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Workplace safety first aid begins with Office Corporate

For every kind of office, institute, establishment or activity, there are specific kinds of first aid refills and consumables. The fast-paced, multi-faceted lives that we lead today can place us in a variety of situations, and being prepared for them all is the need of the hour. For Australian businesses looking to take their workplace safety first aid measures up a notch, Office Corporate is the best source of first aid refills and emergency response supplies.

Assembling an effective first aid kit that addresses all potential hazards in your establishment requires a variety of first aid refills and supplies. These may include basics like crepe bandages, adhesive strips, posters and dressings, and could go all the way to specialised emergency response supplies for eye injuries, fractures, heart attacks and shocks.

As the person responsible for your establishment’s workplace safety first aid supplies, you need round-the-year access to quality first aid refills. Because this would be a recurring and non-negotiable requirement, you also need access to a reliable supplier who not only stocks the exact products you have in mind, but can also work around your schedule and budget.

For over two decades, Office Corporate has been this dependable supplier of first aid refills for countless Australian corporations, schools, clinics, government agencies, stores, and small business headquarters. Whether you shop with us for a single car safety first aid kit or an entire corporation’s annual first aid refills, you are guaranteed a hassle-free experience, personalised service, and prices that are impossible to beat!

Attend to cuts and scrapes with quality first aid refills

Minor cuts and scrapes can occur just about anywhere, and having the right first aid refills at hand will never allow them to become a problem for your organisation. Though putting together a pack of bandages, adhesive strips and dressings sounds like a no-brainer, the reality is a little more complicated.

To begin with, you have to choose quality first aid refills that hasten the healing process and prevent complications. You also have to pay attention to the different sizes, materials and specifications of the bandages you find online or at your neighbourhood store. Some would be more suited to the specific type of injury or the external conditions to which the patient may be exposed.

At Office Corporate, our first aid refills section includes the full spectrum of solutions for cuts and bruises. Find durable crepe bandages offering the kind of support you’re looking for, high-quality St John adhesive strips for general use as well as in specific shapes to protect knuckles or cover a large wound. Our dressings and gauzes are similarly varied and can be purchased in different quantities depending on your staff strength and frequency of use. Buying in bulk will fetch you additional discounts, as well as more reward points that you can later use to make your next purchase from us cheaper!

Workplace safety first aid supplies for accidents and emergencies

Much of our focus in the department of safety first aid is on injuries arising out of accidents. Burns, eye injuries, fractures and shocks are always at risk of worsening if they don’t get timely attention. Our first aid supplies section enables you to provide this attention by means of dressings, swabs, bandages and topical applications to soothe and heal burns. In addition to this, we supply a variety of protective gear to minimise the chances of burns and eye injuries, as well as warning signs and triangles to guide your employees away from high-risk places and objects.

If accidents occur despite your best efforts to keep them at bay, Office Corporate has you covered with emergency response first aid refills. These include but are not limited to triangular bandages to support fractured limbs and control bleeding, heat and ice packs to provide temporary relief, thermal blankets, spider bands and cervical collars to provide support until medical help is available, and masks and gloves required while administering CPR.

Though we offer first aid refills to cover all possible scenarios, we also understand that office administrators can struggle with assembling a full-service first aid kit. To assist them, we have also grouped commonly ordered supplies into specialised safety first aid kits for specific scenarios or settings. For example, you can equip your automobile with a handy car safety first aid pouch. Or purchase kids' safety first aid supplies when taking your young students camping. These pre-assembled sets of first aid refills simply need to be packed into your first aid box and used as and when needed.

Score full marks on safety first aid measures with Office Corporate’s array of first aid refills and supplies. We have the products, prices and customer service to ensure that you never have to look for another supplier or a better deal that what we offer. Shop now, and make your first aid refills even more budget-friendly with our rewards programme!

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