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At Office Corporate, while we compromise on price, we won’t compromise on quality of our whiteboard eraser. Our selection ensures that you have access to the brands that you love and trust, at the best prices. We ship across Australia quickly and efficiently. This means that you have the presentation tools or learning & teaching aids you need when you need them.

One of the most effective and expressive ways to work and to process and share information is to use whiteboards and memo boards – they not only provide a canvas for your information, but allow you to visualize your work as you set it out. Office Corporate has all you need to equip you with a whiteboard eraser that makes your ideas shine. From whiteboard erasers to magnets to markers, our exciting and functional accessories will take your office whiteboard game to the next level.

Convenient and effective whiteboard erasers

Our whiteboard erasers are designed with convivence, comfort, and effectiveness in mind. With a variety of types of erasers to choose from in our stock, it’s not hard to find the right one for you!

  • Magnetic whiteboard erasers stick right to the magnetic whiteboard so you always know where to find them!
  • Whiteboard erasers that function as double sided pens make it easy to write and edit as you go.
  • Soft grip erasers are perfect if you are looking for a whiteboard eraser that is gentle on your hands.
  • Fun pointing finger magnetic erasers stick to the whiteboard anywhere you want to add emphasis to your information!
  • Whiteboard erasers with peelable layers make sure that your erasing is clean and crisp. No smudges here!
  • With a refillable eraser, it’s easy to keep up with the work you’re doing without having to worry about replacing the entire eraser every time you need to.
  • With a whiteboard magnetic eraser caddy that doubles as a handy pen-holder, you can keep all your materials in the same spot and never skip a beat!
  • Our fun colours add a little fun to any whiteboard setup!

Whiteboard eraser & duster for a spotless clean

For heavy whiteboard use when dry erasers just don’t cut it, our Quartet whiteboard fluid and whiteboard eraser ensure a pristine clean every time. With a convenient spray pump, spraying the cleaner is fast and easy. Follow the spray with a couple of quick swipes with a cloth or one of our dry erasers and you’ll see a shining clean finish.

Even the oldest, driest marks will be instantly and completely cleaned with this high-quality cleaning spray. This handy tool even helps extend the life and quality of your whiteboard, keeping the whiteboard free of stains and lingering markings. This fluid cleaning spray is essential to keeping your whiteboard setup clean and pristine so that you can start over fresh each day with a clean canvas to continue to create and communicate.

Spice up your whiteboard with colourful magnets & eraser

Whiteboard magnets for your whiteboard are fun and colourful, adding an element of interest and excitement to any whiteboard system. You can use magnets to add emphasis to any of your whiteboard work and more make your communication more effective, or to help organize your material in a clear and specific way. Many of our whiteboard magnets also come with a double purpose! Whiteboard magnets also function as erasers are holders for whiteboard markers will help keep your whiteboard organized and neat.

A whiteboard is a classic and timeless essential for any work environment. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas or generating a step-by-step game plan, make sure you equip yourself with the highest quality whiteboard markers and other accessories. If you can’t fit a full whiteboard setup in your space, try one of our smaller, portable whiteboards for a convenient and flexible resource you can use anywhere you need.

You need to look no further than the extensive whiteboard supplies at Office Corporate. We’ve collected all the best brands and products into one location so that you don’t have to go looking or spend your time on research instead of utilizing the full potential of your workspace.

A magnetic whiteboard eraser will take your productivity to the next level.

With our price beat promise, if you find any of our magnetic whiteboard erasers or materials for a better price somewhere else, we go beyond matching the price – we beat it by 2% less than any competitor price you can find! With our reward system, you can earn points through purchasing, unlocking our exciting rewards. Just a $10 purchase will start you earning rewards. We value you and want to be with you throughout your whole office-building journey, whatever it looks like for you. And if it’s your first time purchasing from us, check out our welcome offers on our Instant Rewards page to get you started on crafting an ideal office space. And check out one of our combo starter packs that will give you a jump start on a white board setup that will help you make the most out of your time and ideas. Check out our pin board range.

Whether you’re just getting started in creating your ideal office setup, or you just need some updates to your space, look no further than our extensive collection of materials to make your office or workspace the absolute best it can be. We believe in nothing less than excellence at Office Corporate, and we are excited to bring you everything you need at the price you want.

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