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Office Desk: sit stand desk  | Ergonomic Desk

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The importance of desks in an office setting cannot be overlooked. Imagine there is no sit stand desk or ergonomic desk to place your items on or to place your PC, and you can only place your PC on the floor while you operate it. Desks are there to meet certain needs in the office. Following the advancements in furniture construction, different types, sizes, and designs of the desk are available for use by various people regularly. All you need to do is to pick the one that best suits your office, and the function been carried out.

In this article, we would look at the different types of the desk under 3 headings

  1. Types of Desk classified based on material including sit stand desk or ergonomic desk
  2. Types of Desks classified based on the purpose
  3. Types of Desks classified based on Shape

Types of Desks Based on Materials

A desk can be classified based on the material used in constructing them. Various materials can be used in constructing the sit stand desk. Let's get right into them.

  • Sit stand desk: As the name implies, this type of desk is gotten out of wood, such as veneer, hardwood, or softwood. Choosing a type of wood for a desk has to be based on the quality of the wood as it will determine the quality of the desk as well as the durability of the desk when it is finished. Most offices make use of this type of desk since a lot of designs can be gotten out of it.
  • Concrete Office Desk: the concrete desk is constructed from slap or concrete. This type of desks is usually fixed to the floor of the office, thereby making it permanent. This gives the office a solid look. 
  • Ergonomic desk: simply put, metal office desk is desks that are constructed from metal materials. Not all metals can be used. Metals that can be used in constructing a metal office desk include Stainless steel, aluminum, and some other metals.  
  • Plastic Office Desks: These are made purely from plastic materials. They are usually cheaper and lighter in weight than others.
  • Glass Office Desk: one would think that a Glass office desk would be made entirely of glass, but this is not the case for this type of desk. Only the top of the Glass office desk is made of glass while the legs are made from wood or metal.

Types of Desks Based on Purpose

Based on purpose or function, desks can be categorized into three main types:


  • Computer desks
  • Sit stand desk
  • Reception desks
  • Executive desks
  • Ergonomic desk

Computer Desks:

A computer desk is made solely for computing purposes. They usually come with adjustable legs and adjustable heights to fit the taste of the user. If your work description involves constant use of computers, then no doubt the computer desk is the best option for you. They come in different designs depending on the computer. Some have just one surface for the System Unit, keyboard, and monitor, while others have different segments or compartments for the monitor, keyboard, and system unit. Furthermore, there are modern designs built for laptops and computers with smaller desktops. These types of desks do not require different compartments for different parts.

Ergonomic Desks:

As the name suggests, the Reception desk is used in the reception area. They are mostly built to create a good first impression of the office. Thus, it comes in various attractive shapes and sizes. The reason it has to be attractive is simply that it is the first place or the first part of the office anyone will first come in contact with. Reception desks can be made using different materials, including wood, glass, metals, and other materials.

Sit stand Desk:

When talking about the Sit stand desk, what comes to mind are CEOs and Managers. Although they are built for executive chairs, they are also made for conference rooms. They usually come in different designs and styles from the traditional desk to modern designs.

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