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You’re a busy professional and you’re always on the go. That’s why it’s so imperative to have tools around you that support the work that you do. At Office Corporate, we understand that having access to your work at all times is important. That’s why we carry an extensive line of dictaphone machines. Now you can be sure that no matter the content, you’ll always be able to access and analyze it. Hit play, pause, rewind, repeat. It’s that simple.


Transcription is arduous, tedious, and time consuming, but with our professional dictaphones, it doesn’t have to be. With Office Corporate, you can say hello to a better way of working. Our dictaphones make your job easy, so you can work smarter, not harder. Our dictaphones:

  • Make transcription a breeze. With the great array of dictaphone styles and features, you’re sure to find a dictaphone machine that suits your every need. From basic transcription functions to advanced home kits, our professional dictaphones will make your work, and your life, easier than ever before.  
  • Come available in complete Olympus transcription kits. If you’re looking for a more permanent setup for your home or office, our Olympus transcription kits are exactly what you’ve been looking for. The Olympus transcription kits come with headsets, foot pedals, and all transcription equipment necessary to turn you into the ultimate transcribing professional.
  • Come in a variety of easy to use styles. From standard options to more complex functions, our dictaphone machines will provide you with everything you need to make your job fast, factual, and fun.
  • Have styles that range from a permanent home or office style setup to something sleek enough to slip into your pocket. So, whether you’re in one place or on the go, you’ll be able to find the perfect dictaphone. What could be better than that?
  • Come from trusted names in technology. Our machines come from highly regarded technological empires like Canon and Olympus, so you know they’re quality machines built to stand the test of time. These companies set the standard for superiority and excellence, and their dictaphones are no exception. But don’t take our word for it, buy one and see for yourself. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by what you find.


They say time is money, and there’s no better way to save time than by using our dictaphones. With our machines, you’ll be transcribing faster than ever and saving yourself time in the process. Our dictaphones are designed with you in mind, which means no messy recordings to sort through, and no garbled soundtracks. Our machines will give you:

  • Clear dictation, every time. With top quality manufacturers at the helm, you’ll get a dictaphone machine that produces rich sound, easily distinguishable diction, and features that allow you to hone in on those precise moments you’re looking for.
  • High quality features available in an easy to use format. With advanced functions in an easy to use, highly accessible format, you’ll find that transcribing is effortless with our range of dictaphones and desk calculators.
  • Portable options. If you’re always on the move and looking to get through your vast amounts of work, our sleek designs are the perfect fit. They’ll let you record and transcribe on the go, so you never skip a beat. Whether you’re on the bus or out to lunch, transcribing on the move has never been easier.


While our dictaphone machines and Olympus transcription kits are an essential part of your transcription efforts, we also know that their accessories are what make your life easier. At Office Corporate, we won’t be beaten. That’s why we carry an extensive line of accessories to help you get through your workday with ease.

We carry the products you want, at the prices you’ll love. Our website is home to all of the essentials: from power adaptors to headsets, and everything in between. Looking for ink rollers? We’ve got them. From combination black/red to individual colours, our ink rollers will ensure a professional job, every time. 

What’s more, we carry telephone pickups, microphones, headphones & speakers or earphones, and many more items to help you get the job done. Don’t waste any more time suffering through long, tedious hours trying to get your transcriptions just right. With the accessories at Office Corporate, you’ll be done in no time, with results that will make your exceptional work stand out.


We believe in the quality of the products we provide, but we also believe these dictaphone machines should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer incredible products at incredible prices. But the savings don’t stop there.

When you sign up at Office Corporate, every ten dollars you spend will earn you points that can lead to even more savings! Just apply these points to any online purchase and receive an additional 10% discount on your order. Make us your primary supplier and get even bigger savings. Now that’s a deal we can commit to.

We also offer bulk buy options on many of our professional dictaphone machines. Buying in bulk not only saves you time and money on shipping, but it also affords you even greater discounts. And our deals for the first time and returning customers mean you can apply additional savings to your very first purchase. Head on over to the Instant Rewards page and check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Did you find a competitor with a lower price for the same item? Not anymore. With our price beat promise, we guarantee you the lowest prices around. If someone has us beat, we’ll not only match their prices, we’ll give you an additional 2% off your item purchase. So, go big and save big; you know you want to.

At Office Corporate, we understand how important your work is. That’s why we have the tools to help you thrive. Our top quality dictaphones will improve your work, and your life, and will give you the professional edge you need to succeed. Sounds like a great deal to us.

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