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3M Company

Equipped with more than 100 years of scientific experience in making products and building projects that improve lives, 3M Science continues to do collaborative work in innovating and improving their core technologies that have helped businesses and consumers worldwide.

Adhesive Technology is one of 3M Science’s core technologies. They invented pressure-sensitive adhesive tape around 90 years ago. Each 3M tape & adhesive is engineered according to what the consumer needs. But then again, glues & adhesives are one of the many products 3M science has invented and innovated ranging from home to industrial adhesives.

3M Science product and tape that are must-haves from 3M company!

Having been in various industries for quite a long time, 3M products have got to be among the most durable, excellent in quality, and leading products that anyone could ask for. Here are the 3M products that you could get right now at Office Corporate:

  • 3M Computer Privacy Filter

Enjoy having peace of mind using your laptop anywhere with a 3M computer privacy filter. Some things you may be working on are confidential depending on which company you’re part of, and who doesn’t love having some privacy anyway?

  • 3M Mobile Screen Protector

Almost everyone now owns a smartphone. It’s a highly enjoyable but fragile gadget that must be kept in good condition because of how useful it is today. From documenting important moments and notes to keeping in touch with your loved ones through video calls and texts. The 3M mobile screen protector will help keep your smartphone good as new.

  • 3M Screen Cleaning Wipe & Tissue

This is most suitable for laptop, mobile, and tablet screens because it will not leave scratches and marks. 3M screen cleaning wipes will also help you keep your screen in great condition; to ensure that not one dirt particle will distract you from whatever you’re enjoying on the screen at the moment.

  • 3M Antibacterial Sponges

Removes any mess on the desk and kitchen table. Can be used for washing dishes as well. Heavy Duty and Non-Scratch scrub sponges are also available.

  • 3M Notebook and Tablet Riser

Used to raise your Notebook or Tablet at your eye-level, this way you can use your laptop basically anywhere without compromising your body posture—your health.

  • 3M Construction Safety Tools

Everyone loves to improve and fix things on their own from time to time. With this 3M tape, you can reduce the risk of wounding yourself:

  • 3M Hanging Strips

             ​Looking for an easy fix and clean finish without damaging your walls and frames? 3M hanging strips are exactly what you need.

  • 3M Reflective Tape

With 3M tape, you can easily mark anything that you want to be visible in dim areas. You can apply it to your helmet, clothing and vehicles so other people can see you; thus, preventing accidents.

  • 3M Protector Eyewear

When it comes to your eyes, never compromise. When working on a project that involves woodworking, shattering materials, and working with chemicals; it’s best to have 3M protector eyewear on.

  • 3M Protector Earmuff

Did you know that once your hearing is damaged, it can be irreversible? Use 3M Protector Earmuff to block out damaging noises and also keep your ears warm during cold days.

  • 3M Earplugs

3M earplugs also protect your ears from loud noises too. Plus, it can block out foreign objects from entering your ears, which is very handy you’re out camping. It can help prevent tinnitus too.

  • 3M Safety-Walk Ladder Adhesive tape and Tread

You no longer have to worry about slipping whether indoors and outdoors with the help of the 3M ladder adhesive tape tread. It’s quite a handy, durable tread for added anti-slip protection.

  • Flip chart

Having a presentation will increase your chances to be heard, and all the more when using flip charts because you can sketch plans or proposals while talking; it will ultimately show that you know what you’re talking about. The 3M flip chart or wall & easel pad is your reliable partner because it resists marker bleed-throughs and is conveniently a tear of the sheet.

  • Sticky Notes

3M sticky notes have helped millions around the world, from students to professionals in keeping track of their notes and to-do lists. It helps boost your day’s productivity and is definitely a must-have.

Get 3M at Office Corporate

3M company is a brand you can rely on to provide incredible items at an affordable price. This fact is exactly why Office Corporate works with the brand. Office Corporate aims to provide its customers with the most reliable products including double sided tape on the market without the enormous price tag. We believe that you can and should get access to the tools and supplies your place needs without hurting your budget.

The supplies you’ll find at Office Corporate are exactly that: reliable, high-quality, and affordable. We also aim to be the most affordable place you can shop your supplies from, which is why we have something called the Price Beat Promise. This service indicates that if you happen to find a listing elsewhere selling an item we also have in our inventory at a lower price, we will beat that price by 2%. Give us a message and we’ll have this verified, and we can move forward with our transaction once that’s done. This is our way of letting you, or customers, know that we’re willing to compromise just to reach your needs.

On top of providing affordable high-quality 3M products including cleaning tissue, we also want to make sure that we can provide convenience to our customers. If you purchase Office Corporate supplies today, we will have your items delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in Australia. You won’t even have to leave the comforts of your own home or office just to get the supplies you need.

Shop now at Office Corporate. Aside from 3M products and adhesive tape, you can also purchase various supplies your office or place of learning might need. Here are some of the items at Office Corporate you might need:

  • Office furniture

  • Art supplies

  • Educational tools

  • First Aid essentials

  • Printers

  • Binders

  • Laminators

  • Double sided tape

  • And so much more…

Fill your work or learning space with the right set of supplies to optimize functionality, efficiency, and productivity. You can do that and more with Office Corporate.

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