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At Office Corporate, we source and select the finest materials for your office, workspace, or classroom, including our top-of-the-industry line of fabric pin boards and felt possible without compromising on the quality or performance of our fabric notice board. Our selection ensures that you have access to every brand that you love and trust, at the best prices. We ship across Australia quickly and efficiently, meaning that you will always have the presentation tools or learning aids you need when you need them.

Fabric Pin Board: convenient and effective messaging & communication

From fabric pin boards to felt boards, our exciting and functional accessories will take your classroom, workspace, or office visual aid game to the next level. One of the most effective and expressive ways to work and to process and share information is by using visual displays, and when you print or work with a lot of paper, having a pinboard to mount your materials on is a major help.  They not only provide a canvas for your information and a display of your work but allow you to visualize your products and progress as you move forward. Whether you’re using fabric pin notice boards, Office Corporate has all you need to equip you with a pinboard system that makes your ideas shine.  

Our felt fabric board is designed with convivence, comfort, and effectiveness in mind. With a variety of types of felt pin boards to choose from in our stock, it’s not hard to find the right one for you!

  • They mount comfortably on any wall space so you always know how to hang them exactly where you need them.
  • Online pinboards function as collaborative and personalized tools that make it easy to share and set new goals and work with each other.
  • Fabric notice boards are perfect if you are looking for a way to preserve paper or printed work but don’t want the hassle or damage of tape or mounting material.
  • A variety of sizes in our pinboards online make it easy to share and demonstrate materials in every classroom or office without having to worry about cramped space.
  • Make your work even easier with the most superior felt boards on the market and grab a few for every room in your building!
  • With superior dry erase capabilities, it’s easy to keep up with the work you’re doing without having to worry about scrubbing the whole board clean afterward; it erases in the blink of an eye.
  • A variety of neutral and fun coloured felt backgrounds make your wall and workspace pop no matter where you hang them!

Notice Pin board materials and preserve printed work with ease

If your team is assembling a vision board or working to create a new project, using a visual aid like a fabric pinboard can be a great way to preserve your printed images or materials when whiteboards just don’t cut them. The signature fabric or felt that keeps the materials ensures an easy yet perfect presentation that you can re-use surfaces with no problems. Using this product in tandem with one of our pin or pushpin collections ensures a spotless and pristine presentation every time. Check out our glass board range for your office or school.

Large Pin Board

Pin boards provide opportunities to share information, display relevant documents and ideas. These look great and can be used for a long time. Improve communication and organization while improving office space. Our products are acoustic and free of allergens for a better work environment and environmentally recyclable.

Use our products to collaborate, share more ideas, and innovate. Look for more ways to improve your work and meet the environment. Our products improve the appearance of the workspace and stimulate the sound, but you can go even further. Make the most of what our products offer and maximize productivity. It is undeniable that any significant business needs to purchase pinboards to ensure that every employee is aware of important announcements. Pin boards also increase communication and organization, and you can use them if you do not buy a whiteboard. If you are buying a felt board for your workplace, you will have the biggest and best option. We have all kinds of pin boards in Australia.

Fabric Memo Notice Board

Go back enough from your memory and you will recall a picture of cork boards that you used to see in school or other public buildings. At best, these products can be complete torture for the eyes to see. Modern pin memo boards have revolutionized design. It is now available with a wide range of attractive colours and fabric options (although the most popular option is still the traditional felt pin in Australia) and with a variety of frame options including frameless.

We recommend choosing a tray board that has a frame as it is likely to be more durable. The only advantage a frameless page can provide is the ability to add items to the bottom of the page, but it can actually look completely cluttered.

Felt Board Material

The main thing to consider when choosing a pinboard is your specific industrial environment. If it goes up in an office building, it will have different requirements compared to factory settings, and there are different requirements for laboratory settings. It can also vary depending on the type of lab. In the office, soft fabrics such as felt are usually a good choice. They look beautiful, have the widest range of colour choices, and blend well with any decoration. For a class with young children, it may be a better choice because it is compatible. This eliminates the need to use sharp pins, so it is a safer choice.

Materials are as follows:

  • Cotton Fabric
  • Memo or flannel Fabric
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Self-healing 
  • Cork or Foam
  • Coloured Fabric
  • Plastic Frames
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Glass (Write-on / Wipe-off)
  • Magnetic surface

Pinboard wall 

These boards are the best option for heavy industrial settings walls. They are easy to keep clean, resistant to oil, water, mold, mildew, and most chemicals. These also have what is often described as a healing material, where pin holes are gradually removed by removing the pins.

Pin Notice Board Ideas

Even the largest or most strangely shaped materials can be pinned up with ease on one of our top-notch fabric notice boards. These ideal presentation tools help extend the life and quality of your materials while creating a creative and collaborative space your team can use to display all their ideas.

Coloured felt boards for your office are fun and creative, adding an element of interest and excitement to any wall and helping your information pop more than ever before. You can use these creative demonstratives to add emphasis to any of your personal work and to make your communication more effective with your team, or to help organize your material in a clear and specific way.

Spice up your office setup with colourful pinboards & accessories!

Many of our felt boards also pair well with pins and other mounting materials and accessories! Our superior fabric notice boards feature clear, concise, and concentrated information that demonstrates colourful and creative work and illustrates with ease without needing to tack or cause other issues. Pin boards with Office Corporate’s top-notch products will take your productivity to the next level.

A felt board is a classic and timeless essential for any work environment. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas or generating a step-by-step game plan, make sure you equip yourself with the highest quality and the best whiteboard markers and other accessories. Our felt boards suit any collaborative or display space in your office or classroom as a part of your school furniture, whether it’s a huge room or one of a smaller conference room for a convenient and flexible resource you can use anywhere you need.

You need to look no further than the extensive fabric pinboards at Office Corporate. We’ve collected all the best brands and products into one location so that you don’t have to go looking or spend your time on research instead of utilizing the full potential of your workspace.

Use Board to include everyone in the office or building

With our price beat promise, if you find any of our fabric pin board accessories or materials for a better price somewhere else, we go beyond matching the price – we beat it by 2% less than any competitor price you can find! With our reward system, you can earn points through purchasing, unlocking our exciting rewards. Just a $10 purchase will start you earning rewards. We value you and want to be with you throughout your whole office-building journey, whatever it looks like for you. And if it’s your first time purchasing from us, check out our welcome offers on our Instant Rewards page to get you started on crafting an ideal office space with our cork boards. And check out one of our combo starter packs that will give you a jump start on a fabric pinboard setup that will help you make the most out of your time and ideas.

Whether you’re just getting started in creating your ideal office setup, or you just need some updates to your space, look no further than our extensive collection of materials to make your office or workspace the absolute best it can be. We believe in nothing less than excellence at Office Corporate, and we are excited to bring you everything you need at the price you want.

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