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Superior surfaces to improve brainstorming, coordination and efficiency

Why put your ideas on paper when you can put them up on a whiteboard instead? Keeping your notes, to-do lists and important dates handy and editable, whiteboards and memo boards serve as perfect props for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or just regular days at work. This is precisely why they happen to be core components of any modern workspace, and feature among our bestselling items here at Office Corporate.

We are all about equipping your office, studio or classroom to function at its best. This is precisely why our collection of office stationery, furniture and supplies is meticulously curated to showcase products from brands that Australian businesses trust. When it comes to whiteboards, bulletin boards, learning boards and planner boards, we have gone the extra mile to include classic as well as contemporary designs that can align with a variety of setups. From top-of-the-line electric whiteboards for 21st century workspaces, to portable specimens for classrooms and compact studios, to high-quality bulletin boards and pinboards that help you stick to your budget, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need in our current selection.

Don’t stop at great products, also get the service your business deserves.

Our buyers prefer us not just for the quality and variety of office products we offer, but also for the personalised attention they get when shopping with us. As our client, you can rely on us to find you the best office furniture, stationery and other essentials on the market today. You can also count on us to keep up with your busy schedule and fulfil your orders on time and well within your budget.

When it comes to whiteboards, we understand how unique your requirements can be. To this end, we make sure you don’t have to settle for generic whiteboards, memo boards or notice boards. Instead, we bring you the advantage of a free on-site measure, design and consult, so that the products you choose are completely in sync with the specific requirements of your office, school or university. Not just that, we also offer custom made boards that are manufactured as per your specifications and installed as per your preferences. Opt for our custom size whiteboards that are designed to fit any space, or our custom magnetic whiteboards that can be promptly installed at your site by our friendly and professional team.

Office Corporate whiteboards are preferred throughout Australia.

Over the past two decades, Office Corporate has built lasting partnerships with businesses across Australia. Recently, we have had the privilege of adding Woolworths Australia to our clientele. Woolworths trusted us to deliver and install over 200 custom made whiteboards, glass boards and notice boards in their offices, conference rooms and operational centres. This marked the company’s single largest infrastructure investment in almost 100 years.

Schools and colleges throughout the country also prefer our high-quality yet economical felt notice boards, cork boards and portable whiteboards. These products are tailor-made for use in classrooms of all kinds, and can improve your teaching and learning experience by leaps and bounds. Find a product to match the specific purpose you have in mind – be it a smart interactive whiteboard that can instantly boost student involvement, a mini white-boards class set for each of your classrooms and labs, or a lockable notice board for important announcements and circulars. These durable boards are made to last and withstand wear and tear with finesse. Even so, they are affordably priced to help you stay on budget, every single time.

Choosing the best whiteboard for your needs:

Having a plethora of boards to choose from is great – until it gets overwhelming. If you have not had the chance to explore the types of white boards, planner boards and bulletin boards currently available, Office Corporate is here to help! Our dedicated team of researchers and market experts conduct frequent research to source boards that can find use in fast-paced modern offices and 21st century educational campuses.

When picking the perfect whiteboard for your workspace or classroom, it is important to identify the primary functions for which it will be used. If you need something primarily for presentations with your core team, a small whiteboard with stand may suffice. If you need to equip your staff with the ability to make quick notes, memos and itinerary updates right at their desk, our planner board or memo board selection may be better suited for you. If you are looking for something more edgy and innovative, you may want to go for an electric or interactive whiteboard. And for businesses looking to reinforce a sophisticated, streamlined aesthetic, a functional yet minimal frameless glass whiteboard or black magnetic glassboard may be the perfect solution.

Want to get to know these products a bit better before you buy them? Read on for the lowdown on some of the most popular varieties of whiteboards and memo boards in use today.

Boost efficiency with an electric whiteboard.

When planning and ideation lay claim to your time every day, a traditional white board or planner board may not be enough. This is where electric or interactive whiteboards come in. Combining the benefits of a conventional whiteboard and memo board with the capabilities of a workstation, electric whiteboards are ideal partners to busy workplaces. Essentially, an electric whiteboard allows you to give shape to your thoughts and ideas, and supports your efforts with features such as a USB PC interface, A4 printing capabilities, and the ability to save and display files in formats such as JPEG, BMP and PDF.

Our collection features some of the top ranked electric whiteboards on the Australian market, including sophisticated two-screen variants from Visionchart that can make presentations and brainstorming sessions a breeze.

Keep things moving with a portable white board.

Millennial offices are increasingly orienting themselves towards organic layouts and workflows. Keep up with the times by keeping your planner and memo boards mobile. A smart new alternative to the conventional wall mounted white-board is the portable whiteboard that allows you to take your notes, charts and reminders to any part of your office. White-boards on wheels are ideal for spaces with open plan workstations and conference areas. They are also extremely convenient if you tend to work from home or like to change things around in your classroom.

Our portable whiteboard collection includes a variety of simple yet intelligent designs. Choose from a range of mobile display panels with double sided fabric boards, portable easels with adjustable heights and high quality castors, and numerous affordably priced boards with lightweight yet durable aluminium stands.

Or keep things simple with a wall mounted white-board.

Mobile whiteboards have their advantages, but certain spaces may need to be outfitted with a fixed white board. Your meeting room or training room, for instance, may require a readily available surface for presentations, brainstorming and scheduling activities for the week. At Office Corporate, you will find wall mounted whiteboards of every size and variety, and each one of them comes with the assurance of quality and durability.

Magnetic whiteboards allow you to combine the functionality of a dry-erase board and a bulletin board all in one. Our collection of magnetic whiteboards features trusted brands like Visionchart, Quartet and Nobo, and designs that range from simple framed boards in a variety of sizes to smart space-saving solutions that can be expanded or retracted as per your requirements. Each framed board comes fitted with a tray for your whiteboard accessories, which you can also find in our collection.

If your whiteboard is going to be used exclusively as a writing surface, you can safely choose any of our non-magnetic whiteboards as well. Equipped with durable melamine or porcelain surfaces that are easy to wipe clean and maintain, these boards will keep your business company for years to come. If you can’t decide whether or not you should invest in a dedicated wall mounted board as yet, we also have a handy selection of dry erase surfaces that you can use to convert any stretch of wall into a writing surface.

Opt for sophistication with frameless glass whiteboards.

If you prefer a wall mounted whiteboard to a portable variant, this makes for a great opportunity to underscore your office’s smart, minimal aesthetic. Frameless glass whiteboards are hugely popular among our clientele because they echo simple yet stylish sensibilities and effortlessly blend into any setup. Further, glass being a surface that is naturally easy to clean, these boards are highly convenient in spaces that require frequent presentations and brainstorming.

Infinity glass boards by Quartet are particularly sleek and modern in their appearance, and are available in a variety of designs here at Office Corporate. Choose a basic Quartet frameless glass board in a size, colour and surface finish of your choice, or go for the brand’s stylish planner board with an inbuilt calendar for your ready reference.

Give your pinboard a suave new look.

If you need a notice board for your office, school or university and like to keep things simple, we stock a variety of stylish pinboards with smart contemporary aesthetics and durable materials. Both framed and frameless pinboards from Visionchart will serve as excellent additions to your office or classroom space. We offer these in a wide range of colours to add an extra touch of vibrancy to your classroom or workplace. These low maintenance boards are excellent value for money, withstanding heavy usage without compromising their surface finish.

Bulletin boards by Quartet also rank among our most popular office products. These are available in both standard and lockable designs, boast a wide range of sophisticated colours, and come fitted in both plastic and aluminium frames. Our collection includes fabric, foam and cork boards, again offering you a variety of styles to pick from.

Complete your purchase with the perfect whiteboard accessories.

Whether you are going for a state-of-the-art electric or interactive whiteboard, or are keeping things functional with a basic magnetic whiteboard, you will need to pair your purchase with the right whiteboard accessories. In addition to whiteboard markers, erasers and lining tape, our extensive collection includes a variety of convenient add-ons for your magnetic whiteboard. Pair your purchase with strong and durable whiteboard magnets, magnetic flipchart bars, pen trays and smaller magnetic sheets to support your main writing surface.

Because your whiteboard accessories are likely to be just as visible as your whiteboard itself, we have included a plethora of styles and colours in our collection. For your stylish frameless magnetic boards, you can go for suave metal-finish magnets by Quartet, and for your classroom whiteboard, you can explore our selection of attractive and colourful markers, erasers and flags by trusted brands like Teachables and Educational Colours.

And get a few rewards to boot!

Here at Office Corporate, we strive to offer you a lot more than high-quality products. In addition to our personalized service, we also go the extra mile to make sure you can count on us whenever your office needs new furniture or a refill of stationery and supplies. To this end, we have designed a rewards system that helps our long-term partners keep their office stationery expenses to a minimum. The moment you sign up for an Office Corporate business account and shop from us for the first time, you start collection reward points on all your purchases. These points can be redeemed on your future orders and can help you save as much as 10 percent on your next office makeover or stationery refill.

If you are on the lookout for a set of whiteboards, planner boards or bulletin boards for your business, classroom or any other space, you need not look further than our collection. From boards to accessories of every kind, find all that you need in one place and well within your budget. And with our added advantages of easy customization, design consultation and fitting, you can rest assured that your whiteboard buying experience will be hassle-free right from product selection all the way through to installation.