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4 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Buro Metro Chairs

Any time you go looking for high-quality Buro Metro chairs in Australia, Buro Seating is one of the first brand ntames you’ll come across. Though both individuals and organisations have their own unique office seating preferences, they tend to gravitate towards Buro chairs. There are several reasons for this, the stellar design being just one of them.

Over time, Buro seating has become one of Australia’s go-to brands for ergonomic office chairs. It ranks among our customers’ top choices here at Office Corporate, and also among our product experts’ top recommendations. Buro’s intelligently designed, ethically manufactured chairs cater to a wide range of industries and working preferences. Here are some aspects that set them apart from the competition.

Buro Seating & Metro Chairs raise the bar for reliability.

The perfect ergonomic chair has always been the Holy Grail for working professionals. However, it has never been as sought after as it is now, when businesses around the world are coming to terms with the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. There is a growing realisation that working from home may well be the new normal for the foreseeable future. As a direct consequence, there is also a pressing need for high-quality office furniture that can reduce some of the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Buro seating & metro serves as a reliable source of office chairs for home-based workstations. Throughout its 25 years of existence, the brand has remained committed to enhancing workplace wellness. Even as a wholesale supplier of office chairs in Australia, Buro metro chairs continue to set the benchmark for ergonomic chair design. Buro chairs meet all guidelines laid out by SafeWork Australia for promoting productivity and employee health and safety in workplaces. Not just that, the brand has been a frontrunner in attuning its designs to the work-from-home lifestyle.

Buro Task chairs are Australia made, through and through.

Strengthening local businesses in Australia has always been our guiding principle here at Office Corporate. For the past 20 years, we have researched and showcased brands that share our ideologies. This is also why we are proud to serve as authorised suppliers of Buro chairs throughout Australia. Buro seating has a strong presence in Australia and NZ, and every product they offer meets the prevalent quality requirements in this part of the world.

With Buro seating, you can rest assured that you’re making a solid choice. These aren’t like the off-brand office chairs you’d find on general-purpose ecommerce platforms. Think of them as thoughtfully designed, locally made chairs, backed by a brand warranty that actually gets you repairs and replacements on time and without hassle. From adjustability features to the materials used in the chair, everything is top-notch, intelligently designed, and responsibly sourced.

Buro seating supports the work-from-home lifestyle.

No two people have the same working preferences, and Buro seating has worked this into their design process. As a result, Buro chairs offer an unmatched degree of adjustability. According to SafeWork Australia, office furniture can meet the necessary ergonomic criteria only if it is adjustable. From backrests and seat pan inclines to the height of your armrests, every component of your office chair should ideally be adjustable to your requirements.

Buro seating gives you the ability to completely tune your chair to your comfort and preference. Not just that, it recognises that working from home means that you’re free to set up your laptop at your breakfast counter or have your living room double up as a workspace. As such, the brand offers everything ranging from comfortable barstools to lightweight and stackable chairs that you can carry around with ease.

Off-beat Metro Buro chairs cater to forward-looking establishments.

The traditional office setup with its cubicles and conference rooms is quickly making way for collaborative environments that support ideation and communication. Buro seating, in its characteristic way of staying ahead of the times, has come up with a variety of seating solutions for modern office spaces. Examples include sit stand chairs with knee supports, and lightweight stools and seating surfaces ideal for multipurpose spaces.

Your decision to furnish your establishment or home office with Metro Buro chairs allows you to design your entire working environment in a way that promotes wellness. As already mentioned, research has clearly established the link between well-designed workplaces and employee health. Governments around the world have also been highlighting the need for workplaces that minimise physical and mental stress, as these have a direct impact on the economy. With Buro seating, achieving these objectives becomes effortless.

Buro Metro Task chair review

Considering Buro seating for your office? Office Corporate is the best place to shop for these chairs. Our product experts have handpicked the latest and most popular designs by the brand and can help you make a perfect choice. Plus, choosing us for your furniture needs automatically means that you can minimise your overhead costs. Save more with our members-only discounts, and get your order delivered to any location in Australia at express speed.

Invest in Buro with Office Corporate for expertly designed office chairs, with prices so affordable, you’ll almost fall of yours!

Buro Metro II

This Metro II is one of the best chairs you can find for office or seating in front of your computer or desk. You can get this chair on our online store also, base on the expertise and customers review you can rest assure you are buying the best chair from the best supplier.

What’s more, you can pair your chair with exceptional office furniture from our curated selection. Explore our wide range of office furniture and our collection of desks, tables, reception counters, office storage, office sofas, and amazing accessories.

With hassle-free shipping around Australia, incredible savings on bulk purchases, and access to dedicated product specialists, we guarantee you that Office Corporate and you always make the perfect pair.


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All Buro Seating chairs are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited factories, ensuring each and every component process is thoroughly tested and guaranteed for quality and reliability.

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 please see our AFRDI tab under Certifications+Standards.

A large selection of Buro chairs now carry GreenTagCert TM, you will find this certification listed under each individual product.

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