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You want to buy a laser printer for your business and personal use, but the different models on the market confuse you. You have heard the name laser printer in various stores, but you do not know if it fits your needs or not. In the article, we will introduce you to this technology, its application, advantages and disadvantages, so that you will have the best choice by knowing these points.

History of Laser Printers

The first laser printer was created in 1975, and nine years later HP revolutionized office technology with the production of its first laser printer, which could print at 8 pages per minute. Over the years, HP laser printers have evolved with technology and their capabilities have increased. This improvement can be seen in the first HP multifunction laser printer introduced in 1998, which had the ability to copy, scan, and fax. HP laser printers can now print up to 70 pages per minute in colour.

Laser printer Application 

When buying an HP printer, the first question that comes to mind is, is the inkjet printer better or laser? In order to be able to answer this question and finally choose between these two models, you must be familiar with their use, especially the use of laser printers.

If you have to print and archive many documents and pamphlets daily and the quality of black and white printing of texts is very important to you, it is better to choose a laser printer. This printer can be very useful and practical in companies that have a large workload and the speed of printing for fast printing of documents. Laser printers are the best choice for printing small and large texts and fonts. Laser printer is the best choice for people who print a lot of documents and pamphlets daily.

What is laser printer toner?

Before we talk about laser printer toner, we need to get acquainted with the cartridge and its use in the printer. The printer toner cartridge is the source of the printer's ink supply, that is, the material that the printer uses to print documents and photos. Cartridges are divided into two categories: ink and toner, depending on the printer you choose. The toner cartridge includes various parts such as chipset, drum, toner and of course the cartridge itself. A chipset is a component used in both toner and inkjet cartridges.

This piece connects the printer to the cartridge and makes the printing process possible by connecting the two. In addition, the chipset is supposed to let you know how much toner is left in the cartridge. The drum is a piece found only in the toner cartridge and plays an essential role in the print quality of the images.

Now that you are familiar with the cartridge and its various parts, you should get to the answer to the question, what is the toner of laser printers. Inside the cartridge is a compressed polyester powder, which needs heat to stabilize on paper. Toner cartridges should not be exposed to moisture or sunlight.

Remember that in the case of toner contact with clothing, you should only use cold water to remove the resulting stain. Hot water melts the toner particles and absorbs them into the clothes. Toners come in a variety of colors depending on the type of laser printer you choose. The chipset is supposed to let you know how much cartridge is left over.

How do Laser Printers work?

As mentioned, the toner used in the laser printer cartridge is polyester. Because of its plasticity, polyester retains electricity and absorbs negative charge. After sending print commands from the system to the printer, the drum cartridge, which is responsible for printing images, is rotated, cleaned, and then heated.

At the same time, the laser printer shines on this part and charges parts of it with electricity. Toner particles, which were already loaded, are absorbed by the loaded parts by rotating the drum and then transfer the images and texts on paper.

Types of laser printers

Laser printers are divided into different types based on their application and capabilities. If we want to classify the types of laser printers based on their capability and type of printing, we must say that laser printers are divided into two categories: color and monochrome. We mentioned that toners vary depending on the type of printer you choose. Monochrome printers use black cartridges, and color printers use blue, yellow, and red in addition to black.

If we analyze laser printers based on their application, we should divide them into single-function and multi-function. Single-function laser printers can only print documents and images. In addition to printing, multifunction laser printers have the ability to copy, fax and even scan. Laser printers are divided into different groups based on their capabilities and applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser printers

Now that you know how laser printers work and the different types of printers, it's time to learn about the pros and cons of laser printers. By knowing these tips, you can make the best choice. Explore the benefits of laser printers:

  • It is possible to charge the laser printer cartridge and its cartridge has a longer capacity and life than the ink cartridge.
  • Laser printers print faster and faster per minute than inkjet printers.
  • One of the things you should research before buying a printer is paying attention to the cost of supplies and consumables. Laser printer consumables and cartridges have a low purchase price.
  • Printing documents and texts on laser printers are of very high quality.
  • Investigate the disadvantages of laser printers
  • Laser printers can print shapes and images, but these print images are not comparable to the performance of an inkjet printer.
  • Laser printers are more expensive to buy than inkjet printers.
  • Laser printers are larger than inkjet printers and require a lot of space.
  • Laser printer cartridges have a longer lifespan and capacity than ink cartridges

The difference between laser and inkjet printers

The inkjet printer must combine the black cartridge with the three colors blue, red, and yellow to print color images. The process of assembling cartridges in an inkjet printer is time-consuming. This makes printing per minute in inkjet printers much slower than laser printers.

Another thing you need to know when buying printers is the purchase price and cost of consumables. When you look at the office equipment market, you will find that the cost of buying inkjet printers is very low. The low price of the device does not include the cost of consumables like Brother toners range and printer ink.

Ink cartridges are as rechargeable as toner cartridges like HP toners, but charging the ink cartridge is not recommended as this process can cause hardware damage to the printer.

In this article, we tried to explain laser printers, how they work and their advantages and disadvantages. In general, before buying a printer, it is better to read the guide to buying them and choose the one that suits your needs. Laser printers, although high in performance and speed, would fail if not serviced in time. To avoid this problem, it is better to include printer service and repair in your schedule.

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