we are excited to bring you everything you need at the price you want.

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