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Archive boxes are cardboard or plastic storage solutions that everyone uses for their documents and extra stuff. As the name implies, they are durable and suitable for the long-term preservation of documents, photographs, textiles, etc. Corrugated cardboard or plastic is affordable and creates a durable shell, in addition, this helps make the most of shelf space. They are arranged in an efficient way and have a smooth door that prevents dust and dirt.

Archive Boxes: Plastic Boxes or Cardboards

When you are looking for an office or personal archive box, we often come across two options: container cardboard or plastic archive boxes. Each has its pros and cons, and both are available through our online store. Cardboards are made of layers of paper placed on either side of a sheet of paper board and assembled from a piece of cardboard in the shape of it. How long a cardboard box is used for storage depends entirely on its environment. Find more about storage tubs here.

Cardboard is ultimately made of the same documents that are supposed to protect them, they are exposed to moisture, mold, fire, and vermin that like to live in the dark. Even gravity can have a devastating effect on them because they are constantly losing weight when stacked on top of each other.

Plastic Boxes for Archiving Features 

A standard polypropylene plastic box can last up to many years. It is stronger and lighter than cardboard and is resistant to moisture, fire, and insects. It has the ability to bear its own weight and can be stacked. We touched on this feature a bit in the previous round, in optimal conditions the cardboard boxes can be safely and effectively stacked up to 3 layers, a shelving unit is highly recommended for any higher picking.

Plastic has a much higher ability to accumulate due to its superior strength and durability. In addition, plastics can be molded with more variety. This means that containers with interconnected grooves can be purchased for greater stability when stacked. Check out magazine files to have them organised.

After comparing the prices of our own boxes as well as other storage container providers, we found that plastic containers are cheaper on average. This is due to the heavy cardboard leading to higher shipping costs. Simply put, carrying 100 kg of plastic containers gives you more separate containers than if you were carrying the same weight of cardboard boxes.

The durability of Office Corporate archive boxes In Australia

When it comes to recycling, things get much closer. Most countries have had recycling programs for cardboard and plastic for years. The use of recycled materials significantly reduces the number of resources needed to produce a product, namely water and energy. This article from takes an in-depth look at the recycling of these two substances and achieves interesting results. Recycling 1 ton of cardboard requires about 25% less energy than preparing it from new materials and up to 50% less water.

The strength and durability of plastic make it more modular and can be made from a variety of cardboard products. Whether you are storing comics, A3 and A4 files or even a housewife, there is a box for it and they are all resistant to moisture, fire and pests. Cardboard boxes can be limited because as they get larger they can lose their structural integrity.

The main factor determining environmental impacts goes back to the raw materials and processes needed to create the product. Cardboard is made of paper, which of course is made of trees. Planted forests can be replanted and are therefore a renewable resource.

Applications and Usage

Archive boxes are used to move and keep documents secure. The great thing about archive storage boxes is that they can keep your documents safe for years. These are also versatile, so you can use cardboard archive boxes to store various items such as your old record collection or notebooks.

The standard dimensions of boxes?

Our cardboard archive boxes are sturdy and assembled in the shortest time. They have a reinforced base and are perfect for storing or moving documents, magazines and disks. Each is 390 mm wide, 306 mm long and 260 mm deep.

How to tag boxes:

The easiest way to identify the contents of archive boxes is to create simple, clear tags. There are many ways to tag things and you can stick to things like writing on the box with a marker. A great idea for tracking the location of everything is to take a picture of the contents of the box as well as the label. This way you can look inside all your archive boxes without removing the door.

Are they suitable for books?

Archive storage boxes provide an effective and inexpensive way to store and carry books. Do you want to not tarnish that inherited recipe book? It may be just what you need because it keeps books safe from physical and environmental damage. But even if quality products like our base have a reinforced base, you also want to think about protecting your books because these are not overly protected. Check out our full range of storage boxes here.

Archive boxes for photos?

Archive storage boxes are ideal for keeping photographic prints flawless, as they remove dust, light, and moisture from images. They are also large enough to hold several photo albums. And since these have been built for years, you should be able to organize your photo collection once and for all.

Buy the best quality boxes for your documents and other stuff online in 2022 which is the year of buying everything online. We recommend trying our range to see the quality and customer service. 

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