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Why put your ideas on paper when you can put them up on a whiteboard(magnetic or mobile) instead? Keeping your notes, to-do lists and important dates handy and editable, office whiteboards, memos, and sticky notes serve as perfect props for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or just regular days at work. This is precisely why they happen to be core components of any modern workspace and feature among our bestselling items here at Office Corporate.

Order Whiteboard Online with Superior surfaces to improve brainstorming

We are all about equipping your office, studio, or classroom to function at its best. This is precisely why our collection of whiteboards, furniture, and workplace supplies is meticulously curated to showcase products from brands that Australian businesses trust. When it comes to whiteboards purchases online for your workplace supplies, learning, we have gone the extra mile to include classic as well as contemporary designs that can align with a variety of setups. From top-of-the-line office boards for 21st-century workspaces to portable specimens for classrooms and compact studios to high-quality bulletin boards and pin boards that help you stick to your budget, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need in our current selection.

The best types of Whiteboard you can find on Office Corporate

Education has always been important from the past to the present, which requires tools to get the message across to students. We all remember the popular school blackboards that teachers used to teach us different things. It can be said that these nostalgic cases are among the memorable moments not only for teaching in schools but also as part of the facilities of some departments.

In addition, they can encourage students or children to learn different subjects much better. Gradually, educational and office aids have been updated and expanded, for example, today we see a variety of whiteboards that are designed and manufactured to suit users' tastes.

Magnetic Whiteboard

The differences between an ordinary and a magnetic whiteboard are the following. The first difference between these two types of boards is the type of material used in their production. The second difference between a normal one and a magnet is that it does not have a magnetic property and therefore the eraser and the magnet cannot stick to it. But the magnetic one allows you to attach the magnet and the eraser to it.

Another difference is in the lifespan of the board depends on the type of sheet that is used in the production of them. And this is the case in the magnetic whiteboard, which is sprinkled on the iron sheet with a kind of white paint that forms it. The better the quality of this paint, the longer the life. Another difference between the two is their durability, which has twice the lifespan of a magnetic one. And it does not get dirty like a normal one.

Another difference in the weight of these two types is that an ordinary white board weighs less and is cheaper than a magnetic one. This is the case with lightweight and high-strength products. Another difference is that magnetic boards are more expensive than regular ones. If you need to stick photos about your educational subject, you can easily stick them on the surface of the magnetic one with a magnet. It is one of the most common types that is mostly used in offices and schools and is usually mounted on the wall. The properties of these models make it possible to attach magnets or erasers.

Mobile & Portable Board

They are usually thicker than the regular ones to be more sturdy. Very beautiful design made of extruded aluminum (scratch-resistant) and magnetic whiteboard in different dimensions. Do not warp the board for a long time, The video projector is easy to use on it, allowing the user to use markers to edit or mark. 

Small & Mini Whiteboards

With the small whiteboards you can get your kids to experience so much more than they do on paper, so make sure always you have one ready for your child's creativity and ask them to draw or write like they want to do a presentation at home or school or even kindergarten. Be mindful of always being encouraging to kids whether you are a teacher or parent. Glue or magnets are usually used on the back of small ones, which makes it easy to write on also can be used to have wall calendars, refrigerated advertisements, price lists for shops.

Dry Erase Board

Dry-erase boards are the ones that also can be used for kids. Also, there are so many adults who use them at work or school. it's a good thing that you can have it at home to write your shopping list on them or use it to write lovely inspiring sentences for yourself or your family members.

White & Black Boards

In plain whiteboards which are the same colour as others, are applied to wooden surfaces such as MDF and plywood. They are the same in strength and quality as magnetic. There is no difference in appearance, and only by attaching the magnet to the surface of them can you tell the difference.


Mountable whiteboards are ideal for smaller places so there are more rooms for other stuff. Rather than having a 2 or 3 meter square for the legs and base, you can save the room for other things like a desk or chair or bookshelf. Large ones are placed in front of everyone to display and share information. Today, wallboards are used in addition to the classroom in offices, homes, companies, and events such as brainstorming sessions that require note-taking.

Electronic Boards

Electronic boards are broadly used in universities and prestigious schools where professors can use them to interact with the text and images on the board. As you may already know they are more expensive than other normal so not everyone can afford these items.

Cubicle board in 2022

These cubicle white boards or coloured boards are suitable for big offices or somewhere that many people can look at. Many people might not know about the type board as they are used to the old or traditional ones. This new generation can be so useful in many ways and can bring harmony and beauty to your office or school. If you want to get more information about these cubicles you can call us or send us an email so we can come back to you with a quote.

What are common materials used in whiteboards?

Six types of materials are used to make the white board surface:

1. Melamine:

A sheet of resin that is usually placed on a wooden layer, the bed of the wood layer can vary from wood chips to MDF. Melamine boards are considered high-quality whiteboard due to the high amount of resin in the raw materials. Some melamine remains clean and without shadows for a long time, while the cheaper type of melamine boards are not like this and after a short time, they no longer have the original whiteness and must be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth.

2. Steel or aluminum:

Aluminum whiteboards also have a wide range of qualities. Painted surfaces are softer and more glossy, which leads to better cleaning of them. The painted surface is usually composed of several layers of coating, the coatings themselves being made of a base color, usually white, and a transparent coating structure, which is the main reason for cleaning them without water. Painted steel refers to a wide range of colors, from electron beam coatings to UV rays. Well-painted stainless steel or aluminum has properties that make the board surface easy to clean without the need for wet wipes. Also, if it is written carelessly with a permanent marker on it, it is possible for high-quality steel whiteboards to erase the contents and lines on it and to be able to use the white surface again.

3. Laminate:

The performance of this model is also very much dependent on the amount of resin used in it. Basically, in this category, melamine is used as a functional coating, so they are also classified as melamine boards. Depending on the manufacturer (and of course the price), laminated white boards are usually less permeable and very resistant to stains and shadows. Laminate boards are less common than other types because they are usually used in combination with something else, such as cabinets, doors, or tabletops.

4. Porcelain or ceramic:

Whiteboard ceramic veneers are heated in special ovens and placed on steel boards. Ceramic surfaces are the most durable type of coatings, so even most of them have a lifetime warranty, so this is widely used for heavy and industrial uses. He also used magnets and magnets on them and they are also very resistant to scratches, although my body can scratch them harder than glass-like diamonds. The ceramic surface can be cleaned with any kind of burn or detergent that is suitable for glass, and in the last step, it can be cleaned once with water to prevent any staining.

The most important advantage of porcelain or ceramic boards is that they do not absorb the ink of markers and the writing or lines left by marker can be used using solutions such as ethanol, isopropanol. Or wiped the stone. And if any of these appear, you can draw on the text with the marker itself and then delete it.

5. Tempered glass:

These types of whiteboards are glass with different colours on the back. White is usually used for glass boards. These are most often used without a frame.

6. Polypropylene:

Propylene film is another type of material used for board surfaces. This is temporary and is used for small purposes. On this one, you can only write with a marker and erase it very quickly so that it is not absorbed.

Great Office whiteboards Melbourne also get the service your business deserves

Our buyers prefer us not just for the quality and variety of whiteboards online we offer, but also for the personalised attention they get when shopping with us. As our client, you can rely on us to find you the best office furniture, stationery, and other essentials on the market today. You can also count on us to keep up with your busy schedule and fulfill your orders on time and well within your budget.

When it comes to office boards in Melbourne or memo boards, we understand how unique your requirements can be. To this end, we make sure you don’t have to settle for generic notice boards. Instead, we bring you the advantage of a free on-site measure, design and consult, so that the products you choose are completely in sync with the specific requirements of your office, school, or university. Not just that, we also offer custom boards that are manufactured as per your specifications and installed as per your preferences. Opt for our custom products that are designed to fit any space or our custom magnetic whiteboards that can be promptly installed at your site by our friendly and professional team.

Order office magnetic whiteboard online is throughout Australia now

Over the past two decades, Office Corporate has built lasting partnerships with businesses across Australia. Recently, we have had the privilege of adding Woolworths Australia to our clientele. Woolworths trusted us to deliver and install over 200 office whiteboards in Australia, glass boards in their offices, conference rooms, and operational centres. This marked the company’s single largest infrastructure investment in almost 100 years.

Schools and colleges throughout the country also prefer our high-quality yet economical felt portable whiteboards. These products are tailor-made for use in classrooms of all kinds and can improve your teaching and learning experience by leaps and bounds. Find a product to match the specific purpose you have in mind – be it a smart interactive board that can instantly boost student involvement, a mini whiteboards class set for each of your classrooms and labs, or a memo for adding sticky notes or important announcements and circulars. These durable products are made to last and withstand wear and tear with finesse. Even so, they are affordably priced to help you stay on budget, every single time.

Order the best office whiteboards for your needs:

Having a plethora of boards to choose from is great – until it gets overwhelming. If you have not had the chance to explore the types of magnetic office whiteboards, currently available, Office Corporate is here to help! Our dedicated team of researchers and market experts conduct frequent research to source boards that can find use in fast-paced modern offices and 21-century educational campuses.

When picking the perfect boards for your workspace or classroom, it is important to identify the primary functions for which they will be used. If you need something primarily for presentations with your core team, a small one with a stand may suffice. If you need to equip your staff with the ability to make quick notes by adding add sticky notes, and itinerary updates right at their desk, our selection may be better suited for you. If you are looking for something more edgy and innovative, you may want to go for an electric or interactive whiteboard. And for businesses looking to reinforce a sophisticated, streamlined aesthetic, a functional yet minimal frameless glass or black magnetic glass one may be the perfect solution.

If you prefer a wall mount magnetic whiteboard to a portable variant, this makes for a great opportunity to underscore your office’s smart, minimal aesthetic. Boards are hugely popular among our clientele because they echo simple yet stylish sensibilities and effortlessly blend into any setup. Further, glass being a surface that is naturally easy to clean, these boards are highly convenient in spaces that require frequent presentations and brainstorming.

Infinity glass boards by Quartet are particularly sleek and modern in their appearance and are available in a variety of designs here at Office Corporate. Choose a basic Quartet frameless in the size, colour, and surface finish of your choice, or go for the brand’s stylish products online with an inbuilt calendar for your ready reference.

Complete your purchase with the perfect whiteboards Online

Whether you are going for state-of-the-art electric or memo boards, or are keeping things functional with the basic whiteboards, you will need to pair your purchase with the right office whiteboard accessories. In addition to markers, erasers, and lining tape, our extensive collection includes a variety of convenient add-ons. Pair your purchase with strong and durable magnets, magnetic flipchart bars, pen trays, and smaller magnetic sheets to support your main writing surface.

Because your accessories such as a whiteboard easel are likely to be just as visible as products themselves, we have included a plethora of styles and colours in our collection. For your stylish frameless magnetic boards, you can go for suave metal-finish magnets by Quartet, and for your classroom, you can explore our selection of attractive and colourful markers, erasers, and flags by trusted brands like Teachables and Educational Colours.

Order white board with stand Online and get Instant Reward Points!

Here at Office Corporate, we strive to offer you a lot more than high-quality whiteboards. In addition to our personalized service, we also go the extra mile to make sure you can count on us whenever your office needs new furniture or a refill of stationery and supplies. To this end, we have designed a rewards system that helps our long-term partners keep their expenses to a minimum.

The moment you sign up for an Office Corporate business account and shop from us for the first time, you start collecting reward points on all your purchases. These points can be redeemed on your future products orders and can help you save as much as 10 percent on your next office makeover or stationery refill.

Why Get A New Wall Magnetic Whiteboard With Us? 

Here at Office Corporate, we are one of Australia’s leading office stationery and product suppliers and whiteboards in Melbourne. We first started the business 20 years ago and since then our popularity has enabled us to expand throughout the entire country. Our goal is to help local businesses achieve more by supplying them with the best of products at great prices. In doing so, we believe that this directly benefits the communities that we work in. As one business grows and achieves, everyone else in the locale stands to benefit.

Regardless of whether you work in an office, a school, or a centre of any kind, you can trust that we have an extensive range of products that will cater to your every need. We only stock the best of brands and our supplier partners include: 

-Pilot -Dymo -Cumberland

-Collins -Esselte -Paper Mate

-Canon, -Scotch, Stabilo -Brother -3M -Avery

-Uniball -Rexel -Artline -Rapidline -Reflex

 -Kensington -Post-it -Fellowes -Debden -Bantex

Wall Mount Whiteboard Advantages:

The key advantage of using a wall mount board is that it is simple to use and easy to reuse. It is the perfect asset for those that work in spontaneous environments, such as the classroom, or in a brainstorming session in the workplace with whiteboards in Melbourne check out our versatile range of glass ones.

They are a lot less messy than their historic counterpoint, the blackboard. You don’t need to think about chalk dust blowing all around the room. As such, they are ideal if you are conscious about preventing any negative allergic reactions that could come from dust inhalation. What’s more, the marks that are made on the board can quickly and easily be wiped away. If you are looking for fabric pinboards we have so many of them in stock.

Easily buy Whiteboards in Melbourne:

Here at Office Corporate, we view the products as a very cost-effective, inexpensive means to achieving many things in your workplace. They can be mounted on the wall as a permanent fixture or taken from one room to another, affording you the ability to visualise your thoughts and ensure that work can continue no matter where you are. 

Get Your Whiteboard When You Need It 

At Office Corporate, our staff is ideally placed to assist you in any way they can. If you have queries about the size need to determine which parts would serve you well, then you will find a helpful and friendly expert ready, willing, and able to help. Check out a variety of cork board wall mounted here.

Free delivery is available to most local areas and if you are in a hurry, let us know. We do our utmost to ensure that our local business customers get what they need when they need it. So, whether it’s a mountable board in Melbourne you need to engage young minds, or to brainstorm in the office, look no further than right here at Office Corporate for the best business solutions available.

keep things simple with a wall mount whiteboard

Mobile ones have their advantages, but certain spaces may need to be outfitted with a mountable magnetic whiteboard. Your meeting room or training room, for instance, may require a readily available surface for presentations, brainstorming and scheduling activities for the week. At Office Corporate, you will find wall-mount products of every size and variety, and each one of them comes with the assurance of quality and durability.

If it is going to be used exclusively as a writing surface or add sticky notes, you can safely choose any of our non-magnetic products as well. Equipped with durable melamine or porcelain surfaces that are easy to wipe clean and maintain, these boards will keep your business company for years to come. If you can’t decide whether or not you should invest in a dedicated wall-mounted board as yet, we also have a handy selection of dry-erase surfaces that you can use to convert any stretch of the wall into a writing surface.

Office Corporate sells a variety of mountable products, and we deliver all over Australia. We sell a variety of stationery items, including personal organiser refills & self-adhesive binder label holders. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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