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Office Corporate brings you a range of superior expanding filing folders to significantly enhance office organisation. These strong and sturdy expansion files are the perfect addition to any workplace looking for a secure way to store and to transport important documents. Our superb selection of office stationery has you covered.

Expand your horizons with premium expanding filling folders

There’s no better place to find office expansion files that you can count on. Office Corporate’s range of expansion files are offered in a wide range of high-grade materials, a selection of sizes, and are provided with ingenious labelling systems to help you locate the right document exactly when you need it.

Our expanding filing folders hold more documents and offer better protection, safeguarding your documents effortlessly. Our expandable filing solutions are exceptionally useful for companies and individuals looking to store dense legal documentation and heavy administrative files, or simply a large amount of paperwork. With choices that expand up to 40mm, you can rest assured that even a dense stack of paper will be secured and protected with these choices .The expandable format ensures that the files can be opened and documents can be viewed and located without paging through a multitude of pages.

High quality expanding files & folders

The quality pockets within the file allow for better categorisation of documents to assist you in locating the one you need in a flash. This is while options with reliable clips hold pages firmly in place to ensure that you never have to face the dreaded realisation of a missing document.

Is paper stacking up on your desk at an alarming speed? Is your office drawer becoming a nightmare with a growing collection of paper? Do you need an efficient and professional way to transport documents as well as store them? Office Corporate’s options are a perfect choice.

While we are saving you time by improving your workplace organisation, we’ll also save you money! Our quality stationery solutions are offered in bulk with 100 folders in a box. Not only do we offer discounts on purchases of bulk purchases, but our solutions are offered at more affordable prices than anywhere else. Don’t believe us? Check out our price beat promise where we commit to beat any competitor’s price by 2%.

Expandable folder green: A world of quality office expandable foldres await

Businesses and individuals looking to add a punch of organisation into busy office spaces love Office Corporate’s range of expanding filing folders. Our choices are long-lasting, sturdy, and reliable.

Here are the reasons why our customers trust our range of expandable folder green options to get the job done:

  • Heavyweight board for serious documents: We stock lateral expansion files in a wide range of materials. Our premium weight board choices mean business and are ideal for storing heavy, thick stacks of paper neatly on shelves. These options are sturdy, reliable, and won’t bend and tear under pressure.
  • Sizes for every situation: Our range caters to a range of applications. We offer a selection expertly designed for the filing and storage of legal documents with a size of 388mm x 242mm. This makes our options ideal for legal professionals. We also stock a variety of foolscap options in a size of 367mm x 242 mm for a variety of document types.
  • Labelling perfection: Correctly labelling your office expansion files is not only the key to swiftly locating the document you need when you need it, but it also ensures that your filing system stays organised for the long-term. Our expansion file folders assist with efficient organisation with quality built-in, colour coded tabs allowing you to categorise and organise seamlessly. We also offer twin-tab options to double up on the organisational power with side tabs and well as top tabs for easily locating documents stored on a shelf or in a cabinet.
  • Quick-view options: For when time is of the essence, Office Corporate brings you a selection of Avery Quickview files. These expandable files allow you to locate information with not more than a glance with an angled top tab.  
  • Fantastic fasteners: Office Corporate’s fantastic lateral shelf files with built-in, quality fastens securely hold lose documents in place. With a selection of fastener types including premium tube clips and spiral spring fasters. Trust our files to keep your documents exactly where they need to be.
  • Organisation packs with a punch: Not only does Office Corporate bring you office expansion files, but we also bring you tools to ensure that you can take full advantage of them. Have a look at our Avery Starter Lateral Filing Stock Package that includes a collection of 500 lateral files, Avery FilePro software with a maximum of ten user licences, and 800 filing labels. Print and easily apply custom labels for shipshape organisation personalised to your needs.

The power of categorisation with expansion filing folders

Have you purchased your expandable folder green preference from Office Corporate? Good choice. While expansion files are ideal for short-term storage of documents while you’re on-the-go, this file choice is also ideal for long-term storage.

Categorisation and clear labels in any file system are of the utmost importance and allow you to save time and dial down on the frustration of searching for misplaced documents. The effective categorisation and labelling are even more important in the workplace where it is likely that multiple stakeholders will need to reference the same documents.  

To ensure that you can make the most of your premium stationery purchase, we’ve included expert tips below.

  • Don’t be afraid of colour: Colour is a key organisational technique employed by many professionals to categorise and organise documentation. Not only does the use of coloured tabs and labels create a visually appealing filing system, but it also allows your mind to associate categories with colour to point you in the right direction every time.
  • Simple clarity is key: Over-complicating your categorisation is a critical mistake. While having clearly defined categories is important, using too many, overly-specific categories will compound the chaos. Start with broad categories and work your way in as the need for more detailed sub-categories emerge.

Expanding Filing folder for organised, productive workspaces

Along with our superior office expansion files, Office Corporate also offers a wide range of storage solutions to keep business organise workplaces and boost productivity. After stocking up on expandable folders, have a look at our other file storage including suspension files and folders, ring binders and lever arch files, index cards, file wallets, and file storage boxes, cases, and trays. You won’t be disappointed with our incredible variety of solutions that make organisation the order of the day.

With fast and efficient delivery around Australia, excellent service and support, welcome offers, and business rewards, Office Corporate is the ideal choice for all of your office furniture, stationery, and filing needs.

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