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Get stuck into creative art projects at home or school with Office Corporate’s fantastic, durable, and affordable art smocks for kids or yourself. We stock an incredible selection of long-lasting, reusable smocks for both little budding artists and seasoned creatives alike. Benefit from greater protection, a better fit, more comfort, and unmatched peace of mind!

Premium art smocks: The perfect solution for when things get a little messy

Office Corporate’s range of high-quality art painting smocks are the perfect cover-up when tackling creative craft sessions with your little ones, enjoying moments of creative self-expression yourself, or even when sprucing up your walls at home with a fresh coat of paint. Take cover from drips, spills, splashes, and mistakes with our protective art smocks.

Painting with young children can be a hair-raising experience for teachers and parents alike. Painting supplies, spills, smears, and splodges are a common occurrence as little ones tackle their craft activities with overwhelming enthusiasm. Likewise, creating art pieces with a range of mediums or completing at home renovations can get messy, fast.

At Office Corporate, we believe that creativity shouldn’t be restricted. We want to provide you with the freedom to enjoy craft sessions or painting activities without worry or concern about damaging clothing. That’s why we offer a range of protective smocks to keep your clothing in pristine condition as you embrace unrestricted creativity.

Why we are one of the best suppliers of art smocks

Office Corporate stocks smocks in a range of sizes, a selection of gentle, comfortable materials, and a choice of styles to suit your requirements perfectly. With sleeveless smock options, long sleeve choices, aprons, and coats our selections are the perfect fit for your needs. Our choices cater to all ages with our products for three years and younger, three to eight-year-olds, nine to twelve-year-olds, and adult sizes in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

What’s more, Office Corporate brings you all of these choices at unmatched prices. Our price beat promise where we commit to slashing any competitor's price assures this. Also, we allow craft clubs and schools to stock up on long sleeves smocks affordably with incredible discounts on bulk purchases. Better quality, more peace of mind, and a lower price to match!

Office Corporate has you covered with quality art painting smocks for kids

Our high-quality painting smocks are ideal for stress-free crafting sessions with your little ones, or effortless protection for artistic professionals. Our options are sourced from leading suppliers such as Educraft, Micador, First Creations, Zart, and more. These brands design and manufacture fantastic smocks that are as comfortable and reliable as they are practical. This is so much so, that these options are the go-to choice for parents, educators, and artists all around Australia.

Here is why Office Corporate’s long sleeves art smocks are the ideal pick for all your crafting and artistic activities: 

  • Long-lasting, durable solutions: Office Corporate’s range is ideal for parents, educators, and artists looking for a long-lasting, reliable solution to protect against paint splashes, wayward brush strokes, and drips. Our long sleeves smocks are crafted from premium materials to ensure they deliver on their promise of better performance for longer. Invest in an option that will provide complete protection for many art sessions to come.
  • We don’t mess around when it comes to comfort: You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort and freedom of movement while protecting your outfit from stains and spills with a painting smock. Office Corporate’s solutions are designed to fit securely but comfortably. Allow your children to unleash their inner artists by using smocks created with soft fabric collars and materials like gentle polyester, open-back styles for an adjustable fit, and options that are secured perfectly with quality ties or Velcro. Alternatively, benefit from range-of-motion and peace of mind as you tackle your art project with our solutions in comfy cotton. Comfort is key with our range!
  • Re-usable choices: Office Corporate offers a selection of re-usable products to ensure that you are always prepared when creativity strikes. Many of our options can be washed easily to deliver better protection, time, and time again.
  • A range of styles: At Office Corporate, we take pride in our variety. We stock options for stylish tots and a range of choices for artistic professionals. Whether you are looking for complete protection with long-sleeve children’s smocks, sleeveless options, apron styles, or lab coat options for adults, we have the choice. Protect your clothing and look great while doing it!

Manage a messy situation with art smock for kids

The use of a quality art smock during painting and crafting activities with children or during your art projects can be a life-saver. There are many more tips and tricks you can employ to keep craft sessions fun, stress-free, and laughter-filled.

Take advantage of our top expert tips to manage the mess and the chaos during craft sessions:

  1. Head to the great outdoors: A key tip to consider before tackling any creative task, especially with little crafters, is the location for your craft activity. Craft sessions on the patio or outside can save a hang of a lot of clean-up time and can prevent little hands from touching indoor furniture.
  2. Handy tips for indoor crafting: If your craft session needs to take place indoors, choose an area that allows for plenty of creative space and won’t likely lead to splashes and drips over your prized possessions. For added peace of mind, check out this durable splash mat from Office Corporate.  
  3. Invest in the right tools: Choosing the right tools for crafting sessions is important and can save you from messy accidents and mishaps. Have a look at these paint pots with lids that prevent messy spills when knocked over and these lotus palettes that allow children to apply paint without worrying about hazardless bottles and paint tubes.
  4. Set yourself up for success: When crafting with kids, ensure that you set up the crafting environment before your children start. Having all supplies, craft materials, and clean-up materials ready and waiting can help ensure that you are organised and ready to go before little hands get involved. Make set-up time easier, cleaner, and faster with these handy paint pumps that allow you to dispense paint in a flash.

The home of dreamy art smock supplies and tools for any age

Our quality long sleeves or sleeveless painting smocks are just one of the crafting accessories we have on hand that make crafting and creating enjoyable for the whole family. Discover a world of craft supplies at Office Corporate such as play dough, activity packs, drawing accessories and materials, and much more.

With speedy delivery around the country, incredible specials, welcome offers, professional dedicated service and so much more, Office Corporate always has you covered.

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