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What is a sticky note & post it note and how to use it? Spencer Silver received his doctorate in chemistry in 1966 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Before joining 3M Central Research Laboratories as a Senior Chemist. Spencer Silver is now listed on more than 20 patents in the United States.

It may be hard to believe that what is so popular today in all parts of the world and in the stationery market was once a useless tool, but it is true. In 1964, Spencer Silver made an adhesive that was unusable and not as strong as it should have been. However, the chemist at 3M thought that such a thing could be used in everyday life. For years he talked to everyone at 3M's headquarters about the invention and tried to get others to think more about the glue and its uses of sticky paper, and that's how sticky notes & post it notes came into being.

This product was a big event for 3M but initially failed commercially in 1977. No one was willing to pay for a bunch of sticky notes whose use was not known at all. Until 3M decided to make this product available to the public for free advertising and thus be able to attract people to it. 94% of the people who used this product expressed their interest in using it again, and thus the 3M advertising idea resulted, and the sticky notes became popular and were able to stick in people's minds and use them reminders!

The right way to use sticky notes

Many of you may have trouble using sticky notes, and because they do not look the same and neatly when glued, they are twisted on the surface and the glue will open very quickly and spread on the floor. There are two reasons why a stick note does not stick: Bad and weak glue and the wrong way to separate the sticky note. Do not be surprised, the mistake of separating the sticky note pad has a direct and key role in causing these problems, and the problem of most people in using the sticky note is because of this!

The majority of people may use the wrong method to remove the stick note when using it. The result of using this method will be nothing but a curved stick with a glued edge, which will warp after gluing. To properly remove the sticky flags and post it notes, simply place your thumb under or on the sheet and swipe straight at you. The perfectly flat sticky note is ready to be stuck!

The sticky note is one of the most attractive and widely used tools that is used today by different people in different social groups, including students, employees, administrators, etc. Sticky flags are used for planning, scheduling, taking notes, and managing various affairs, and it can be said that durable sticky notes are one of the most important and widely used office tools. Post it notes and pad always can be used as a small notebook.

Sticky Notes & Post It Notes Usage

"It's the easiest and most convenient way to get things out of the pen and paper," says David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. Bookmark pages: Sticky notes and post it notes can be used to bookmark the pages of a book. They do not damage the pages of the book and make it easier for you to find the contents of the book for the next time as reminders.

Annotation: Using notes to write down ideas and thoughts while reading and reading can make it easier to understand issues and improve your reading skills.

You can use sticky notes to summarise phrases, paragraphs, or even book chapters, this will save you from writing on the book (especially for those who are sensitive to their books and do not want to). Write something on them) and place them anywhere in the book or notebook you like. Buy durable post it notes from Office Corporate at the best price.

Use colours to categorise: Sticky notes come in a variety of colours and can be used to categorise content, and group similar issues with one color, making it easy for you to find content. For example, biology items can be categorised in green and chemistry items in orange. They also can be stuck on computers or laptops or on your calendars.

Create to-do lists and schedule: Using the to-do list properly can clear your mind of the worry of forgetting tasks, and it can also help you organize and manage your tasks.

Sticky notes are a great tool for this because they can be written on and pasted on a page, and when they are done, they are separated, and their colorfulness helps you to get things done. Categorise their importance, and it saves you from forgetting essential tasks in your calendars. There are many more uses for sticky notes pad, and people use them for a variety of tasks based on their needs.

What do you use sticky notes or flags for?

In a world where the software industry has advanced a lot and has digitized most areas, but software has not yet been able to replace sticky notes. There are a variety of apps for taking notes, scheduling, and but people prefer sticky notes. Sticky notes are effective tools for planning, studying, and improving learning, they can be obtained from stationery stores at low prices and are easy to use.

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