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Sketch smooth, serine landscapes, and blend stunning portraits or shades to perfection with Office Corporate’s superior watercolour pencils. Offered in a rainbow of colours, stocked in handy packs, and available at the most affordable prices, our watercolour drawing pencils are your perfect match.  

Premium watercolour pencils: Your inner artist awaits

Office Corporate brings you an incredible selection of pencils for spectacular watercolour pencil drawings. Our options are a regular feature in stationery containers in schools all over Australia and are loved by professional artists, nationwide. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, our drawing tools and accessories unleash your inner artists and allow you to create with freedom, anytime.

Our watercolour options, sourced from game-changing brands such as Faber-Castell, Micador, First Creations, and Staedtler, are not your regular coloured pencil. Get the best of both worlds with these choices that deliver the ease-of-use and convenience of a pencil with the enchanting effect of a painting.

Our watercolour options are water-soluble which means when a drop of water is added, the pigment effortlessly blends over the page giving your drawing a stunning painting-like effect. Sketch your masterpiece with our watercolour drawing pencils, add a drop of water and watch as your artwork springs to life.

Office Corporate offers you these superb pencils in packs of up to 72 to keep art and craft lessons at school bursting with fun. We also offer discounts on bulk purchases ensuring that craft cupboards and stationery supplies are always fully stocked. With our price beat promise, you won’t find these quality options at such affordable prices elsewhere.

Pencil creativity into your day with flawless watercolour pencil drawings

Creating striking watercolour pencil drawings has never been easier or more enjoyable than with Office Corporate’s top-of-the-range solutions. Our stationery and art supplies are loved by Australians everywhere because of their unmatched reliability, ease-of-use, and quality.

Here is why Office Corporate is your perfect partner for access to pencils that deliver exceptional results:

  • A tight grip: Benefit from expert control over your pencil with our options that are the perfect fit in your hand. We offer watercolour drawing accessories in hexagonal shapes allowing you to hold the pencil comfortably, and sketch with precision. We even offer options ideal for budding, little artists, with packs of thicker, easy-grip options.
  • Highly-pigmented shades: Enjoy the bright pop of colour offered by a coloured pencil such as Derwent pencils with the serine effect of a watercolour paint with our highly-pigmented pencils. Also, adding a drop of water to sketches and pictures created with these options elevates and heightens the depth of the colour. Rich red, sharp pink, dreamy blue and smooth green shades are a pencil stoke away.
  • Superior materials: Sharpen your watercolour drawing accessory with ease and precision. Our options are crafted from choice, sustainably-sourced wood which makes keeping your pencil razer-sharp effortless. Also, with first-rate centred led securely bonded to the quality wood casing, our options are less likely to bend and break. With advanced, revolutionary bonding techniques, these options are a strong and sturdy choice.
  • Washable convenience: More fun, less hassle! Don’t worry about stains on fabrics with these watercolour options and wet paper. Easily rinse pencil marks out of most fabrics. Enjoy unrestricted freedom and creativity with these stress-free solutions.
  • All the amazing accessories: Effortlessly dab water onto your artwork creation to transform your pencil lines and shading into picturesque paintings. We offer choices with brushes included for seamless application of water to your drawings and stunning results.

Unrestricted creativity with online store purchase for watercolour pencil

Watercolour drawing pencils from Office Corporate allow you the ultimate versatility for at-home art projects, crafty sessions at school, or professional artwork. Office Corporate’s dedicated, knowledgeable product specialists recommend storing and utilising your watercolour pencil purchase from Office Corporate in various ways for dazzling results.

Here are our expert tips to get the most out of your premium watercolour drawing pencil purchase from Office Corporate:

  • Strong, long-lasting colour in store: Even premium watercolour choices stored in fabric pencil cases may not go the distance. To ensure your pencil delivers perfect results for the days and months to come, store your watercolour drawing tools securely in a tin to protect the quality nibs. For even greater protection, secure your watercolour pencils with a rubber band. Office Corporate offers you choices provided in a sturdy, robust tin for secure and efficient storage. Your top-notch pencils deserve a great home!
  • Experiment to create eye-catching effects: Try using our watercolour pencils in a variety of ways for versatile, striking effects. Utilise the brushes provided with many of the options to apply water to drawings, spray water directly onto your page carefully, or sketch over a damp page for an oil pastel-like result. The possibilities are endless.
  • Purchase premium paper: As effects with watercolour pencil drawings are achieved with the application of water, you need a superior paper for long-lasting artistic pieces. Our product specialists recommend selecting a premium, high-gsm paper choice to withstand water application. These pencils are Office Corporate’s selection of premium watercolour paper with a 300gsm make the perfect pair. They are one of the essential part of home education supplies for kids.

Premium materials for professional artists watercolour pencil for drawing

Office Corporate provides you with access to all of the tools and materials you need to create watercolour pencil drawings and a wide range of craft and art pieces. Our art tools such as painting and drawing accessories, easels and folios, and paper and board deliver perfect results. This is while our craft materials and tools such as beads, mosaic materials, modeling and sculpting materials, and tools are the perfect fit for any craft project using wet paper.

With fast and efficient shipping around Australia, you can stock up on our range of premium art and craft supplies without leaving the comfort of your home. Partner with Office Corporate for quality solutions and the ultimate convenience.

How to use a watercolour pencil?

Watercolour pencil is a water-soluble colored pencil used in watercolor techniques. It can be applied on a dry background that is later wetted with a brush or directly on a wet paper background. Some even use a wet brush to remove pigments from a pencil.

First of all, you should know that there are different types of watercolour pencils that you can choose according to your needs. In fact, they can be more or less greasy or dry and can be more watercolor; This means that by adding water to the dry pigments, the pencil ٬ changes to watercolor.

Steps of work with watercolour pencils:

Note that the paper must be thick so that it does not warp under the influence of the water used with the pencil. Ideally, the use of watercolor paper weighing at least 200 grams per square meter.

One of the most commonly used techniques is drawing on paper, like a regular crayon at the beginning. You can mix the colors together or draw one after the other to blend in as soon as the water is added.

Then soak the brush in water and draw on the colored lines. The pigments are released and offer a new color combination with a new color intensity. Play with water size (more or less) and pencil and watercolor contrasts.

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