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Purchase an office chair mat from Office Corporate that out-performs the rest with incredible durability and quality. Roll on over to a world of quality office furniture and accessories from Office Corporate.

You’re on a roll with these fantastic premium desk office chair mats

Invest in a premium office chair mat from Office Corporate to ensure fuss-free manoeuvring through the demands of a busy workday. Office Corporate’s incredible selection of floor mats constructed from premium, durable materials are the ideal addition to your workspace, at home, or in a corporate office.

Office Corporate brings you a wide selection of desk chair mats from the leaders in office furniture solutions. Our chair mats cater to your need and are ideal for a wide range of applications. We stock options in a range of sizes crafted especially for hard surfaces such as wood, tiles, concrete or vinyl, and soft floorings such as thin, standard, or plush carpets.

Stay on the ball at work as you tackle the day with a quality desk chair mat. Our chair mats provide you with the ability to effortlessly move your chair to adjust your sitting position, no matter the surface of the floor. Avoid the resistance of a carpet or ridges in-between tiles with a solution that allows you to roll out and roll back in without skipping a beat. What’s more, these chair mats also ensure that once you are in the ideal position, your chair won’t slip and slide.  

Not only do our office floor mats make the ideal surface for rolling back and forth on your office chair, but they are also the must-have safeguard for your floor, protecting it from damage. Repairing and restoring your office flooring is expensive. At Office Corporate, this will never be a concern as we bring you the ounce of prevention you need at a fraction of the cost! Avoid stains, scuffs, and spills and protect your floor against inevitable wear and tear with our quality solutions.

Premium office desk chair mats that save the day

Office Corporate’s office chair mats are a must-have for any business or home office space. Companies all over the country consider our floor mats a vital addition to their offices.

Here’s why you’ll benefit exponentially from this long-lasting, reliable solution:

  • Protection: No matter the quality of your office chair, the rolling casters will eventually cause damage to your hardwood, tile, or carpeted floor. The use of a quality chair mat will help you avoid scuff marks, stains, tile chips, and spills.
  • Keep your workplace spick and span: office chair mats are the stress-free solution to keeping carpeted office spaces clean. Instead of allowing dirt and grime to be consistently rolled into the fibres of your carpet, invest in a desk chair mat to protect your flooring from dirt. Save your business time and money that would otherwise be spent deep cleaning carpeted flooring.
  • Easy, breezy movement: Did you know that it takes up to 80% less effort to move around on a floor mat than it does on a tiled or a carpeted floor? Allow your employees to avoid the frustration of constantly getting stuck on the surface of a floor and instead move through the day as they tackle each task with unmatched agility.

Superior floor office chair mats that are in a class of their own

If you are looking to purchase an office floor mat, there’s no better place to do it than at Office Corporate. Our website provides you with instant access to a range of floor mats that outperform the competition.

Here are just some of the reasons why our customers love our variety of quality office chair mat solutions:

  • Options that size up: We stock options that cater to every need. At Office Corporate, you’ll find exactly the office chair mat to suit your workspace at the click of a button. We offer options in a variety of sizes including small, medium, and large.
  • Smooth solutions for carpeted floors: Our selection of office chair mats includes options specifically crafted for use in office spaces with carpeted floors. Pick the right chair mat for the surface of your floor with sleek choices crafted for carpets up to 9mm thick, standard options for medium pile carpets up to 12mm thick, and options for plush carpets up to 15mm thick.
  • Unmatched protection for hard surface floors: Just because a hardwood floor might naturally make a better surface for your office chairs, doesn’t mean an office chair mat is not a necessity. Protect your tiles, wood, concrete, and vinyl with our selections that have a smooth back for unmatched performance on hard surfaces.
  • No-slip solutions: Your office chair won’t slip and slide on Office Corporate’s office chair mats. Our options include grippers that ensure your chairs stays put when you need it to, but still allow free movement when you’re on-the-go.
  • Materials to facilitate unmatched durability and safety: Our options are crafted from materials such as quality PVC that perform better for longer. Also, we offer Phthalate Free options. You can rest assured that these options perform brilliantly in terms of safety and resilience.  
  • Eco-friendly choices: We partner with brands that are just as committed to providing the protecting the environment as they are to assisting you in protecting your office flooring. Our Eco-friendly options are constructed out of up to 25% recycled materials and are manufactured using up to 30% renewable energy.

Office Corporate: Smile-guaranteed service for office chair mats

Benefit from the best prices, amazing specials, and incredible savings on bulk purchases of office chair mats from Office Corporate. What’s more, by choosing us for all of your office furniture, accessories, and stationery needs, you are guaranteed to receive dedicated, professional service and expert guidance through any queries about our products and which are them are right for your business.

We also ensure that your office floor mat purchase is delivered to you anywhere around Australia in picture perfect condition. Sit back and relax with the knowledge that you are working with the best as Office Corporate fulfills all of your office equipment needs with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

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