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Mono laser printers, or monochrome printers, are printers that only print using black ink. This is the perfect alternative you can opt for if that’s what your workplace exactly needs.

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Why You Should Purchase MFC Mono Laser Printers

When shopping for MFC printers, you essentially have two options to choose from. You can either purchase a colour printer or go for a mono laser printer. You can also think about the two types of printers, lasers and inkjets, but let’s table that discussion for now.

Colour printers may seem like the obvious choice. This gives you the liberty to print in any color you want. While colour printers do give you that ability, not that many offices actually require printing coloured documents. In our digital age where most documents are sent through emails, most of the heavy printing we now do in our offices is of memos, letters, and other similar documents. These documents don’t exactly need multicoloured printers.

When your office only needs to print blank and white documents, that’s where mono laser printers come into play. This type of printer offers exactly what you need as it gives you a more practical option. Color printers are generally more costly than mono laser printers and if you purchase a colour printer and your office only print documents in black in white, you’ll have wasted a few extra dollars when you could have opted for a more practical option.

Other benefits of mono laser printers

  • Cost efficiency

You already know mono laser printers cost less than colour laser printers, but buying the former actually brings other benefits that make it even more cost efficient.

When it comes to constant printing, especially in a busy office where paperwork gets thrown around more frequently, your printer will most likely print quite a number of papers per day. You will have to consider your printer toner budget for this. Toners for a color printer is significantly more costly than that of a monochrome printer. Color printers typically need four different toner cartridges: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, while a monochrome printer only needs a single black cartridge.

  • Faster printing

Monochrome printers print more pages per minute than a mono laser printer. This is considering both printers are laser types. An average color laser printer can print about 21 pages per minute while a mono laser printer is able to print about 28 pages per minute. You can opt for a color laser printer with a higher PPM but you’ll have to prepare a few extra dollars for those.

  • More compact build

If you want a printer that can fit anywhere without having to compromise space in your office, a mono laser printer is the better option for you. Mono laser printers are smaller and lighter than their colored counterparts.

MFC Mono laser printer features to look for

When shopping for a mono laser printer, make sure you consider these features:

  • Fast print speed

Monochrome printers are faster than color printers. We’ve already discussed that much. You can actually figure out a printer’s actual print speed by checking its PPM. Average printers can print about 28 to 30 pages per minute, while high-end ones can print as much as 100 pages per minute. High-end ones are much more costly, though, so consider your needs accordingly.

  • Flexibility

If you need printers that can print not just on papers but also on envelopes and other types of media, this is something you can look for as well. You can even opt for a printer that has a duplexing feature. Duplexing means being able to print on both sides of the media.

  • Wireless feature

Wires can be a drag, hassle, and an inconvenience, especially in a workplace. This is why a lot of our modern gadgets are now wireless to accommodate convenience and comfortability. Printers are no strangers to this feature.

  • Multimedia function

If you want to even be more cost efficient in your workplace, you can opt for a mono laser printer that’s also an MFC multifunction center. This is the type of printer where you can copy, print, scan, and even fax. You won’t have to purchase separate gadgets for those other needs anymore, you can simply buy one that can do all of those things efficiently.

Most multifunction printers also come with a wireless feature, which negates the need for a cable.

Shop for mono laser printers at Office Corporate today

Office Corporate is an Australian owned office supply business. We have catered to many different kinds of businesses from various industries here in Australia for over 20 years. We have been very acquainted with our market and we make sure that what we provide will perfectly match our customers’ needs.

We also make sure that the products we provide are very high in quality, durable, and branded. That way, when a customer browses through our inventory, they’ll know they’re only getting the best items. You can find different brands of mono laser printers here at Office Corporate like Brother, Kyocera, and Oki or other types of multifunction printers with different sizes and functions. These are all very reputable brands and they’ll make your every purchase worthwhile.

If you want to own an amazing product but you’re on a tight budget, Office Corporate is the place for you. We have the most affordable options on the market today. If you doubt this, take a look at our Price Beat Promise.

If you find a lower price on an item we have elsewhere, we will beat that price by 2%. Simply present us with proof of a competitor’s listing and we’ll have this query verified. Once that’s done, we will honor our promise and sell you that very same item at a 2% lower price!

So wait no further. Order the mono laser printer you need, or any other office or educational supply, and we’ll have it delivered to you, no matter where you are in Australia. Your budget, satisfaction, and convenience is our guarantee.

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