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Widely used by beginners, learners, students as well as professional artists, coloured pencils for drawing are stapled fixtures in every art supplies collection for sketching. Their versatility, compatibility with different mediums, and the variety that they offer in terms of lead type, colour quality and ease of use, make them a world in themselves. Explore this vibrant world right here on Office Corporate, your local online store for all kinds of art supplies!

Best coloured pencils & sketching & drawing pencils for all art projects

We make it easy for you to find the best coloured pencils for the creative needs you have in mind. Be it the easy-to-grip variety for a tiny tot’s first tryst with art, or a set of fine Crayola Faber Castell colour pencils for intermediate-level artists, we stock an unmatched range of products at prices that are impossible to beat. Add to this our year-round deals and our commitment to assisting you with your unique requirements – and you’ve got yourself a one-stop-shop for all your drawing and sketching needs including markers.

Ever since the start of our journey over twenty years ago, Office Corporate has remained proudly local. We strive to provide our partner businesses with the convenience and familiarity of shopping in their neighbourhood for colour drawing pencils, but with added bonuses such as great prices and quick shipping options with lots of brands such as Pilot, Elizabeth Richards, EC Educational resources and hundreds more that they have come to expect from leading eCommerce platforms.

Favourite coloured pencil drawing: Faber Castell & Crayola coloured pencils Australia

If coloured & drawing pencils are what you have in mind when you visit Office Corporate or looking for Crayola coloured pencils, you can expect to find nothing but high-quality options from brands and pencil manufacturers that you already trust such as Crayola or Faber Castell colored pencil. Every product we offer is listed on our site only after our product specialists have thoroughly vetted it for quality, durability, and popularity among users in Australia.

As a result, our art supplies range includes Faber Castell colour pencils & drawing pencils and a wide range of crayons & pastels for users of all age groups and artistic preferences, as well as Jasart, Osmer, and Crayola pencils that are widely used in schools across coloured pencils Australia.

Depending on the type of art medium you’re looking to create and the skill level you’re currently at to sketch, you can also explore variants such as watercolour pencils, assorted boxes with 24 Crayola coloured pencils 50 pack or compact packs of 6 or 12 shades that are perfect for colouring on the go.

Never overshoot Artist Crayola coloured pencils budget! Drawing pencils

Whether you are procuring sketch, Faber Castell or Crayola coloured pencils, for your kindergarten or school, or simply exploring reasonably priced drawing pencils supplies to keep your child constructively occupied at home, the logistical realities remain the same. We understand that all too often, the right sketching pencil seems out of reach simply because it isn’t listed on the platforms that deliver to your location, and just as often, because of a steep price tag.

Office Corporate is committed to solving both problems – not only do we fulfil orders for coloured pencils and drawing pencils throughout Australia from different brands like Faber Castell colored pencils we also do this at unbeatable prices. Our store is one of the few places on the web where budget-friendly prices don’t translate to subpar quality.

Because our coloured pencil sets and other pencil art products including markers & highlighters to colour the drawing, sketch or colouring books are handpicked by our specialists, they are always genuine and tailored for the specific creative purposes or user age groups you need to address.

In addition to this, buying colour pencils for adults from us always ensures that you stay well within your budget. From the finest coloured pencils to value packs of Crayola pencils for drawing that parents and kindergarten teachers always prefer for their young wards, you will find everything at unbelievable prices.

To sweeten the deal further and keep your overheads at an all-time low, we have also set up a rewards program. Designed to benefit regular shoppers on our site, this program guarantees you reward points on every purchase. These points can be exchanged for deeper discounts on a variety of exciting products like Prismacolor pencils that can make your workplace or creative setup function better! Some pencil artist types are really expensive but you can find better pricing on our website.

Know which artist coloured pencils, drawing pencils or Derwent pencils you need for sketching

For a layperson or a beginner, it can be difficult to spot the differences between two packs of coloured pencils. But art teachers and students know better. There are several reasons why Faber Castell colored pencils and drawing pencils will produce remarkably better sketching results than generic or off-brand ones. The lead quality and type (watercolour drawing pencils like Derwent pencils, oil-based, and others) will decide what kind of output and colour vibrancy you can expect.

Then again, there is the aspect of ergonomics in coloured pencils. For toddlers or preschool artists, it is best to focus on drawing & writing materials that are easy to grip and safe to use. For this reason, we stock a variety of kid-friendly art medium & materials such as Crayola coloured pencils for very young users. On our online store, the entire drawing coloured pencil range is accurately labelled with suitable age groups, specifications and other relevant details to help you make the right choice.

Buy the best Crayola coloured pencil 100 pack & Prismacolor pencils from us

So get started on your creative projects and inspire your wards to do the same with our fine and affordable Faber Castell & Crayola coloured pencils for adults! Shop hassle-free, and let our discounts and express delivery options to take care of the logistics.

Office Corporate coloured drawing pencils supplies a wide range of pencil sets from grey lead to coloured with different brands including Derwent drawing pencils, Faber Castell coloured pencils. Any school supplies you are looking for you can find here. We even give you reward points after every order you place. We try to be your first stop destination and provide you with the best quality school supplies.

Different types of wax coloured pencils

Suitable and standard wax compounds in this group of coloured pencils make the colour pigment move and fix better on the support surface. On the other hand, this combination simplifies colour layering and prevents staining of the work surface. Wax-based coloured pencils have many different degrees of softness and hardness based on the 4B or 6B. Note that the use of this category is not suitable for artists who use very heavy tones and dark and warm colours at very high levels in their work.

Because wax is heavy and dark colours, after a while, gives a dull and foggy colour and will lead to a decrease in the quality of your work. For artists who use dark colours in their works, it is more appropriate to choose an oil-based coloured pencil artist.

Oil-based colouring pencils for sketch applications

The second category is oil-based coloured pencils. These handles are different from the wax handles in terms of being fixed on the support, and they do not have the problem of blurring in dark colours. Most oil coloured pencils fall into the semi-soft category and are slightly harder than wax-based pencils. This group has a longer lifespan than the other groups.

Oil-based coloured pencils, on the other hand, are more prone to stains. The eraser has little effect on this tool and is generally very hard to clean. They are more expensive than other models and have many colour restrictions on many brands. Therefore, and according to the mentioned points, this group of pencils like a white pencil is more suitable for very professional people.

Water-based coloured pencils

These coloured pencils are dissolved by water due to the gum used in their production. Due to the properties mentioned in this tool, they can be used to create thinner and thinner layers on the work surface with their find points. In other words, These pencils are the same watercolour that is inside the wooden cylinders in the shape of a brain. This tool can be used in both dry and wet forms. The texture you will get by using this pencil is so similar to watercolour paints.

Using it in dry form is exactly like using the other two pencil models and it is used in wet form like watercolour. The technique of using wet mode is that you can use this pencil to paint on wet drawing paper. Or, just like watercolours, mix some of it with water and apply the colours on the support with a brush.

It should be noted that in addition to the three categories mentioned above, there are two other groups of color pencils that do not officially fall into the category of coloured pencils. Pastel pencils and coloured graphite pencils are also in this group, these tools are usually categorised independently. In the graphite category, some of these pencils are combined with lead, which offers different pigment and shades on drawing paper.

Polychromos means many colours in pencils. The Polychromos coloured pencils were produced in 1908, shortly before the company's 150th anniversary. Faber-Castell pencil is one of the oldest pencil industries in the world. Chromos coloured pencils initially consisted of 60 colors. Today, the colour variety of these pencils has reached 120 colours. These pencils have been used and loved by artists around the world due to their unrivalled quality.

Faber-Castell quality standards have been applied in all stages of polychrome pencils production. Quality materials have been combined with Faber-Castell experience to manufacture pencils with a very break-resistant, light-resistant and fade tip, waterproof and with very vivid colours and texture that do not spread on drawing paper. In addition, these pencils are acid-free and suitable for use on a variety of surfaces. Mixing other colours with a white pencil to create a masterpiece is not a dream anymore.

The oil based coloured pencils can be easily combined to create layered effects and light shadows. It is also possible to combine them with other colours, including wax pencils. The 3.8 mm tip based on their HB(2B, 4B or 6B) of these pencils is covered with the best Cedarwood. These durable tips and fine point are able to draw lines with clear, vibrant and permanent colours. Each Polychromos pencil has a degree of light resistance and fading.

This grade is marked with one or more stars on the pencil. Pencils with the xxx mark (very good) are very resistant to light and their colour lasts for more than 100 years. The rest of the pencils have xx (good) and x (acceptable) degrees. The proven quality of Faber-Castell color pencil as one of the best pencil manufacturers with the seal of approval of most painters who do pencil art is a good reason for people who are interested in professional coloured pencils to choose Polychromos ones.

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