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The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing an Office Chair Online

If you think choosing an office chair online isn’t very different from picking out a dining table or a shade of paint, it’s time to think again. The numbers provide all the proof you may need. Let’s say you’re someone who works 40 hours a week. Over the course of a year, you would have spent close to 2000 hours in your office desk chairs! That’s more than enough time to develop chronic health issues that affect not just your productivity, but also your mental and emotional wellbeing in the long run.

From ergonomics materials to brands and pricing, there’s plenty to consider while choosing them. Our experts have gone ahead and made things a little easier for you. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your home office setup or attune your establishment in line with the health and safety guidelines being issued for workplaces across Australia, here’s some practical advice to get you started.

Our top tips for choosing an ergonomic home office chair in Australia online

When choosing an office chair for the first time, many buyers make the mistake of thinking that any seemingly comfortable chair will do. However, office regular chairs can’t be evaluated using the same parameters. Because they are occupied for long durations, they need to support the back in the right manner.

Don’t overlook lumbar support: Lumbar ergonomic support is a core aspect of ergonomic chair . Without proper support to the lower back region, there’s a tendency for the body to slouch. This in turn strains the muscles in the lumbar area, puts undue pressure on the discs, and can trigger a variety of complications like pinched nerves. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are a key area of focus for Safe Work Australia. Comply with the recommended ergonomic measures in your state and ensure a relaxed and productive work environment by investing in chairs that have lumbar support.

Opt for adjustability: Chairs from trusted brands like Rapidline, Buro Seating, and Style Ergonomics always offer a great deal of adjustability. This is because no two human bodies are alike, and what is comfortable and supportive for one user may actually be detrimental to another. This is why health and safety handbooks published by various states in Australia clearly mention adjustability as a priority. Even basic home office chairs should have adjustable backrests that can be tilted forward and backward. High-quality task chairs will offer adjustable lumbar supports as well.

The height of the office chair’s seat should be adjustable as well. Ideally, you should be able to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor, your knees at a slightly lower level than your hips. If this isn’t possible, accessories like pads and footrests can help.

- The back of the desk chairs and how the nuts are placed on them are one of the most important factors.

- The middle part should not disturb the blood circulation in the legs, especially in the knees, and blood should collect in the knees.

- The back of it should be of spring type. A perfect desk chair should provide safe and comfortable ergonomic support for your body that is suitable for your tasks. Circulation to the lower limbs should not be interrupted.

- Maintain or change the situation easily.

- Have support for the spine.

Best quality & price for office desk chairs in Melbourne online

Perfect office chairs also feature adjustable armrests. You should be able to move them sideways (to keep your arms close to your body while working), and vertically (to have your arms resting at the height of your desk). These are the ideal conditions for preventing shoulder and upper back strain.

Curves are good: The best chairs are designed to conform to the human body. Ergonomic office chairs such as those offered by Style Ergonomics and YS Design rarely feature flat backrests or seats you can find the kneeling chairs here. Instead, you will find contoured backrests that support various sections of the back, and ‘waterfall’ seats that have gentle downward slopes and rounded front edges. This configuration ensures proper blood flow to the legs and feet through extended sessions at work. It also distributes your weight evenly, which in turn boosts your ultimate comfort level.

Keep it breathable: Customers across Australia tend to prefer desk chairs with breathable upholstery. By increasing airflow and preventing sweat build-up, breathable fabrics and meshes play a key role in maximising comfort, particularly in warm weather. They’re also a safer option in terms of preventing microbial infections, as they don’t offer a suitable environment for germs to grow.

While leather office chairs may look better and feel more comfortable to sit on at first, a breathable mesh chair will serve you better in the long run. It’s also easier to clean than its leather chairs counterpart, which helps you comply with the cleaning recommendations made by Safe Work Australia to combat Covid-19. Brands like Rapidline, Buro Seating, and YS Design offer well-designed mesh and fabric upholstered ones that ensure airflow while also offering enough cushioning to keep you comfortable.

Where can you buy the best Ergonomic office chairs online in Melbourne?

If you’re working from home at your study or commuting to an office, you may have felt the pressure that sitting for seven or more hours a day can put on a body. If said strain has led you to wonder whether it’s worth investing in a better chair, the answer is almost certainly yes, according to some experts. Setups can cause a list of issues, including back, shoulder, wrist pain, and foot. If you’re sitting for a long time in one position that’s not normal, or a bad position from a postural point of view, over time that’s going to break down your back spine, and neck.

Finding the best and perfect chair, though, can be challenging— there is no universally perfect model because everybody is looking for something that suits their body and posture. If you take just a one-size approach, there are a lot of people who are having a lot of problems with it, because what’s comfortable for someone is going to be really bad for another, and being comfortable in your chair is definitely a priority. There are certain types or brands that are going to make it easier for you to keep a healthy better posture while you work, regardless of your body shape. With our wide range of office commercial furniture from the best brand in Australia, you can definitely feel much more relaxed while you are working which has a great impact on your mood and happiness.

Should price be considered while choosing an office chair in Australia?

The downsides of a poorly designed chair make it a no-brainer that you should invest in a reliable product from a trusted brand, even if it asks you to pay more upfront. However, user experience suggests that even the best desk chairs have a usable lifespan of 7-10 years. After this, their materials and joineries begin to degrade, and adjustment mechanisms tend to become less effective. If you are looking for the best chairs in Melbourne, you are definitely in a right place.

This is precisely why Australian businesses have been choosing Office Corporate for their furniture including outdoor & alfresco chairs needs also has had a wide range of school furniture for students and teachers for the past 20 years. We provide unbeatable discounts on genuine office chairs from your favourite brands like Buro Seating, Rapidline, and General Office Products. With our budget-friendly pricing, a guarantee of authenticity, Australia-wide delivery, and exclusive rewards for members, keeping your work setup efficient and ergonomic becomes a cakewalk! Get started now, and let us know if you need assistance with your purchase.

Types of office chairs and their differences?

In this article, we are going to introduce the types of office management and computer chairs, and so on. Fortunately, there are different types for every need at work or at home. It is one of the most important and significant parts of office furniture. An employee or manager spends most of his or her time, so this must meet certain standards so as not to injure the person's spine.

Executive chair

Management and executive chair do not have standard and suitable sizes and need more space than other ones. They are very suitable for long use but are more expensive than others. They are often made of leather chairs upholstery and are very impressive. They usually have more setting areas than other office chairs. They are much more expensive than others and are therefore often used by managers.

Computer chair

They are designed to have a very good connection with the computer desk. In this type of seat, several ergonomic adjustments are often used for user ultimate comfort. They have 5 bases and wheels are designed to move properly in the workplace.

What are the features of a suitable computer ergonomic office chair?

 1- Seat: The computer seat should be slightly wider than the user's pelvis so that when sitting on it, he can easily move in case of fatigue, and also the desk chairs seat should have high strength so that people with high weight can easily use it.

 2- Seat jack: Having a jack is one of the great advantages of any type, having a jack in a computer chair allows you to adjust your height to the ground and your feet vertically so that the floor keeps your feet flat on the ground.

 3- Back support: Another important factor and suitable feature for choosing a computer chair is having suitable ergonomic support that fills the curved part of the back and spine.

 4- Desk Chair base: It is recommended to buy five-legged bases when buying one, because it not only maintains the balance of the person, but also has more strength, and people with high weights can use it with ease.

 5- Seat handle: The computer seat handle should also be adjustable so that you can easily bring it to the right height with your desk to reduce fatigue and pressure on your shoulders, forearms, and neck. You can also use the seat handle pad for comfort.

 6- Seat mechanism: The computer office chair mechanism is one of the most important components of a computer chair. As mentioned below in the mechanism, the two main and important functions of this part are connecting them to the jack, the base, and also placing it in different positions. Other functions of the seat mechanism include locking the seat at different angles and the possibility of moving the back of the seat.

 7- Seat cover: The computer seat cover should be in such a way that when a person sits on it for a long time, it does not sweat and does not bother the person who is using it. The best upholstery is to use a mesh upholstery that prevents airflow and prevents the seat from getting hot and humid. Also, natural leather upholstery can be a good option for your chair.

Conference & Meeting room

Some call conference chairs, and board seats. They are very suitable for meeting tables and have much fewer options than others because it will be used less time on them. The sitting position on them is comfortable and this is exactly what can be expected from them.

Classic office chair

Convenient classic Ergonomic office chairs allow the user's thighs to be angled 60 to 70 degrees. For this reason, the weight load on the knees and buttocks is divided and reduces the pressure. The advantage of this position over others is that if the user moves forward, it causes the body angle to be 90 degrees. They may be a good choice for users who have back pain or chest pain caused by excessive use of the executive chair, but keep in mind that they have not yet been proven to be a good solution to reduce back pain.

Heavy Duty

The ones we have on our website can support weights of more than 150 KG.

Visitor & Receptions

Visitor chairs are usually very light, which makes them easy to carry and have a lot of colours. The best advantage of these reception chairs over others is that it saves storage space. They will be a great option for wedding halls, cafes, and restaurants. They are commonly used in public centers such as airports, and hospitals.


Drafting chairs are commonly used in warehouses, workshops, laboratories, and factories. These are usually known to have a lot of resistance compared to other chairs. They are very suitable in tight spaces. They are mostly used for ease of work in workshops. We can mention the freedom of movement of the legs when using a workshop chair in the workplace.


This perfect desk chair is a really new concept in terms of ergonomics and has been introduced.

Task chairs

Due to the fact that most of the hours that a person sits on an task chair are related to his workplace. In addition to being beautiful, also protects the health of your staff. The satisfaction of your employees is very important for Office Corporate, and this company has tried to implement this issue by offering a diverse set of them. The discussion of design standards as well as ergonomics has been very important in our products. These task desk chairs are very different from the executive chairs as you can compare them with their features and options.


Easily carry and fold these chairs everywhere you go and keep them at the back of your car.

Gaming chair

A gaming chair should be as comfortable as an ergonomic chair with some extra options to be flat and horizontal when a player wants to lie down and feel more comfortable.

Adjustable & Ergonomic office chairs

If you are looking for a chair that gives you the comfort of sitting on a sofa, an ergonomic chair is a smart choice. These are very suitable for users who suffer from back or spine pain because the ergonomic ones are designed in such a way that they have a lot of support for the back. This type is very suitable for sitting for a long time due to its ergonomics. One of the most important advantages is its increased rotation during long sitting.

Mesh chair

Mesh chairs are made of pure fabrics instead of foam and leather. This allows air to circulate well in the seat and back. This feature in the mesh seat allows the user not to feel hot or sweaty on the seat. In addition to the workplace, the mesh chair can be used for seating in front of the computer.

The best desk chair accessories

Apart from having a perfect chair for home study or office, you need to have some of these below accessories to help better posture, back, and spine. Below is the list of them that we sell in our online shop. 

Chair Mat

They are a good addition to not only keep the floor out of scratches and damage. If you want to have a clean and nice floor in your office and especially at home, you need to buy these mats for each one.

Foot Rest

The footrest is one of the accessories that you need to keep your feet on it while you are setting this also helps your knees to stay healthy.

Base & cushion

There is a saying about buying an office chair and furniture that says: If you want to buy one that will bring you comfort, they should have suitable support and a seat for your back. This saying means that your backrest should completely cover the space behind you. It is better to look for them with a long and arched backrest.

Certainly, we have all heard the saying at least once that the foot is the second heart of human beings, so we must pay attention to it everywhere and always. The best type of study chair is the one that is with firm back support so it completely covers the space behind the foot and is in its best position so the blood flow is done properly. Of course, chairs that have separate puffs for placing feet are also useful.

Chair Deals & Discounts On our Website

Stay tuned with us as we announce promotions and deals every couple of months to make office chairs more affordable for businesses and companies.

Why is choosing a good chair important?

On average, a manager or employee sits in a chair for more than 1,900 hours a year. This can be the biggest reason to choose a good one because it is a big part of life. Note that some people spend more time sitting on a chair than sleeping. 

Buying a good chair can be designed to prevent fatigue and excessive pressure on the back and neck. The spine has a curve that sits on a desk chair for a long time without supporting this, causing severe long-term back injury. Make sure the one you buy is to increase employee productivity, not just the staff sitting on it.

Managers who want to pay less for Ergonomic office chairs: Studies have shown that employees who use a more comfortable chair at work are more efficient and productive than employees who use inappropriate ones. The best ones depend on the time of use, the type of use, and the parts used in it. You need to consider who is using it. They should be comfortable and efficient for everyone who uses it.

In addition to maintaining your health, should also be made of good parts to have a good life and quality. You can easily buy the best chair for yourself or your collection by considering the following tips It may be interesting to know that there are more than 25 types of desk chairs for different uses. Some designers and builders have already considered where and for how long it is to be used. So it is better in the first step to look for an option that is tailored to your use.

Seat Options

Since the types of chair options depend on the type of mechanism, so it can be said that the mechanism is one of the most important parts of the perfect desk chair that you should pay special attention to. The mechanism can allow you to adjust more than 25 types. The simplest settings are height adjustment or seatback adjustment. But the minimum options that it  should have and you must pay attention to them are the following: 

Cold foam or hot foam in the chair?

Foam is used for the back and seat of the chair. Cold foam is usually used in all of them due to its very high strength and faster formation than hot foam. But keep in mind that cold foam also has different grades for quality. If the foam is of low quality, it will be powdered or eaten in a short time. This is one of the major problems with cheap office chairs. For those who sit for a long time, Ergonomic office chairs with round seats are not suitable. A suitable seat should be between 2 and 5 inches larger than your hips. As mentioned above, make sure the seat is made of high-quality foam. Otherwise, the foam loses its quality in a short time and makes you not feel comfortable sitting on it for a short time.

Seat dimensions & size

When talking about the dimensions, two very important points should be considered. Keep in mind that there is no standard that says what dimensions are consistently suitable. But most of the suitable ones that are produced are of the following dimensions. Height: 92 to 105 cm Width: 45 to 58 cm Depth: 46 to 55 cm. According to the above description, choose the dimensions for the person who wants to use it. One of the common features is that they are very wide and this parameter can provide more comfort to the reader than anything else, so be careful when buying an office chair.

In large, wide chairs, it is possible for you to sit in it in different ways to make you feel less tired. If you are going to lie on it for hours reading a book, watching TV, or even playing games, it should be designed so that you can easily move your body. You can even turn or stretch your legs on them, and the choice of sitting model depends entirely on your own taste and habit. The executive chairs have wider width and are made of leather.

Some people even lie on these and put their heads in one hand and stretch their legs. Therefore, the possibility that you are able to have many choices for the sitting model is very effective in the physical comfort of your body. The variety of models of this desk chair is such that it is suitable for any height, and weight and provides the comfort of its purchase in any way. 


  •  Do not buy cheap office chairs.
  • If you can afford expensive, use ergonomic chairs.
  • Make sure that it at least has the ability to adjust the height, back and forth of the back.
  • Cold foam is used.
  • Fabric or leather upholstery does not matter. If they are not of good quality, they become either unwashed or sweaty. If they are of good quality, they will not crack, they will not sweat and they will not flake.
  • The best desk chair is one that you can sit comfortably in for long hours. The same one may not be tolerable for another person for 1 minute.
  • Pay attention to the parts such as the mechanism, jack, and foam. If they are of poor quality, you are wasting your money on this.

What effect can the use of a study chair have on people's work efficiency?

Ergonomic office chairs? You have often heard the word "ergonomic" for chairs behind tables and other pieces of furniture. However, because you use them for a long time, the ergonomics of this product are just as important, although the definition of their work efficiency is different from activities such as typing. Proper ergonomics means that the comfort of it, after sitting on it for half an hour, feels the same as before and you are not tired. This feature is also effective in preventing long-term damage to your spine. In this regard, we suggest that you read about the features of ergonomic office chairs.

A long back for a study chair is another factor in its comfort. This will significantly reduce the chances of putting pressure on your neck and spine. A good one with a curved back or curved design will provide the most support and protection from your back. Make sure they are comfortable in a desk chair. Your arms should be high enough so that you can feel comfortable and your body can not withstand extra pressure. Also, the armrests should be wide and large enough for you to easily place a few books or even cups of nuts and food on them.

A deep ergonomic chair gives you the feeling of sitting in a separate room. You can sit in any way you want or put one foot on the other leg or stretch. This feature is really important for tall people because they feel uncomfortable and get more tired than usual. So if you are tall, pay attention to the fact that the best one for you is the one that has the right depth.

Given the important feature mentioned above, you can easily choose a rocking chair and this can be a special and extremely good decision for you. The position of your legs in this is very comfortable and you can also easily change their position. If you are going to spend a lot of time on it, this can help you avoid serious medical problems in the future.

• To choose a suitable chair for reading books, in other words, reading, you should pay special attention to your physique, posture, and appearance, on which chair your body is more comfortable to study. In fact, the right one for you will be different from the others. A short person will undoubtedly feel less tired than a person with a larger body. In this regard, height is very important. Try a different one of them and finally choose the best option according to your body type.

High Back Chairs

• The best option is their high-back models. When you want to use this chair for study or any other work, make sure that there is no serious problem with your neck and spine and you can take good care of your neck. Keeping this in mind, especially if you plan to use it for several hours, minimizes neck strain and discomfort. It also protects your waist well. Only then will you choose this one at home for your long stays and prevent any medical injuries that may occur.

An Ottoman for resting your feet will be a good option for a chair, and this is a great way to read a book. They are without fatigue for a long time. In addition to feeling more relaxed and comfortable, this choice will create a more regular blood circulation for you. Of course, if you are thinking very economically and the cost and price of the study chair are important to you, this is not a necessity, but it can be a good offer so that you can be comfortable and enjoy your study more than before.

• The study chair should be selected in accordance with the style of decoration and space of the room and should be part of the interior design. So you need to think about the rest of the room too. In fact, the size and color or even the style of the chair you choose should not be irrelevant to other items in the room. If you do not pay attention to this point, the room will look very crowded, and cluttered and will make you feel uncomfortable. However, due to the large volume of designs, you have the right to choose between many options. So do not worry that you only have to accept one option.

• Think about how the office chairs are located in the room. How much space it will occupy in the room and how it will be placed in the decoration of the room is very important so that you can give the best shape to the overall composition of the room. In the selection process where your options are limited according to the above description, you should pay attention to this point and imagine how each of them will be placed in the space you want.

• If there is furniture in the room layout, it is necessary to follow the tips in choosing an office computer chair, and the most important thing is that the one you choose should not be much larger than your furniture and should be similar in terms of design and height So that your decoration does not look contradictory and induces a sense of calm and cleanliness. The study chair is further designed for use in the bedroom. These typically have short bases, so that you feel more comfortable. Paying attention to this important parameter after you come home from work tired can take the fatigue out of your body.


• Even the smallest office chairs should have a handle. The ones with the handle are really unique and allow you to rest better after a busy day. Not only is this a good place to put your hands, but it also prevents unauthorized bending and sitting which is harmful to your health, and this is one of the most important things to consider when buying a study chair. they are a great option for studying and are very popular with people, with this feature you can choose different positions to sit on it. You can fold your legs or even stretch them.

• The manufacturer of the desk chair are also important in choosing and buying them. The bases of them are usually made of wood, but the quality of different types of wood is definitely different. Chairs with steel frames are not very heavy, but they are more durable. The type of furniture is very important. A leather one is a first-class and comfortable choice, but make sure that the leather is genuine, durable, thick, and of course in harmony with the decoration of your room.

Different fabrics such as upholstery need constant and more care, but their advantage is that in choosing the color you have more options in front of you. According to the points mentioned above, your furniture or interior accessories should be comfortable, strong, and durable. Finally, do not forget the beauty of the chair you want to buy. In fact, comfort is a feeling that you can not experience until you sit on a chair. 

Complications of improper use of the office desk chairs

No matter how comfortable or ergonomic your office chairs are at work, if you do not use it properly, bad effects can happen to your back & body. If you bend your body too far forward, problems such as pain in the neck and back can bother you. Sitting on the edge of a desk chair can greatly increase the pressure on the lumbar disc. If you sit in a computer chair permanently for a long time, you may experience problems such as premature fatigue, pain, weakness of the neck muscles, loss of fitness, decreased blood circulation, decreased heart and lung efficiency, and digestive problems. Your joints, especially your hips, thighs, knees, and elbows, may also be damaged if you sit for long periods of time.

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