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Office Corporate brings you a range of file storage boxes to keep important documents safe and secure at all times. Streamline your business operations with outstanding storage solutions from Office Corporate. organise, store, protect, and achieve.

Lift the lid to a world of quality file & document storage boxes

Office Corporate offers a range of top-notch document storage boxes to keep your workplace or home office in shipshape condition. Our selection of container boxes solutions is specifically created for the efficient file storage, archive, or magazine files and protection of documents contained in a file holder. Our options defend from damage, allow easy accessibility, and perform perfectly for long-term, reliable document bin.

Is your desk buckling under the weight of unorganised but important pieces of paper? Do you or your employees spend increasingly more time sifting through stacks of sheets to find the documents you need?

The efficient filing and archiving of documents and the document boxes in the workplace are crucial. Not only does an organised office benefit an employee providing them with all the tools they need to do an outstanding job on hand, but it also benefits businesses. Well-organised filing systems and file document storage boxes and organised file systems assist businesses by securing critical documents protecting them from spills, dust, and fading. One of the other examples of these is the storage tub, I can say personally I love organising my stuff in them as they're so easy to use and cheap.

Plastic file storage boxes at your door

Efficient filing and archiving enable your company to thrive, saving your employees time otherwise spent rifling through stacks of paper. Archive and store documents that are needed on a less frequent basis to ensure that documents used every day are easily located. Instead of wasting time, employees can locate documents quickly and focus on driving your business forward.

Office Corporate delivers a selection of durable, reliable document boxes, file folders, expansion folders, and file cabinets. We partner with brands that think outside of the file storage document box when it comes to product development. Our partners consistently look to innovative design and ever-improving manufacturing processes to deliver solutions that out-perform the rest.

While Office Corporate is saving you time proving you with the solution to organising and storing important documents, we’ll save you money. Benefit from our incredible discounts on bulk purchases of our storage boxes. We’ll ensure that we keep offering you the most competitive prices with our price beat promise. Value for money every time!

The variety of Storage Boxes on our Website are as Following:

Plastic Box With Lid

These plastic boxes are the best options if you want to keep your stuff in a safe place for a long time. If you are sitting on a sofa in your living room and wondering if there is enough space for the narrow storage box & bins. This plastic one can be a great place to store baby crafts and other kinds of stuff you might want to have them close to you, so you won't get up every time you need something.

Outdoor Garden Box

Outdoor storage boxes are ideal for the quick and efficient part of patios, gardens, grills, and other outdoor items that you want easy access to. For various reasons, the outdoor container deck box is the main option. Not enough space on your deck? The outdoor box is providing you with a wide capacity of about 150 gallons and allowing you to store even the largest items in your backyard.

In addition, the box does not like the style, with a natural wood veneer that makes it feel like a piece of outdoor decoration. The outdoor products also act as a bench, placing two adults on top of each other.

Decorative container

If you need something to both have it as a display and store your items in them. These are your best options.

Heavy Duty Storage Box

Heavy storage boxes are an ideal multi-purpose solution for your home, garden, or workplace. Durable materials and design ensure that the contents of the containers are protected during transport. It also has a stacked layout that uses space to safely stack boxes. The door also has holes that allow you to further protect your contents by closing the door lock. These are usually big made of timber or veneer wood. They are great in terms of durability and 

Carry cases

These are for personal items that you carry with you or students take them to school.

Document Tray

Trays are a good option for documents and binders to have them organised and categorised, labelled for future use. Archive documents that are no longer useful: Storing documents that are no longer needed, have expired, or are past their retention deadline in your filing cabinets is not only a waste of space but also can impact your office efficiency as employees waste time shifting through these documents to find the documents they need. Ensure that a recon of the documents contained in your containers is regularly checked and that documents you no longer utilise regularly are archived and protected in space-saving stackable files boxes.

Storage tubs

Our file tubs are not only built for high-performance and durability when storing important documents at the office, but they are also the ideal choice to safeguard documents when you’re on the move. We bring you a selection of file storage and carry cases specifically created for transporting documents. Choose a portable solution to secure documents during transportation.

Superior file storage boxes for ship-shape organisation

Not only do we at Office Corporate offer you premium file boxes, but we also stock a collection of file storage boxes solutions that make the perfect addition to corporate offices, legal offices, medical rooms, home offices, and classrooms.

We only source products that are up to the task which is why you can rely on these options to get the job done. Our file container solutions are a regular feature in offices all over Australia, and with these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder why:

  • A range of long-lasting materials: Office Corporate provides file container boxes in a range of materials such as extra-strength, double-layer board, and quality PVC carry case options. All of the materials our boxes are constructed with are built to withstand time and regular use and provide unrivalled protection for your information.
  • Portable solutions for the ultimate convenience.
  • Stackable suspension file: We offer a range of stackable boxes that save you space as well as time. Our solutions can easily be stacked on top of each other for neat, space-efficient containers. Pick the option that ensures your office space remains professional looking and organised.
  • A range of accessories: As well as our selection of products we allow you to replace your existing file storage boxes and accessories to move on up to better quality options. Invest in premium storage files, expanding files, colour-coded tab inserts, document pouches, filing strips, and vertical and lateral filing cabinets. Switch to these quality choices for improved performance.

File storage box & suspension file for optimal workplace efficiency

Don’t let paper and loose documents take over valuable office space and instead invest in our document boxes. Archiving, file storage boxed, and storing important documents is the secret to organised offices and schools with school lockers that don’t only look professional but run like a well-oiled machine. Use these filing tips to take the efficiency of your workplace to new heights:

  • Digitise to achieve: Paired with your file digital storage is a must for companies. While some documents need to be stored as physical copies, others are much better off being stored digitally. For example, company invoices can easily be kept in digital files. Cut the clutter and only store physical copies when needed.
  • Accessibility is key: The point of filing is to make jobs easier, not more difficult. Organise your filing cabinets and document container into clear categories and ensure that documents that may need to be referenced together are also stored together. Your employees will benefit from the right documents being within reach.

Storage box solutions to simplify your working day

Keep it simple with Office Corporate’s selection of file storage boxes. Our no-fuss options offer pure seamless organising power and protection. What’s more, our online store is the ultimate destination to stock up on file storage & box file solutions for every need.

With incredible welcome offers, we reward you for choosing us for your first-time purchase, and with fast shipping and delivery, and professional guidance and support through the delivery process, you’ll be glad you did. We can’t wait to welcome you to the world of premium office stationery. The office equipment & furniture or bookcases your business deserves!

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